dr. C.G.M. (Caroline) de Theije

dr. C.G.M. (Caroline) de Theije

Assistant Professor
dr. C.G.M. (Caroline) de Theije
  • DDOD laboratory

Research Programs

Research Output (10)

Nutritional supplementation for the prevention and treatment of neonatal brain injury:Breast milk and beyond

Brandt Myrna J.V., Nijboer Cora H., van Elburg Ruurd M., Benders Manon J.N.L., de Theije Caroline G.M. 1 Jan 2023, p. 833-853 21 p.

Analysing the protection from respiratory tract infections and allergic diseases early in life by human milk components:the PRIMA birth cohort

van Stigt Arthur H., Oude Rengerink Katrien, Bloemenkamp Kitty W.M., de Waal Wouter, Prevaes Sabine M.P.J., Le Thuy My, van Wijk Femke, Nederend Maaike, Hellinga Anneke H., Lammers Christianne S., den Hartog Gerco, van Herwijnen Martijn J.C., Garssen Johan, Knippels Léon M.J., Verhagen Lilly M., de Theije Caroline G.M., Lopez-Rincon Alejandro, Leusen Jeanette H.W., Van't Land Belinda, Bont Louis, 14 Feb 2022, In: BMC Infectious Diseases. 22

Nutritional Supplementation Reduces Lesion Size and Neuroinflammation in a Sex-Dependent Manner in a Mouse Model of Perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury

Brandt Myrna J.V., Nijboer Cora H., Nessel Isabell, Mutshiya Tatenda R., Michael‐titus Adina T., Counotte Danielle S., Schipper Lidewij, van der Aa Niek E., Benders Manon J.N.L., de Theije Caroline G.M. 30 Dec 2021, In: Nutrients. 14 , p. 1-24

The impact of trophic and immunomodulatory factors on oligodendrocyte maturation:Potential treatments for encephalopathy of prematurity

Vaes Josine E.G., Brandt Myrna J.V., Wanders Nikki, Benders Manon J.N.L., de Theije Caroline G.M., Gressens Pierre, Nijboer Cora H. 2020, In: GLIA. 69 , p. 1311-1340 30 p.

Postnatal Nutrition to Improve Brain Development in the Preterm Infant:A Systematic Review From Bench to Bedside

Hortensius Lisa M., van Elburg Ruurd M., Nijboer Cora H., Benders Manon J. N. L., de Theije Caroline G. M. 26 Jul 2019, In: Frontiers in Physiology. 10

The Potential of Stem Cell Therapy to Repair White Matter Injury in Preterm Infants:Lessons Learned From Experimental Models

Vaes Josine E G, Vink Marit A, de Theije Caroline G M, Hoebeek Freek E, Benders Manon J N L, Nijboer Cora H A 1 Jan 2019, In: Frontiers in Physiology. 10

A quantitative method for microstructural analysis of myelinated axons in the injured rodent brain

van Tilborg E, van Kammen Caren M, de Theije CGM, van Meer Maurits P.A., Dijkhuizen RM, Nijboer CHA 1 Dec 2017, In: Scientific Reports. 7

Origin and dynamics of oligodendrocytes in the developing brain:Implications for perinatal white matter injury

van Tilborg Erik, de Theije Caroline G.M., van Hal Maurik, Wagenaar Nienke, de Vries Linda S., Benders Manon J., Rowitch David H, Nijboer Cora H. 14 Nov 2017, In: GLIA. 66 , p. 221-238 18 p.

Promoting neuroregeneration after perinatal arterial ischemic stroke:Neurotrophic factors and mesenchymal stem cells

Wagenaar Nienke, De Theije Caroline G.M., De Vries Linda S., Groenendaal Floris, Benders Manon J.N.L., Nijboer Cora H.A. 26 Sep 2017, In: Pediatric Research. 83 , p. 372-384 13 p.

Gut-to-Brain Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorders:Central Role for the Microbiome

Kraneveld Aletta D., Szklany K., de Theije C. G.M., Garssen J. 2016, 131 , p. 263-287 25 p.

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