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Establishment of Pancreatic Organoids from Normal Tissue and Tumors

Driehuis Else, Gracanin Ana, Vries Robert Gerhardus Jacob, Clevers Hans, Boj Sylvia Fernández 18 dec 2020, In: STAR protocols. 1 , p. 1-32

Establishment of patient-derived cancer organoids for drug-screening applications

Driehuis Else, Kretzschmar Kai, Clevers Hans 1 okt 2020, In: Nature Protocols. 15 , p. 3380-3409 30 p.

Fasting-mimicking diet and hormone therapy induce breast cancer regression

Caffa Irene, Spagnolo Vanessa, Vernieri Claudio, Valdemarin Francesca, Becherini Pamela, Wei Min, Brandhorst Sebastian, Zucal Chiara, Driehuis Else, Ferrando Lorenzo, Piacente Francesco, Tagliafico Alberto, Cilli Michele, Mastracci Luca, Vellone Valerio G, Piazza Silvano, Cremonini Anna Laura, Gradaschi Raffaella, Mantero Carolina, Passalacqua Mario, Ballestrero Alberto, Zoppoli Gabriele, Cea Michele, Arrighi Annalisa, Odetti Patrizio, Monacelli Fiammetta, Salvadori Giulia, Cortellino Salvatore, Clevers Hans, De Braud Filippo, Sukkar Samir G, Provenzani Alessandro, Longo Valter D, Nencioni Alessio jul 2020, In: Nature. 583 , p. 620-624 5 p.

Patient-derived oral mucosa organoids as an in vitro model for methotrexate induced toxicity in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Driehuis E, Oosterom N, Heil S G, Muller I B, Lin M, Kolders S, Jansen G, de Jonge R, Pieters R, Clevers H, van den Heuvel-Eibrink M M 18 mei 2020, In: PLoS ONE. 15

Pancreatic cancer organoids recapitulate disease and allow personalized drug screening

Driehuis Else, Van Hoeck Arne, Moore Kat, Kolders Sigrid, Francies Hayley E., Gulersonmez M. Can, Stigter Edwin C.A., Burgering Boudewijn, Geurts Veerle, Gracanin Ana, Bounova Gergana, Morsink Folkert H., Vries Robert, Boj Sylvia, Van Es Johan, Offerhaus G. Johan A., Kranenburg Onno, Garnett Mathew J., Wessels Lodewyk, Cuppen Edwin, Brosens Lodewijk A.A., Clevers Hans 9 dec 2019, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 116 , p. 26580-26590 11 p.

Patient-Derived Head and Neck Cancer Organoids Recapitulate EGFR Expression Levels of Respective Tissues and Are Responsive to EGFR-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy

Driehuis Else, Spelier Sacha, Beltrán Hernández Irati, de Bree Remco, M Willems Stefan, Clevers Hans, Oliveira Sabrina 5 nov 2019, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 8

Organoids as a tool for fundamental and translational oncology research:Can organoids guide clinical decision making?

Driehuis Else 1 okt 2019, 285 p.

Oral mucosal organoids as a potential platform for personalized cancer therapy

Driehuis Else, Kolders Sigrid, Spelier Sacha, Lõhmussaar Kadi, Willems Stefan M., Devriese Lot A., de Bree Remco, de Ruiter Emma J., Korving Jeroen, Begthel Harry, van Es Johan H., Geurts Veerle, He Gui Wei, van Jaarsveld Richard H., Oka Rurika, Muraro Mauro J., Vivié Judith, Zandvliet Maurice M.J.M., Hendrickx Antoni P.A., Iakobachvili Nino, Sridevi Priya, Kranenburg Onno, van Boxtel Ruben, Kops Geert J.P.L., Tuveson David A., Peters Peter J., van Oudenaarden Alexander, Clevers Hans 3 mei 2019, In: Cancer Discovery. 9 , p. 852-871 20 p.

Organoid profiling identifies common responders to chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer

Tiriac Hervé et al. 1 sep 2018, In: Cancer Discovery. 8 , p. 1112-1129 18 p.

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma organoids as a platform for personalized medicine

Driehuis E, Kolders S, Devriese L, Willems S, Clevers H, de Bree R, de Ruiter E sep 2018, In: Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology. 29 , p. vi8

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