dr. S. Dávid


  • Radiotherapy (research)

Research Output (18)

The challenge of mapping the human connectome based on diffusion tractography

Maier-Hein Klaus H et al. 7 nov 2017, In: Nature Communications [E]. 8

Central sensitization-related changes of effective and functional connectivity in the rat inflammatory trigeminal pain model

Spisák Tamás, Pozsgay Zsófia, Aranyi Csaba, Dávid Szabolcs, Kocsis Pál, Nyitrai Gabriella, Gajári Dávid, Emri Miklós, Czurkó András, Kincses Zsigmond Tamás 6 mrt 2017, In: Neuroscience. 344 , p. 133-147 15 p.

Scopolamine provocation-based pharmacological MRI model for testing procognitive agents

Hegedüs Nikolett, Laszy Judit, Gyertyán István, Kocsis Pál, Gajári Dávid, Dávid Szabolcs, Deli Levente, Pozsgay Zsófia, Tihanyi Károly 1 jan 2015, In: Journal of Psychopharmacology. 29 , p. 447-455 9 p.

Ghrelin modulates the fMRI BOLD response of homeostatic and hedonic brain centers regulating energy balance in the rat

Sárvári Miklós, Kocsis Pál, Deli Levente, Gajári Dávid, Dávid Szabolcs, Pozsgay Zsófia, Hegedus Nikolett, Tihanyi Károly, Liposits Zsolt 15 mei 2014, In: PLoS ONE. 9

Vascular action as the primary mechanism of cognitive effects of cholinergic, CNS-acting drugs, a rat phMRI BOLD study

Kocsis Pál, Gyertyán István, Éles János, Laszy Judit, Hegeds Nikolett, Gajári Dávid, Deli Levente, Pozsgay Zsófia, Dávid Szabolcs, Tihanyi Károly 1 jan 2014, In: Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 34 , p. 995-1000 6 p.

Investigating the need of triggering the acquisition for infant diffusion MRI: A quantitative study including bootstrap statistics

Kozák L.R., Dávid S., Rudas G., Vidnyánszky Z., Leemans A., Nagy Z. 2013, In: NeuroImage. 69 , p. 198-205 8 p.

Investigation of the oxidation process at the copper-solder interface with atomic force microscopy

Bonyar Attila, Hurtony Tamas, David Szabolcs 1 dec 2012, p. 317-320 4 p.

Qualification of AgPd thick films using Atomic Force Microscopy

Molnár László Milán, Dávid Szabolcs, Harsányi Gábor 30 dec 2010, In: Micro and Nanosystems. 2 , p. 143-148 6 p.