dr. M. Gloerich

dr. M. Gloerich

Associate Professor
  • Group Gloerich, section Molecular Cancer Research

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer

Research Output (13)

Co-cultures of colon cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts recapitulate the aggressive features of mesenchymal-like colon cancer

Strating Esther, Verhagen Mathijs P, Wensink Emerens, Dünnebach Ester, Wijler Liza, Aranguren Itziar, De la Cruz Alberto Sanchez, Peters Niek A, Hageman Joris H, van der Net Mirjam M C, van Schelven Susanne, Laoukili Jamila, Fodde Riccardo, Roodhart Jeanine, Nierkens Stefan, Snippert Hugo, Gloerich Martijn, Rinkes Inne Borel, Elias Sjoerd G, Kranenburg Onno 2023, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 14

Cell division orientation is coupled to cell-cell adhesion by the E-cadherin/LGN complex

Gloerich Martijn, Bianchini Julie M., Siemers Kathleen A., Cohen Daniel J., Nelson W. James 3 Jan 2017, In: Nature Communications [E]. 8

Epithelial self-healing is recapitulated by a 3D biomimetic E-cadherin junction

Cohen Daniel J., Gloerich Martijn, Nelson W. James 20 Dec 2016, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 113 , p. 14698-14703 6 p.

Rap2A links intestinal cell polarity to brush border formation

Gloerich M., ten Klooster J.P., Vliem M.J., Koorman T., Zwartkruis G.J.T., Clevers H., Bos J.L. Aug 2012, In: Nature Cell Biology. 14 , p. 793-801 9 p.

cAMP regulates DEP domain-mediated binding of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Epac1 to phosphatidic acid at the plasma membrane.

Consonni S.V., Gloerich M., Spanjaard E., Bos J.L. 2012, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 109 , p. 3814-3819 6 p.

Spatial regulation of Rap signaling

Gloerich M. 17 Mar 2011, 174 p.

The nucleoporin RanBP2 tethers the cAMP effector Epac1 and inhibits its catalytic activity.

Gloerich M., Vliem M.J., Prummel E., Meijer L.A.T., Rensen-de Leeuw M.G.A., Rehmann H., Bos J.L. 2011, In: Journal of Cell Biology. 193 , p. 1009-1020 12 p.

Ezrin is required for efficient Rap1-induced cell spreading.

Ross S.H., Post A., Raaijmakers J.H., Verlaan-Klink I., Gloerich M., Bos J.L. 2011, In: Journal of Cell Science. 124 , p. 1808-1818 11 p.

Regulating Rap small G-proteins in time and space.

Gloerich M., Bos J.L. 2011, In: Trends in Cell Biology. 21 , p. 615-623 9 p.

Epac: Defining a New Mechanism for cAMP Action.

Gloerich M., Bos J.L. 2010, In: Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 50 , p. 355-375 21 p.

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