prof. dr. D. (Dörte) Hamann

prof. dr. D. (Dörte) Hamann

Full Professor
prof. dr. D. (Dörte) Hamann
  • Center for Translational Immunology (CTI) Research
  • Central Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Central Diagnostic Laboratory

Research Programs

Infection & Immunity



Dörte Hamann (1967) started her career in basic immunological research on phenotype and function of CD8+ T cells. As a post-doc she studied the effect of HIV infection on the immune system. Her interest in clinical research and patient diagnostics made her move towards laboratory medicine. Her present work focusses on implementation of new immunological insights into diagnostics and the integration of immunological diagnostics with other laboratory specialisms.

Dörte Hamann studied Biology at the University of Leipzig in Germany. After finishing her studies she moved to Amsterdam to work on her PhD project “Human T cells -phenotype and function” at the CLB (now Sanquin), Amsterdam. After working several years as a post-doc in HIV research at Sanquin, Amsterdam, she was trained as laboratory specialist Medical Immunology at Sanquin and the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam and got registered in 2007. At Sanquin Diagnostics she headed the Immunopathology and Blood Coagulation Department. Since 2018 she is responsible for the medical immunology diagnostics at the Utrecht University Medical Center and is heading the Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory of the Central Diagnostics Laboratory. In 2020 she became professor for integrated immunological diagnostics. She is the chairman of the board of the College of Medical Immunologists and an active member of the Dutch IVDR taskforce, in which she represents the College of Medical Immunologists.

Side Activities

2022-present     Instructor Medical Immunology UMC Utrecht

2020-present     Chairman of the Sjögren’s Award commission of the Dutch Society of Sjögren Patients (NVSP)

2018-present     Chairman of the Board of the College of Medical Immunologists

2013-2018         Instructor Medical Immunology AMC-Sanquin

2012-2018         Member College of Medical Immunologists, Training and Registration Committee, since 2016 secretary

2010-2018         Member Scientific Advisory Board Jan van Bremen Institute

2010-2013         Member Scientific Advisory Board Dutch Arthritis Foundation

2009-2019         Member steering committee and treasurer European Autoimmune Standardization Initiative (EASI) working group Netherland

2009-2018         Secretary and treasurer Dutch Foundation for Quality Assessment in Medical Laboratories (SKML), section Humoral Immunity

2007-2013         Co-instructor Medical Immunology AMC-Sanquin

2004- present    Member steering committee European Consensus Finding Study Group on Autoantibodies in Rheumatic Diseases (within the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR))

2003-2018         Instructor Foundation for the promotion and maintenance of a system of training programs for biomedical scientists (SMBWO)


Research Output (51)

Does COVID-19 impact the prevalence of myositis specific antibodies in the Netherlands? A comparative nationwide study

Kamperman Renske G., van Leeuwen Ester MM, Willems Myrthe, van der Kooi Anneke J., Gelderman Kyra A., Hamann Dörte, van Lochem Ellen G., Meek Bob, van der Molen Renate G., Platteel Anouk CM, Otten Henny G., Schreurs Marco WJ, Raaphorst Joost, Sep 2023, In: Journal of Autoimmunity. 139 3 p.

Biomarkers of Checkpoint Inhibitor Induced Immune-Related Adverse Events-A Comprehensive Review

Hommes Josefien W, Verheijden Rik J, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M, Hamann Dörte 11 Feb 2021, In: Frontiers in oncology. 10

The end of the laboratory developed test as we know it?:Recommendations from a national multidisciplinary taskforce of laboratory specialists on the interpretation of the IVDR and its complications

Bank Paul C D, Jacobs Leo H J, van den Berg Sjoerd A A, van Deutekom Hanneke W M, Hamann Dörte, Molenkamp Richard, Ruivenkamp Claudia A L, Swen Jesse J, Tops Bastiaan B J, Wamelink Mirjam M C, Wessels Els, Oosterhuis Wytze P 23 Nov 2020, In: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. 59 , p. 491-497 7 p.

The clinical spectrum and incidence of anti-MOG-associated acquired demyelinating syndromes in children and adults

de Mol C L, Wong Yym, van Pelt E D, Wokke Bha, Siepman Tam, Neuteboom R F, Hamann D, Hintzen R Q Jun 2020, In: Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 26 , p. 806-814 9 p.

Clinically relevant discrepancies between different rheumatoid factor assays

Falkenburg Willem J J, von Richthofen Helen J, Koers Jana, Weykamp Cas, Schreurs Marco W J, Bakker-Jonges Liesbeth E, Haagen Inez-Anne, Lems Willem F, Hamann Dörte, van Schaardenburg Dirkjan, Rispens Theo 25 Sep 2018, In: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. 56 , p. 1749-1758 10 p.

Comparisons of Serum Infliximab and Antibodies-to-Infliximab Tests Used in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Trials of Remicade®

Marini Joseph C, Sendecki Jocelyn, Cornillie Freddy, Popp John W, Black Shawn, Blank Marion, Gils Ann, Van Stappen Thomas, Hamann Dörte, Rispens Theo, Thérien Lina, Chun Kelly, Shankar Gopi Jan 2017, In: The AAPS Journal. 19 , p. 161-171 11 p.

Multicentre comparison of a diagnostic assay:aquaporin-4 antibodies in neuromyelitis optica

Waters Patrick, Reindl Markus, Saiz Albert, Schanda Kathrin, Tuller Friederike, Kral Vlastimil, Nytrova Petra, Sobek Ondrej, Nielsen Helle Hvilsted, Barington Torben, Lillevang Søren T, Illes Zsolt, Rentzsch Kristin, Berthele Achim, Berki Tímea, Granieri Letizia, Bertolotto Antonio, Giometto Bruno, Zuliani Luigi, Hamann Dörte, van Pelt E Daniëlle, Hintzen Rogier, Höftberger Romana, Costa Carme, Comabella Manuel, Montalban Xavier, Tintoré Mar, Siva Aksel, Altintas Ayse, Deniz Günnur, Woodhall Mark, Palace Jacqueline, Paul Friedemann, Hartung Hans-Peter, Aktas Orhan, Jarius Sven, Wildemann Brigitte, Vedeler Christian, Ruiz Anne, Leite M Isabel, Trillenberg Peter, Probst Monika, Saschenbrecker Sandra, Vincent Angela, Marignier Romain Sep 2016, In: Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. 87 , p. 1005-15 11 p.

Therapeutic drug monitoring of infliximab:performance evaluation of three commercial ELISA kits

Schmitz Ellen M H, van de Kerkhof Daan, Hamann Dörte, van Dongen Joost L J, Kuijper Philip H M, Brunsveld Luc, Scharnhorst Volkher, Broeren Maarten A C 1 Jul 2016, In: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. 54 , p. 1211-9 9 p.

Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders:comparison of clinical and magnetic resonance imaging characteristics of AQP4-IgG versus MOG-IgG seropositive cases in the Netherlands

van Pelt E D, Wong Y Y M, Ketelslegers I A, Hamann D, Hintzen R Q Mar 2016, In: European Journal of Neurology. 23 , p. 580-7 8 p.

Incidence of AQP4-IgG seropositive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders in the Netherlands:About one in a million

Daniëlle van Pelt E, Wong Yu Yi M, Ketelslegers Immy A, Siepman Dorine Am, Hamann Dörte, Hintzen Rogier Q 26 Jan 2016, In: Multiple sclerosis journal - experimental, translational and clinical. 2 , p. 2055217315625652

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