dr. M. (Magdalena) Harakalová

dr. M. (Magdalena) Harakalová

Assistant Professor
dr. M. (Magdalena) Harakalová
  • Department of Cardiology

Research Programs

Circulatory Health



I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cardiology and the Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU) center at UMCU. As a principal investigator, I am leading an independent research line that is based on a clear need from clinics: the identification of molecular mechanisms in carriers of genetic mutations who are at risk of developing genetic cardiomyopathies. My overarching research question is: Why is DNA not the heart’s destiny? - I study the chronological effects of a DNA mutation on the level of DNA/chromatin/RNA/protein but also cellular organelles, whole cells, tissue and the human organism. I aim to redefine cardiomyopathies on a personalized level and design diagnostic, preventive, and treatment strategies with the ultimate goal to timely predict and eradicate them. I use human cardiac tissue and patient-derived human iPSC-cardiomyocyte (hiPSC-CMs) models to investigate cardiomyopathy heterogeneity through next-generation sequencing-based -omics techniques, bioinformatics, high-resolution imaging, and functional studies. I have a medical background but I decided to work as a full-time scientist because I felt that progress made in fundamental research does not reach clinics fast enough.

Research Output (70)

Locational memory of macrovessel vascular cells is transcriptionally imprinted

Spanjersberg Talitha C F, Oosterhoff Loes A, Kruitwagen Hedwig S, van den Dungen Noortje A M, Vernooij Johannes C M, Asselbergs Folkert W, Mokry Michal, Spee Bart, Harakalova Magdalena, van Steenbeek Frank G 10 Aug 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13

Genetic Basis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs and Its Potential as a Bidirectional Model

Gaar-Humphreys Karen R, Spanjersberg Talitha C F, Santarelli Giorgia, Grinwis Guy C M, Szatmári Viktor, Roelen Bernard A J, Vink Aryan, van Tintelen J Peter, Asselbergs Folkert W, Fieten Hille, Harakalova Magdalena, van Steenbeek Frank G 1 Jul 2022, In: Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. 12 , p. 1-18

Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines derived from five patients carrying the pathogenic phospholamban-R14del (PLN-R14del) variant and three non-carrier family members

Mittal Nishka, Dave Jaydev, Harakalova Magdalena, van Tintelen J. Peter, Asselbergs Folkert W., Doevendans Pieter A., Costa Kevin D., Turnbull Irene C., Stillitano Francesca Apr 2022, In: Stem Cell Research. 60 , p. 1-5

Sarcomere Disassembly and Transfection Efficiency in Proliferating Human iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Yuan Qianliang, Maas Renee G.C., Brouwer Ellen C.J., Pei Jiayi, Blok Christian Snijders, Popovic Marko A., Paauw Nanne J., Bovenschen Niels, Hjortnaes Jesper, Harakalova Magdalena, Doevendans Pieter A., Sluijter Joost P.G., van der Velden Jolanda, Buikema Jan W. Feb 2022, In: Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease. 9 , p. 1-13

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-seq) Protocol for Small Amounts of Frozen Biobanked Cardiac Tissue

Pei Jiayi, van den Dungen Noortje A M, Asselbergs Folkert W, Mokry Michal, Harakalova Magdalena 2022, 2458 , p. 97-111 15 p.

Multi-omics integration identifies key upstream regulators of pathomechanisms in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy due to truncating MYBPC3 mutations

Pei J, Schuldt M, Nagyova E, Gu Z, El Bouhaddani S, Yiangou L, Jansen M, Calis J J A, Dorsch L M, Blok C Snijders, van den Dungen N A M, Lansu N, Boukens B J, Efimov I R, Michels M, Verhaar M C, de Weger R, Vink A, van Steenbeek F G, Baas A F, Davis R P, Uh H W, Kuster D W D, Cheng C, Mokry M, van der Velden J, Asselbergs F W, Harakalova M Dec 2021, In: Clinical Epigenetics. 13 , p. 1-20

Metabolomics in Severe Aortic Stenosis Reveals Intermediates of Nitric Oxide Synthesis as Most Distinctive Markers

van Driel Beau Olivier, Schuldt Maike, Algül Sila, Levin Evgeni, Güclü Ahmet, Germans Tjeerd, Rossum Albert C van, Pei Jiayi, Harakalova Magdalena, Baas Annette, Jans Judith J M, van der Velden Jolanda 30 Mar 2021, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 22 , p. 1-18

Massive expansion and cryopreservation of functional human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Maas Renee G.C., Lee Soah, Harakalova Magdalena, Snijders Blok Christian J.B., Goodyer William R., Hjortnaes Jesper, Doevendans Pieter A.F.M., Van Laake Linda W., van der Velden Jolanda, Asselbergs Folkert W., Wu Joseph C., Sluijter Joost P.G., Wu Sean M., Buikema Jan W. 19 Mar 2021, In: STAR protocols. 2

P62-positive aggregates are homogenously distributed in the myocardium and associated with the type of mutation in genetic cardiomyopathy

van der Klooster Zoë Joy, Sepehrkhouy Shahrzad, Dooijes Dennis, Te Rijdt Wouter P, Schuiringa Frederique S A M, Lingeman Jolanthe, van Tintelen Johannes Peter, Harakalova Magdalena, Goldschmeding Roel, Suurmeijer Albert J H, Asselbergs Folkert W, Vink Aryan 18 Feb 2021, In: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 25 , p. 3160-3166 7 p.

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