prof. dr. E.M. (Elly) Hol

prof. dr. E.M. (Elly) Hol

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Research Output (198)

GFAP Alternative Splicing and the Relevance for Disease - A Focus on Diffuse Gliomas

van Asperen Jessy V, Robe Pierre A J T, Hol Elly M 9 Jun 2022, In: ASN neuro. 14 , p. 1-18

Exposure to the Amino Acids Histidine, Lysine, and Threonine Reduces mTOR Activity and Affects Neurodevelopment in a Human Cerebral Organoid Model

Berdenis van Berlekom Amber, Kübler Raphael, Hoogeboom Jeske W, Vonk Daniëlle, Sluijs Jacqueline A, Pasterkamp R Jeroen, Middeldorp Jinte, Kraneveld Aletta D, Garssen Johan, Kahn René S, Hol Elly M, de Witte Lot D, Boks Marco P 2 May 2022, In: Nutrients. 14 , p. 1-19

Both male and female APPswe/PSEN1dE9 mice are impaired in spatial memory and cognitive flexibility at 9 months of age

Hulshof Lianne A., Frajmund Leon A., van Nuijs Danny, van der Heijden Denise C.N., Middeldorp Jinte, Hol Elly M. May 2022, In: Neurobiology of Aging. 113 , p. 28-38 11 p.

Calcium signaling in individual APP/PS1 mouse dentate gyrus astrocytes increases ex vivo with Aβ pathology and age without affecting astrocyte network activity

Huffels Christiaan F M, Osborn Lana M, Cappaert Natalie L M, Hol Elly M 16 Mar 2022, In: Journal of Neuroscience Research. 100 , p. 1281-1295 15 p.

Microglial transcriptomics meets genetics:new disease leads

Hol Elly M, Pasterkamp R Jeroen 28 Feb 2022, In: Nature Reviews Neurology. 18 , p. 191-192 2 p.

The neurovascular unit in leukodystrophies:towards solving the puzzle

Zarekiani Parand, Nogueira Pinto Henrique, Hol Elly M, Bugiani Marianna, de Vries Helga E 28 Feb 2022, In: Fluids and barriers of the CNS. 19 , p. 1-19

Single-cell profiling of human subventricular zone progenitors identifies SFRP1 as a target to re-activate progenitors

Donega Vanessa, van der Geest Astrid T., Sluijs Jacqueline A., van Dijk Roland E., Wang Chi Chiu, Basak Onur, Pasterkamp R. Jeroen, Hol Elly M. 24 Feb 2022, In: Nature Communications. 13 , p. 1-12

GFAP splice variants fine-tune glioma cell invasion and tumour dynamics by modulating migration persistence

Uceda-Castro Rebeca, van Asperen Jessy V., Vennin Claire, Sluijs Jacqueline A., van Bodegraven Emma J., Margarido Andreia S., Robe Pierre A.J., van Rheenen Jacco, Hol Elly M. 10 Jan 2022, In: Scientific Reports. 12 14 p.

Amyloid-β plaques affect astrocyte Kir4.1 protein expression but not function in the dentate gyrus of APP/PS1 mice

Huffels Christiaan F.M., Osborn Lana M., Hulshof Lianne A., Kooijman Lieneke, Henning Lukas, Steinhäuser Christian, Hol Elly M. 2022, In: GLIA. 70 , p. 748-767 20 p.

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