prof. dr. G.F. Houben

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  • Laboratory for Translational Immunology (LTI)

prof. dr. G.F. Houben

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Geert Houben is Principal Scientist Food Allergy and Immunotoxicology at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, The Netherlands, and Professor Food-borne Risk Factors for Allergic and Inflammatory Diseases at the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.Prior to his current positions, he has had various research and management positions at TNO and various research positions at the University of Utrecht and the University Medical Center Utrecht,the Netherlands. Geert was trained as a Biologist and Toxicologist.


His major scientific specializations are food allergy, food and feed toxicology and immunotoxicology, and particularly risk assessment in these areas. He has a strong international involvement in the development and application of probabilistic approaches in food allergy risk assessment and risk management. Geert has had the managerial and scientific responsibility of the TNO Food Safety research and services for many years prior to choosing to focus on his scientific career in 2014. Main current research interests are on the immune health effects of proteins in food, effect assessment and risk-benefit assessment of immune health interventions and (approaches to study) complex food-borne exposome effects in immune health and disease


Side Activities

  • Deputy Member of the Future Food Utrecht Program Council, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Member of the Expert Group "A framework to help define an appropriate level of protection for consumers with food allergies ", ILSI Europe, Brussels, Belgium
    Member of the Roadmap Committee Theme Food Safety, Topsector Agri&Food, the Netherlands
    Member of the Corporate Food Safety Advisory board, FrieslandCampina, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
    Member of the Scientific Working Group on Food Safety, European Technology Platform “Food for Life”
    Member of the Foreign Food Safety Expert Advisory Panel, Shanghai FDA, Shanghai
    Principal Scientist, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Reseach TNO
    Member of the VITAL Scientific Expert Panel, Australian-New Zealand Allergen Bureau, Australia
    Member of the Allergens Expert Group, Food and Drink Europe, Brussels, Belgium
    Member of the ESFA Focal Point The Netherlands Advisory Committee, Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, The Hague, The Netherlands
    Member of the Supervisory Board, Post Graduate Education in Toxicology, The Netherlands
    Member of the Knowledge Network, The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, The Netherlands

Research Output (72)

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Defining the targets for the assessment of IgE-mediated allergenicity of new or modified food proteins

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A subset of walnut allergic adults is sensitized to walnut 11S globulin Jug r 4

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All Research Output (72)