ing. M.J.C. (Marien) Houtman

ing. M.J.C. (Marien) Houtman

Research Analyst
  • Department of Medical Physiology

Research Output (19)

Insights in KIR2.1 channel structure and function by an evolutionary approach; cloning and functional characterization of the first reptilian inward rectifier channel KIR2.1, derived from the California kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae)

Houtman M.J.C., Korte S., JI Y., Kok G.J.M., Vos M.A., Stary-Weinzinger A., van der Heyden M.A.G. 2014, In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 452 , p. 992-997 6 p.

Efficient and specific cardiac IK₁ inhibition by a new pentamidine analogue

Takanari H., Nalos L., Stary-Weinzinger A., de Git K.C., Varkevisser R., Linder T., Houtman M.J.C., Peschar M., de Boer T.P., Tidwell R.R., Rook M.B., Vos M.A., van der Heyden M.A.G. 2013, In: Cardiovascular Research. 99 , p. 214 1 p.

Combined Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger and L-type calcium channel block as a potential strategy to suppress arrhythmias and maintain ventricular function

Bourgonje V.J.A., Vos M.A., Ozdemir S., Doisne N., Acsai K., Varro A., Sztojkov-Ivanov A., Zupko I., Rauch E., Kattner L., Bito V., Houtman M.J.C., van der Nagel R., Beekman H.D.M., van Veen A.A.B., Sipido K.R.A.C., Antoons G. 2013, In: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. 6 , p. 371-379 9 p.

Increased sarcolemmal Na+/H+ exchange activity in hypertrophied myocytes from dogs with chronic atrioventricular block

van Borren M.M.G.J., Vos M.A., Houtman M.J.C., Antoons G., Ravesloot J.H. 2013, In: Frontiers in Physiology [E]. 4 , p. 322 1 p.

Structure-activity relationships of pentamidine-affected ion channel trafficking and dofetilide mediated rescue

Varkevisser R., Houtman M.J.C., de Git K.C., Beekman H.D.M., Tidwell R.R., IJzerman A.P., Vos M.A., van der Heyden M.A.G. 2013, In: British Journal of Pharmacology. 169 , p. 1322-1334 13 p.

Inhibiting the clathrin-mediated endocytosis pathway rescues (KIR)2.1 downregulation by pentamidine

Varkevisser R., Houtman M.J.C., Waasdorp M., Man J.C., Heukers R., Takanari H., Tieland R.G., van Bergen en Henegouwen P.M.P., Vos M.A., van der Heyden M.A. 2013, In: Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology. 465 , p. 247-259 13 p.

Comparison of the I(Kr) blockers moxifloxacin, dofetilide and E-4031 in five screening models of pro-arrhythmia reveals lack of specificity of isolated cardiomyocytes.

Nalos L., Varkevisser R., Jonsson M.K.B., Houtman M.J.C., Beekman H.D.M., van der Nagel R., Thomsen M.B., Duker G., Sartipy P., de Boer T.P., Peschar M., Rook M.B., van Veen A.A.B., van der Heyden M.A.G., Vos M.A. 2012, In: British Journal of Pharmacology. 165 , p. 467-478 12 p.

Experimental Mapping of the Canine KCNJ2 and KCNJ12 Gene Structures and Functional Analysis of the Canine K(IR)2.2 ion Channel.

Houtman M.J.C., Takanari H., Kok G.J.M., van Eck M., Montagne D.R., Vos M.A., de Boer T.P., van der Heyden M.A.G. 2012, In: Frontiers in Physiology [E]. 3 , p. 1-9 9 p.

Relevance of calmodulin/CaMKII activation for arrhythmogenesis in the AV block dog.

Bourgonje V.J.A., Schoenmakers M., Beekman H.D.M., van der Nagel R., Houtman M.J.C., Miedema L.F., Antoons G., Sipido K.R.A.C., de Windt L.J., van Veen A.A.B., Vos M.A. 2012, In: Heart Rhythm. 9 , p. 1875-1883 9 p.

Drug-induced torsade de pointes arrhythmias in the chronic AV block dog are perpetuated by focal activity.

Boulaksil M., Jungschleger J.G., Antoons G., Houtman M.J.C., de Boer T.P., Wilders R., Beekman H.D.M., Maessen J.G., van der Hulst F.F., van der Heyden M.A.G., van Veen A.A.B., van Rijen H.V.M., de Bakker J.M.T., Vos M.A. 2011, In: Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology. 4 , p. 566-576 11 p.

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