prof. dr. A.D.R. (Alwin) Huitema

Full Professor
prof. dr. A.D.R. (Alwin) Huitema
  • Clinical Pharmacy

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer

Side Activities

  • 2002 - : Member of the Medical Ethical Committee of Netherlands Cancer Institute

    2003 - : Involved in many early clinical trials of novel anticancer agents (not further specified, revenues for Netherlands Cancer Institute)

    2016 - 2018: Member of scientific councel "Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa)"

    2017 - : Member of the working group Oncology & Hematology of "Horizonscan geneesmiddelen", ZorgInstituut Nederland

    2018 - : Board member of Dutch Society of Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics

Fellowship and Awards

  • 2015 Galenus research prize

    2014 Huizinga penning of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists

Research Output (188)

Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4 and 6 Inhibitors Palbociclib, Ribociclib, and Abemaciclib

Groenland Stefanie L., Martínez-Chávez Alejandra, van Dongen Marloes G.J., Beijnen Jos H., Schinkel Alfred H., Huitema Alwin D.R., Steeghs Neeltje dec 2020, In: Clinical Pharmacokinetics. 59 , p. 1501-1520 20 p.

The Predictive Value of Low Skeletal Muscle Mass Assessed on Cross-Sectional Imaging for Anti-Cancer Drug Toxicity:A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Huiskamp Laura F J, Chargi Najiba, Devriese Lot A, May Anne M, Huitema Alwin D R, de Bree Remco 23 nov 2020, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 9 , p. 1-16

Population pharmacokinetic analysis of nanoparticle-bound and free camptothecin after administration of NLG207 in adults with advanced solid tumors

Schmidt Keith T., Huitema Alwin D.R., Dorlo Thomas P.C., Peer Cody J., Cordes Lisa M., Sciuto Linda, Wroblewski Susan, Pommier Yves, Madan Ravi A., Thomas Anish, Figg William D. 1 okt 2020, In: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 86 , p. 475-486 12 p.

Bottom-up sample preparation for the LC-MS/MS quantification of anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies in bio matrices

De Jong Karen A.M., Van Breugel Suse J., Hillebrand Michel J.X., Rosing Hilde, Huitema Alwin D.R., Beijnen Jos H. okt 2020, In: Bioanalysis. 12 , p. 1405-1425 21 p.

PropAngio study protocol:A neoadjuvant trial on the efficacy of propranolol monotherapy in cutaneous angiosarcoma - A proof of principle study

Heinhuis Kimberley M., Ijzerman Nikki S., Koenen Anne Miek, Van Der Graaf Winette T.A., Haas Rick L., Beijnen Jos H., Huitema Alwin D.R., Van Houdt Winan J., Steeghs Neeltje 10 sep 2020, In: BMJ Open. 10 , p. e039449

Therapeutic drug monitoring of imatinib in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours - Results from daily clinical practice

IJzerman Nikki S, Groenland Stefanie L, Koenen Anne Miek, Kerst Martijn, van der Graaf Winette T A, Rosing Hilde, Beijnen Jos H, Huitema Alwin D R, Steeghs Neeltje sep 2020, In: European Journal of Cancer. 136 , p. 140-148 9 p.

Cisplatin and carboplatin pharmacokinetics in a pediatric patient with hepatoblastoma receiving peritoneal dialysis

Nijstad A Laura, van Eijkelenburg Natasha K A, Kraal Kathelijne C J M, Meijs Marieke J M, de Kanter Clara T M M, Lilien Marc R, Huitema Alwin D R 20 aug 2020, In: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 86 , p. 445-449 5 p.

Evaluation of Extrapolation Methods to Predict Trough Concentrations to Guide Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Oral Anticancer Drugs

Janssen Julie M., Dorlo Thomas P.C., Beijnen Jos H., Huitema Alwin D.R. 1 aug 2020, In: Therapeutic drug monitoring. 42 , p. 532-539 8 p.

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