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Research Output (133)

Patient expectation and experience of MR-guided radiotherapy using a 1.5T MR-Linac

de Mol van Otterloo S R, Westerhoff J M, Leer T, Rutgers R H A, Meijers L T C, Daamen L A, Intven M P W, Verkooijen H M Mar 2024, In: Technical innovations & patient support in radiation oncology. 29 7 p.

Ontwikkelingen in de zorg voor patiënten met pancreascarcinoom

Augustinus Simone, Busch Olivier R, Bonsing Bert A, Bruno Marco J, de Groot Jan Willem B, Groot Koerkamp Bas, Intven Martijn P W, Köhler Frank, Molenaar Quintus, Wilmink Johanna W, Besselink Marc G 15 Nov 2023, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 167

Coverage of Lateral Lymph Nodes in Rectal Cancer Patients with Routine Radiation Therapy Practice and Associated Locoregional Recurrence Rates

Sluckin T C, Hazen S J A, Horsthuis K, Beets-Tan R G H, Antonisse I E, Berbée M, van Bockel L W, Boer A H, Ceha H M, Cnossen J S, Geijsen E D, den Hartogh M D, Hendriksen E M, Intven M P W, Leseman-Hoogenboom M M, Meijnen P, Muller K, Oppedijk V, Rozema T, Rütten H, Spruit P H, Stam T C, Velema L A, Verrijssen A E, Vos-Westerman J, Tanis P J, Marijnen C A M, Kusters M, 1 Oct 2023, In: International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. 117 , p. 422-433 12 p.

Local Control Following Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Liver Oligometastases:Lessons from a Quarter Century

Mheid Sara, Allen Stefan, Ng Sylvia S.W., Hall William A., Sanford Nina N., Aguilera Todd A., Elamir Ahmed M., Bahij Rana, Intven Martijn P.W., Radhakrishna Ganesh, Mohamad Issa, De Leon Jeremy, Tan Hendrick, Lewis Shirley, Gani Cihan, Stanecu Teo, Dell’Acqua Veronica, Hosni Ali Oct 2023, In: Current Oncology. 30 , p. 9230-9243 14 p.

Gating and intrafraction drift correction on a 1.5 T MR-Linac:Clinical dosimetric benefits for upper abdominal tumors

Grimbergen Guus, Hackett Sara L, van Ommen Fasco, van Lier Astrid L H M W, Borman Pim T S, Meijers Lieke T C, de Groot-van Breugel Eline N, de Boer Johannes C J, Raaymakers Bas W, Intven Martijn P W, Meijer Gert J 30 Sep 2023, In: Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. 189

Towards Response ADAptive Radiotherapy for organ preservation for intermediate-risk rectal cancer (preRADAR):protocol of a phase I dose-escalation trial

Verweij Maaike E, Tanaka Max D, Kensen Chavelli M, van der Heide Uulke A, Marijnen Corrie A M, Janssen Tomas, Vijlbrief Tineke, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M U, Moons Leon M G, Koopman Miriam, Lacle Miangela M, Braat Manon N G J A, Chalabi Myriam, Maas Monique, Huibregtse Inge L, Snaebjornsson Petur, Grotenhuis Brechtje A, Fijneman Remond, Consten Esther, Pronk Apollo, Smits Anke B, Heikens Joost T, Eijkelenkamp Hidde, Elias Sjoerd G, Verkooijen Helena M, Schoenmakers Maartje M C, Meijer Gert J, Intven Martijn, Peters Femke P 15 Jun 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 , p. 1-10

Timing of rectal cancer surgery after short-course radiotherapy:national database study

Verweij Maaike E, Franzen Jolien, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M U, Verkooijen Helena M, Intven Martijn P W 12 May 2023, In: The British journal of surgery. 110 , p. 839-845 7 p.

Precision radiotherapy using MR-linac for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in MEN1 patients (PRIME):a protocol for a phase I-II trial, and systematic review on available evidence for radiotherapy of pNETs

van Vliembergen Eline N M, Eijkelenkamp Hidde, Valk Gerlof D, Vriens Menno R, Meijer Gert J, Intven Martijn P W, de Laat Joanne M May 2023, In: Frontiers in Endocrinology. 14 9 p.

Feasibility of online radial magnetic resonance imaging for adaptive radiotherapy of pancreatic tumors

Grimbergen Guus, Eijkelenkamp Hidde, van Vulpen Jonna K, van de Ven Saskia, Raaymakers Bas W, Intven Martijn P W, Meijer Gert J Apr 2023, In: Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology. 26 , p. 1-6

Feasibility of delivered dose reconstruction for MR-guided SBRT of pancreatic tumors with fast, real-time 3D cine MRI

Grimbergen Guus, Pötgens Giulia G., Eijkelenkamp Hidde, Raaymakers Bas W., Intven Martijn P.W., Meijer Gert J. 2 Feb 2023, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 182

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