dr. G.O.R.J. (Geert) Janssens

dr. G.O.R.J. (Geert) Janssens

Associate Professor - medical
dr. G.O.R.J. (Geert) Janssens
  • Department of Radiotherapy
  • Department of Radiotherapy

Research Programs


Side Activities

  • Member of the SIOP Europe Board of Directors
  • Chair of the SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group
  • Executive committee member & treasurer, PROS (Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society)
  • Board member of SIOP Europe - QUARTET
  • Co-chair of the SIOP Renal Tumor Study Group, radiotherapy committee
  • Co-chair of the SIOPEN radiotherapy committee
  • Co-chair of SIOP Europe Craniopharyngioma
  • Teacher at ESTRO/PROS course 'Pediatric Radiotherapy'
  • Reviewer QUARTET

Research Output (116)

Paediatric CBCT protocols for image-guided radiotherapy; outcome of a survey across SIOP Europe affiliated countries and literature review

Østergaard Daniella Elisabet, Bryce-Atkinson Abigail, Skaarup Mikkel, Smulders Bob, Davies Lucy Siew Chen, Whitfield Gillian, Janssens Geert O., Hjalgrim Lisa Lyngsie, Richter Ivan Vogelius, van Herk Marcel, Aznar Marianne, Vestmø Maraldo Maja Jan 2024, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 190 8 p.

The need for consensus on delineation and dose constraints of dentofacial structures in paediatric radiotherapy:Outcomes of a SIOP Europe survey

Davey Angela, Pan Shermaine, Bryce-Atkinson Abigail, Mandeville Henry, Janssens Geert O, Kelly Sarah M, Hol Marinka, Tang Vivian, Davies Lucy Siew Chen, Siop-Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group , Aznar Marianne Nov 2023, In: Clinical and translational radiation oncology. 43

The Value of IgM Memory B-Cells in the Assessment of Splenic Function in Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk for Splenic Dysfunction:A DCCSS-LATER Study

Houtman Bente M, Walraven Iris, de Grouw Elke, van der Maazen Richard W M, Kremer Leontien C M, van Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, Tissing Wim J E, Bresters Dorine, van der Pal Helena J H, de Vries Andrica C H, Louwerens Marloes, van der Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Neggers Sebastian J C, Janssens Geert O, Blijlevens Nicole M A, Lambeck Annechien J A, Preijers Frank, Loonen Jacqueline J 20 Oct 2023, In: Journal of Immunology Research. 2023 8 p.

Prevalence, risk factors and optimal way to determine overweight, obesity and morbid obesity, in the first Dutch cohort of 2,338 long-term survivors of childhood cancer:a DCCSS-LATER study

Pluimakers V G, van Atteveld J E, de Winter D T C, Bolier M, Fiocco M, Nievelstein R A J, Janssens G O R, Bresters D, van der Heiden-van der Loo M, de Vries A C H, Louwerens M, van der Pal H J, Pluijm S M F, Ronckers C M, Versluijs A B, Kremer L C M, Loonen J J, van Dulmen-den Broeder E, Tissing W J E, van Santen H M, van den Heuvel-Eibrink M M, Neggers S J C M M 14 Oct 2023, In: European Journal of Endocrinology. 189 , p. 495-507 13 p.

MRI-based inter- and intrafraction motion analysis of the pancreatic tail and spleen as preparation for adaptive MRI-guided radiotherapy in neuroblastoma

Van Ommen Fasco, le Quellenec Gaelle A T, Willemsen-Bosman Mirjam E, van Noesel Max M, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, Seravalli Enrica, Kroon Petra S, Janssens Geert O 2 Oct 2023, In: Radiation Oncology [E]. 18

Subsequent female breast cancer risk associated with anthracycline chemotherapy for childhood cancer

Wang Yuehan, Ronckers Cécile M., van Leeuwen Flora E., Moskowitz Chaya S., Leisenring Wendy, Armstrong Gregory T., de Vathaire Florent, Hudson Melissa M., Kuehni Claudia E., Arnold Michael A., Demoor-Goldschmidt Charlotte, Green Daniel M., Henderson Tara O., Howell Rebecca M., Ehrhardt Matthew J., Neglia Joseph P., Oeffinger Kevin C., van der Pal Helena J.H., Robison Leslie L., Schaapveld Michael, Turcotte Lucie M., Waespe Nicolas, Kremer Leontien C.M., Teepen Jop C., van Leeuwen Flora E., de Vathaire Florent, van der Pal Helena J.H., Haddy Nadia, Diallo Ibrahima, Baker K. Scott, de González Amy Berrington, Conces Miriam R., Constine Louis S., Hawkins Mike, Loonen Jacqueline J., Louwerens Marloes, Janssens Geert O., Mellemkjaer Lene, Reulen Raoul, Winther Jeanette F. Sep 2023, In: Nature Medicine. 29 , p. 2268-2277 10 p.

Diaphragm and abdominal organ motion during radiotherapy:a comprehensive multicenter study in 189 children

Meijer Karin M, van Dijk Irma W E M, Frank Marije, van den Hoek Arnout D, Balgobind Brian V, Janssens Geert O, Wendling Markus, Maduro John H, Bryce-Atkinson Abigail, Loginova Anna, Bel Arjan 13 Jul 2023, In: Radiation Oncology [E]. 18 , p. 1-11

Treatment and outcome of the Dutch Childhood Craniopharyngioma Cohort study; first results after centralization of care

Van Schaik J, Schouten-van Meeteren A Y N, Vos-Kerkhof E, Janssens G O, Porro G L, Fiocco M, Bakker B, Tissing W J E, Hoving E W, van Santen H M 29 Jun 2023, In: Neuro-oncology. 25 , p. 2250-2261 12 p.

Self-reported outcomes on oral health and oral health-related quality of life in long-term childhood cancer survivors—A DCCSS-LATER 2 Study

Stolze Juliette, Raber-Durlacher Judith E., Loonen Jacqueline J., Teepen Jop C., Ronckers Cécile M., Tissing Wim J.E., de Vries Andrica C.H., Neggers Sebastian J.C.M.M., Dulmen-den Broeder Eline, Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M., van der Pal Helena J.H., Versluys A. Birgitta, Heiden-van der Loo Margriet, Louwerens Marloes, Kremer Leontien C.M., Bresters Dorine, Brand Henk S., Grootenhuis Martha, van Leeuwen Flora, van der Steeg Lideke, Janssens Geert, van Santen Hanneke, Veening Margreet, den Hartoghg Jaap, Pluijm Saskia, Batenburg Lilian, de Ridder Hanneke, Hollema Nynke, Teunissen Lennart, Schellekens Anke, 19 May 2023, In: Supportive Care in Cancer. 31

Long term safety of growth hormone replacement therapy in survivors of cancer and tumors of the pituitary region

Bolier Melissa, Van der Lelij Aart-Jan, Maxima Princess, van den Heuvel-Eibrink Marry M, Neggers Sebastian J C M M 1 Apr 2023, In: Endocrine-related cancer. 30

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