prof. dr. C. (Chantal) Kemner

Full Professor

  • Psychiatry

Research Output (184)

Eurosibs:Towards robust measurement of infant neurocognitive predictors of autism across Europe

Jones E. J.H., Mason L., Begum Ali J., van den Boomen C., Braukmann R., Cauvet E., Demurie E., Hessels R. S., Ward E. K., Hunnius S., Bolte S., Tomalski P., Kemner C., Warreyn P., Roeyers H., Buitelaar J., Falck-Ytter T., Charman T., Johnson M. H., nov 2019, In: Infant Behavior and Development. 57

Eye Tracking During Interactive Face Perception: Does Speech Affect Eye-Tracking Data Quality?

Holleman Gijs A., Hessels Roy S., Kemner Chantal, Hooge Ignace T. C. sep 2019, In: Perception. 48 , p. 118-118

Correction to:The disengagement of visual attention in the gap paradigm across adolescence (Experimental Brain Research, (2017), 235, 12, (3585-3592), 10.1007/s00221-017-5085-2)

Van der Stigchel S., Hessels R. S., van Elst J. C., Kemner C. 1 aug 2019, In: Experimental Brain Research. 237 , p. 2135-2135 1 p.

Test-retest reliability of EEG network characteristics in infants

van der Velde Bauke, Haartsen Rianne, Kemner Chantal 1 mei 2019, In: Brain and Behavior. 9

Individual differences in visual attention and self-regulation:A multimethod longitudinal study from infancy to toddlerhood

Geeraerts Sanne B., Hessels Roy S., Van der Stigchel Stefan, Huijding Jorg, Endendijk Joyce J., Van den Boomen Carlijn, Kemner Chantal, Deković Maja 1 apr 2019, In: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 180 , p. 104-112 9 p.

Gaze allocation in face-to-face communication is affected primarily by task structure and social context, not stimulus-driven factors

Hessels Roy S., Holleman Gijs A., Kingstone Alan, Hooge Ignace T.C., Kemner Chantal 1 mrt 2019, In: Cognition. 184 , p. 28-43 16 p.

Slow segmentation of faces in Autism Spectrum Disorder

van den Boomen C., Fahrenfort J. J., Snijders T. M., Kemner C. 12 feb 2019, In: Neuropsychologia. 127 , p. 1-8 8 p.

Brain Responses to Faces and Facial Expressions in 5-Month-Olds: An fNIRS Study

Di Lorenzo Renata, Blasi Anna, Junge Caroline, van den Boomen Carlijn, van Rooijen Rianne, Kemner Chantal 1 jan 2019, In: Frontiers in Psychology. 10

No Own-Age Bias in Children's Gaze-Cueing Effects

van Rooijen Rianne, Junge Caroline, Kemner Chantal 20 dec 2018, In: Frontiers in Psychology. 9

Eye contact takes two – autistic and social anxiety traits predict gaze behavior in dyadic interaction

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