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prof. dr. A.C. Knulst
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Prof. dr. André C. Knulst is dermatologist and immunologist at the Department of Dermatology/Allergology of the UMC Utrecht. He heads the outpatient department of Allergology and  has a longstanding experience in diagnosis and treatment of patients with allergies, urticaria and angio-edema, with a particular interest in food allergy, urticaria and angio-edema. The Dept. of Dermatology/Allergology is a centre of expertise for eczema, food allergy and urticaria/angio-edema. Prof. Knulst is involved in the training of dermatologists, otolaryngologists, pediatric allergists, and clinical immunologists/internist-allergologists.

He also heads the allergy research. Within the UMC Utrecht there is a close collaboration with the department of Children’s Pulmonology and Allergology and the Center of Translational Immunology of the UMC Utrecht. His research focus is on patient profiling and improvement of food allergy diagnosis a.o. using component resolved diagnostics. He participated in many multicenter studies a.o. the EU sponsored SAFE, CREATE and Europrevall projects. Another research area of particular interest is the development of novel therapeutic options for food allergy. He was involved in the VIPES study on the efficacy and safety of epicutaneously administered peanut and the FAST study on the efficacy of subcutaneous immunotherapy using a hypoallergenic cod fish parvalbumin.


Side Activities

Member guideline committee immunotherapy

2018 → …

Member programme committee Hub Future Food Utrecht

2016 → …

Health council advice food allergy


member ILSI Europe expert group ‘Prioritisation of allergenic foods with respect to public health relevance’

2015 → …

chair guideline chronic urticaria


vice chair guideline food provocations


international advisory board chronic urticaria Novartis

2012 → …

Advisory board immunotherapy ALK-ABELLO

2012 → …

Giving lectures on allergic diseases for general practitioners, otolaryngologists (in training), pediatricians (in training), immunologist-allergologists (in training), dermatologists (in training), also on the European level


Research Output (280)

IgE-binding to vicilin-like antimicrobial peptides is associated with systemic reactions to macadamia nut

Ehlers Anna M., Rohwer Stefanie, Otten Henny G., Brix Bettina, Le Thuy My, Suer Waltraud, Knulst André C. 2 dec 2020, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 10 , p. 1-5

Allergen risk assessment:Food intake levels of the general population represent those of food allergic patients

Blom W. Marty, van Os-Medendorp Harmieke, Bijlsma Sabina, van Dijk Anne, Kruizinga Astrid G., Rubingh Carina, Michelsen-Huisman Anouska D., Knulst André C., Houben Geert F. dec 2020, In: Food and Chemical Toxicology. 146 9 p.

Detection of specific IgE against linear epitopes from Gal d 1 has additional value in diagnosing hen's egg allergy in adults

Ehlers Anna M, Otten Henny G, Wierzba Eva, Flügge Ulrike, Le Thuy-My, Knulst André C, Suer Waltraud 10 sep 2020, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 50 , p. 1415-1423 9 p.

Walnut Allergy across Europe:Distribution of Allergen Sensitization Patterns and Prediction of Severity

Lyons S A, Datema M R, Le T T M, Asero R, Barreales L, Belohlavkova S, de Blay F, Clausen M, Dubakiene R, Fernández-Perez C, Fritsche P, Gislason D, Hoffmann-Sommergruber K, Jedrzejczak-Czechowicz M, Jongejan L, Kowalski M L, Kralimarkova T, Lidholm J, Papadopoulos N G, Pontoppidan B, Popov T A, Del Prado N, Purohit A, Reig I, Seneviratne S L, Sinaniotis A, Vassilopoulou E, Versteeg S A, Vieths S, Zwinderman A H, Welsing P M J, Mills E N C, Ballmer-Weber Barbara, Knulst A C, Fernández-Rivas Montserrat, Van Ree Ronald 8 sep 2020, In: The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice. 9 , p. 225-235.e10

Can we define a level of protection for allergic consumers that everyone can accept?

Madsen Charlotte B, van den Dungen Myrthe W, Cochrane Stella, Houben Geert F, Knibb Rebecca C, Knulst André C, Ronsmans Stefan, Yarham Ross A R, Schnadt Sabine, Turner Paul J, Baumert Joseph, Cavandoli Elisa, Chan Chun-Han, Warner Amena, Crevel René W R 5 aug 2020, In: Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 117 , p. 1-12

Predictors of Food Sensitization in Children and Adults across Europe

Lyons Sarah A, Knulst André C, Burney Peter G J, Fernández-Rivas Montserrat, Ballmer-Weber Barbara K, Barreales Laura, Bieli Christian, Clausen Michael, Dubakiene Ruta, Fernández-Perez Cristina, Jedrzejczak-Czechowicz Monika, Kowalski Marek L, Kummeling Ischa, Mustakov Tihomir B, van Os-Medendorp Harmieke, Papadopoulos Nikolaos G, Popov Todor A, Potts James, Xepapadaki Paraskevi, Welsing Paco M J, Mills E N Clare, van Ree Ronald, Le Thuy-My 26 apr 2020, In: The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice. 8 , p. 3074-3083.e32

Prevalence of Food Sensitization and Food Allergy in Children across Europe

Lyons Sarah A, Clausen Michael, Knulst André C, Ballmer-Weber Barbara K, Fernandez-Rivas Montserrat, Barreales Laura, Bieli Christian, Dubakiene Ruta, Fernandez-Perez Cristina, Jedrzejczak-Czechowicz Monika, Kowalski Marek L, Kralimarkova Tanya, Kummeling Ischa, Mustakov Tihomir B, Papadopoulos Nikolaos G, Popov Todor A, Xepapadaki Paraskevi, Welsing Paco M J, Potts James, Mills E N Clare, van Ree Ronald, Burney Peter G J, Le Thuy-My 21 apr 2020, In: The journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice. 8 , p. 2736-2746.e9

Reintroduction failure after negative food challenges in adults is common and mainly due to atypical symptoms

Versluis Astrid, Knulst André C, van Erp Francine C, Blankestijn Mark A, Meijer Yolanda, Le Thuy-My, van Os-Medendorp Harmieke apr 2020, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 50 , p. 479-486 8 p.

Three-year follow-up after peanut food challenges:Accidental reactions in allergic children and introduction failure in tolerant children

Kansen Hannah M., Le Thuy My, Knulst André C., Gorissen Diana M.W., van der Ent Cornelis K., Meijer Yolanda, van Erp Francine C. 1 feb 2020, In: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 145 , p. 705-707.e7

Prevalence and predictors of uncontrolled asthma in children referred for asthma and other atopic diseases

Kansen H. M., Le T. M., Uiterwaal C. S.P.M., van Ewijk B. E., Balemans W. A.F., Gorissen D. M.W., de Vries E., van Velzen M. F., Slabbers G. H.P.R., Meijer Y., Knulst A. C., van der Ent C. K., van Erp F. C. 30 jan 2020, In: Journal of Asthma and Allergy. 13 , p. 67-75 9 p.

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