prof. dr. L.P.H. (Luke) Leenen

Full Professor

  • Division of Surgical Specialties

prof. dr. L.P.H. (Luke) Leenen

Research Programs


Luke PH Leenen (1957) graduated from medical school of the Radboud University in Nijmegen in 1982. From 1980 until 1985 he was a research fellow in the anatomical department of the Radboud University. He earned his PhD (1985) in basic neuroanatomical research on an electron microscopical analysis of the pyramidal tract of the rat.

From 1985 until 1988 he trained as a surgical resident at the Radboud University Hospital Nijmegen (Program director: Prof de Boer, later Prof Goris). He continued (1988-1991) his training in the Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg (Prof van Vroonhoven, later Prof vd Werken). After completion of his residency he visited Prof Waneboo in Providence for a oncology fellowship, followed by a AO fellowship in Chur (CH) with Prof Ruedi. From 1992 on he was staff surgeon at the Canisius Hospital Nijmegen responsible for Trauma and was appointed director of the Emergency Department.

From June 1993 he returned to Tilburg as a staff surgeon responsible for Trauma and Intensive Care.
He went to Utrecht in 1999 as a staff surgeon for Trauma and Intensive Care. He is the director for Surgical Intensive Care (until 2005), Emergency Department and the Major Incident Hospital (Calamiteitenhospitaal). In 2000 he was appointed professor of “Integral quality management in hospitals”. In 2002 he was appointed Professor of Trauma

Side Activities

  • Secretary of the Dutch Trauma Society (1993-1999)

    Founding board member and secretary of the European Trauma Society (currently ESTES). European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery  ( past president

    Board member of the World Coalition for the care of Trauma. 
    founding father of the Dutch ATLS foundation.

    Chairman of the Dutch Advanced Life Support Group

    Member of the supervisory board of the Regional Ambulance service (RAVU).
    part of the group reengineering the Dutch Medical Disaster organization (GHOR) (1995-1999)

Research Output (245)

Point-of-Care Analysis of Neutrophil Phenotypes:A First Step Toward Immuno-Based Precision Medicine in the Trauma ICU

Spijkerman Roy, Hesselink Lillian, Bongers Suzanne, van Wessem Karlijn J P, Vrisekoop Nienke, Hietbrink Falco, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P H jul 2020, In: Critical care explorations. 2 9 p.

Persistent Inflammation, Immunosuppression and Catabolism Syndrome (PICS) after Polytrauma:A Rare Syndrome with Major Consequences

Hesselink Lillian, Hoepelman Ruben J, Spijkerman Roy, de Groot Mark C H, van Wessem Karlijn J P, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P H, Hietbrink Falco 10 jan 2020, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 9 13 p.

Fragile neutrophils in surgical patients:A phenomenon associated with critical illness

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Vital Signs Monitoring with Wearable Sensors in High-risk Surgical Patients:A Clinical Validation Study

Breteler Martine J M, KleinJan Eline J, Dohmen Daan A J, Leenen Luke P H, van Hillegersberg Richard, Ruurda Jelle P, van Loon Kim, Blokhuis Taco J, Kalkman Cor J 2020, In: Anesthesiology. 132 , p. 424-439 16 p.

Incorporating repeated measurements into prediction models in the critical care setting:a framework, systematic review and meta-analysis

Plate Joost D J, van de Leur Rutger R, Leenen Luke P H, Hietbrink Falco, Peelen Linda M, Eijkemans M J C 26 okt 2019, In: BMC Medical Research Methodology. 19

The accuracy of diagnostic Imaging techniques in patients with a suspected Fracture-related Infection (IFI) trial:study protocol for a prospective multicenter cohort study

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Management strategies and outcome of blunt traumatic abdominal wall defects:a single centre experience

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Outcome of trauma-related emergency laparotomies, in an era of far-reaching specialization

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Automated flow cytometry enables high performance point-of-care analysis of leukocyte phenotypes

Spijkerman Roy, Hesselink Lillian, Hellebrekers Pien, Vrisekoop Nienke, Hietbrink Falco, Leenen Luke P H, Koenderman Leo 13 aug 2019, In: Journal of Immunological Methods. 474

Intracellular Penetration and Effects of Antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus Inside Human Neutrophils:A Comprehensive Review

Bongers Suzanne, Hellebrekers Pien, Leenen Luke P H, Koenderman Leo, Hietbrink Falco 4 mei 2019, In: Antibiotics [E]. 8

All Research Output (245)