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dr. F.S.S. (Frans) Leijten

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Dr. Frans S.S. Leijten (1960) studied medicine at Utrecht University and obtained his MD in 1986. He became a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist in 1994. In 1996 he defended his PhD thesis on critical illness polyneuropathy at Leiden University. He worked as an epileptologist at epilepsy center SEIN, then called Meer en Bosch, in Heemstede, from 1994-1996. Since then, he has been working at the University Medical Center Utrecht, where he is now head of the EEG department and the monitoring unit for invasive EEG recordings. He is also chairman of the National Dutch Epilepsy Surgery Taskforce. He is a member of the European Childhood Epilepsy Surgery Group U-TASK and of the European Network for Epilepsy Research ENER. He is a member of the Consilium Neurologicum, responsible for the education of neurology residents in the Netherlands. He has received various educational awards and is a well-known speaker at congresses.

Research line

His research focuses on intractable focal epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. His team explored the clinical use of new advanced neuroimaging methods, clinical decision-making in focal epilepsy, quality-of-life and coping issues in intractable epilepsy, and new treatments. He is engaged in a national collaboration which led to the develop a device to detect seizures during the night (Nightwatch). Recent research focuses on networks in the intracranial EEG measured on the cortex. Together with the department of Applied Mathematics of Twente University, he is engaged in developing a neural mass computer model that can represent the epileptic cortex of individual patients. For a demonstration tool, look at .

Using epileptic network knowledge, he has started a clinical trial of closed loop cortical stimulation in patients with intractable epilepsy in the primary sensorimotor cortex. Dr Leijten has over 150 publications in peer-review journals and is the editor of a Dutch textbook on clinical epilepsy. 

Most recent key publications

1: Demuru M, Kalitzin S, Zweiphenning W, Van Blooijs D, Van ’t Klooster M,  Van Eijsden P, Leijten F, Zijlmans M, on behalf of the RESPECT group. The value of intra-operative electrographic biomarkers for tailoring during epilepsy surgery: from  group-level to patient-level analysis. Sci Rep 2020;10:14654.

2: Hebbink J, Huiskamp G, Van Gils SA, Leijten FSS, Meijer HGE. Pathological responses to single pulse electrical stimuli in epilepsy: the role of feedforward inhibition. Eur J Neurosci 2020;51:1122-36.

3: Arends JBAM, Thijs RD, Gutter T, Ungureanu C, Cluitmans P, Van Dijk J, Van Andel J, Tan F, De Weerd A, Vledder B, Hofstra W, Lazeron R,  Van Thiel G, Roes KCB, Leijten F, and the Dutch Tele-Epilepsy Consortium. Multimodal nocturnal seizure detection in a residential care setting: a long-term prospective trial. Neurology 2018;91:e2010-9.

4: Van Blooijs D, Leijten FSS, Van Rijen PC, Meijer HGE, Huiskamp GJM. Evoked directional network characteristics of epileptogenic tissue derived from Single Pulse Electrical Stimulation. Hum Brain Mapp 2018;39:4611-22.

5: Hebbink J, Meijer H, Huiskamp GJ, Van Gils S, Leijten FS. Phenomenological network models: lessons for epilepsy surgery. Epilepsia 2017;58:e147-51.


2020 SKO (Senior Teaching Qualification)

Fellowship and Awards

  • 1: 2020 ZonMW parel for neural mass research

    2: 2012 Editor's Choice of best publication in NeuroImage

    3: 2012 Editor's Choice of best publication in Human Brain Mapping

    4: 2009 SUMMA medical teacher of the year

    5: 2004 VAANdrager national prize for best teacher in Neurology 

Research Output (199)

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Electrocorticographic dissociation of alpha and beta rhythmic activity in the human sensorimotor system

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Increased gamma and decreased fast ripple connections of epileptic tissue:A high-frequency directed network approach

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Memory for novel and familiar environments relies on the hippocampus:A case study on a patient with a right anteromesial temporal lobectomy

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An observation of anatomical clustering in inputs to primary motor cortex in cortico-cortical brain surface evoked potentials

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Diagnostic accuracy of interictal source imaging in presurgical epilepsy evaluation:A systematic review from the E-PILEPSY consortium

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A Comparison of Evoked and Non-evoked Functional Networks

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Multimodal nocturnal seizure detection in a residential care setting:A long-term prospective trial

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Specific EEG markers in POLG1 Alpers’ syndrome

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Multimodal seizure detection:A review

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All Research Output (199)