prof. dr. T. (Tim) Leiner

prof. dr. T. (Tim) Leiner

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prof. dr. T. (Tim) Leiner
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Prof. Tim Leiner is a cardiovascular radiologist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and a Professor of Radiology at Utrecht University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands. He received his M.D. in 2000 from Maastricht University Medical School. In 2002 he obtained his Ph.D. from the same University. Following his Ph.D. he spent 18 months as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Cardiac MR Center at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Harvard Medical School in Boston under Dr. Warren Manning. He then completed his Radiology residency at Maastricht University Medical Center, during which he spent 3 months at the Vascular Imaging Laboratory at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA under Professors Jeffrey H. Maki and Chun Yuan.

His research interests center around the development and implementation of new cardiovascular MR and CT techniques. Dr. Leiner has served as faculty member and member of the organizing committees at the annual meetings of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB), Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR), European Society for Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR), Society for Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT), European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and at annual meetings of the Dutch Radiological Society. He has chaired the Scientific Program Committee of the ESMRMB in 2017. Dr. Leiner has served on the Editorial Boards of European Radiology, the Dutch Medical Journal and the Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (JCMR). He currently is Associate Editor of the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (JMRI) and Radiology – Cardiothoracic. Dr. Leiner has served on the Board of Trustees of the ISMRM from 2006-2009 and the Board of Trustees of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) from 2016-2019. He is the author of over 375 original papers, review articles and book chapters as well as editor of several electronic radiology textbooks. He is the immediate past president of the ISMRM.

Side Activities

Immediate past president of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)

Member The Health Council of the Netherlands, August 2018 - July 2019

Consultant to Bayer Healthcare, 2018 → …

Consultant to Philips Healthcare, 2018 → …

Associate Editor, Radiology Cardiothoracic, 2018 → …

Associate Editor, Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 2016 → …

Deputy Editor, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2006 → …

Editor, Acta Radiologica, 2019 ->………..

Clinical advisor (unpaid), Quantib  


Research Output (317)

Non-invasive Angiographic-based Fractional Flow Reserve:Technical Development, Clinical Implications, and Future Perspectives

Peper Joyce, Bots Michiel L, Leiner Tim, Swaans Martin J Jun 2023, In: Current medical science. 43 , p. 423-433 11 p.

Rationale and design of the iCORONARY trial:improving the cost-effectiveness of coronary artery disease diagnosis

Peper J., Becker L. M., Bruning T. A., Budde R. P.J., van Dockum W. G., Frederix G. W.J., Habets J., Henriques J. P.S., Houthuizen P., Mohamed Hoesein F. A.A., Planken R. N., Voskuil M., Bots M. L., Leiner T., Swaans M. J. 13 Jan 2023, In: Netherlands Heart Journal. 31 , p. 150-156 7 p.

Assessment of aortic and cerebral haemodynamics and vascular brain injury with 3 and 7 T magnetic resonance imaging in patients with aortic coarctation

Meijs Timion A., Van Tuijl Rick J., Van Den Brink Hilde, Weaver Nick A., Siero Jeroen C.W., Van Der Worp H. Bart, Braun Kees P.J., Leiner Tim, De Jong Pim A., Zwanenburg Jaco J.M., Doevendans Pieter A., Voskuil Michiel, Grotenhuis Heynric B. 11 Jan 2023, In: European heart journal open. 3 10 p.

Time interval from primary melanoma to first distant recurrence in relation to patient outcomes in advanced melanoma

van Duin Isabella A.J., Elias Sjoerd G., van den Eertwegh Alfonsus J.M., de Groot Jan Willem B., Blokx Willeke A.M., van Diest Paul J., Leiner Tim, Verhoeff Joost J.C., Verheijden Rik J., van Not Olivier J., Aarts Maureen J.B., van den Berkmortel Franchette W.P.J., Blank Christian U., Haanen John B.A.G., Hospers Geke A.P., Kamphuis Anna M., Piersma Djura, van Rijn Rozemarijn S., van der Veldt Astrid A.M., Vreugdenhil Gerard, Wouters Michel W.J.M., Stevense-den Boer Marion A.M., Boers-Sonderen Marye J., Kapiteijn Ellen, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P.M. 2023, In: International Journal of Cancer. 152 , p. 2493-2502 10 p.

Artificial intelligence in coronary computed tomography angiography:Demands and solutions from a clinical perspective

Baeßler Bettina, Götz Michael, Antoniades Charalambos, Heidenreich Julius F, Leiner Tim, Beer Meinrad 2023, In: Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 10 11 p.

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance-derived left ventricular intraventricular pressure gradients among patients with precapillary pulmonary hypertension

Vos Jacqueline L., Leiner Tim, van Dijk Arie P.J., Pedrizzetti Gianni, Alenezi Fawaz, Rodwell Laura, van der Wegen Constantijn T.P.M., Post Marco C., Driessen Mieke M.P., Nijveldt Robin 19 Dec 2022, In: European heart journal. Cardiovascular Imaging. 24 , p. 78-87 10 p.

Deep learning-based detection of functionally significant stenosis in coronary CT angiography

Hampe Nils, van Velzen Sanne G M, Planken R Nils, Henriques José P S, Collet Carlos, Aben Jean-Paul, Voskuil Michiel, Leiner Tim, Išgum Ivana 15 Nov 2022, In: Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 9

A 72-channel receive array coil allows whole-heart cine MRI in two breath holds

Klarenberg Hugo, Gosselink Mark, Coolen Bram F, Leiner Tim, Nederveen Aart J, Bakermans Adrianus J, Lamb Hildo J, Boekholdt S Matthijs, Froeling Martijn, Strijkers Gustav J 1 Nov 2022, In: European radiology experimental. 6 , p. 1-13

Myocardial Fibrosis at Cardiac MRI Helps Predict Adverse Clinical Outcome in Patients with Mitral Valve Prolapse

Figliozzi Stefano, Georgiopoulos Georgios, Lopes Pedro M, Bauer Klemens B, Moura-Ferreira Sara, Tondi Lara, Mushtaq Saima, Censi Stefano, Pavon Anna Giulia, Bassi Ilaria, Servato Maria Luz, Teske Arco J, Biondi Federico, Filomena Domenico, Pica Silvia, Torlasco Camilla, Muraru Denisa, Monney Pierre, Quattrocchi Giuseppina, Maestrini Viviana, Agati Luciano, Monti Lorenzo, Pedrotti Patrizia, Vandenberk Bert, Squeri Angelo, Lombardi Massimo, Ferreira António M, Schwitter Juerg, Aquaro Giovanni Donato, Chiribiri Amedeo, Rodríguez Palomares José F, Yilmaz Ali, Andreini Daniele, Florian Anca, Leiner Tim, Abecasis João, Badano Luigi Paolo, Bogaert Jan, Masci Pier-Giorgio 13 Sep 2022, In: Radiology. 306 , p. 112-121 10 p.

Imaging to predict checkpoint inhibitor outcomes in cancer. A systematic review

Ter Maat Laurens S, van Duin Isabella A J, Elias Sjoerd G, van Diest Paul J, Pluim Josien P W, Verhoeff Joost J C, de Jong Pim A, Leiner Tim, Veta Mitko, Suijkerbuijk Karijn P M 9 Sep 2022, In: European Journal of Cancer. 175 , p. 60-76 17 p.

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