prof. dr. ir. J. Malda

prof. dr. ir. J. Malda

Full Professor
prof. dr. ir. J. Malda
  • Department of Orthopaedics
  • Department of Orthopaedics



  1. Our research group focuses on biofabrication and biomaterials design, in particular for the regeneration of (osteo) chondral defects. We are developing novel biofabriaction strategies, as well and “bioinks” for 3D printing. These hydrogel-based “inks” are both designed to drive specific differentiation of the embedded and/or endogenous cells, as well as to allow fabrication with high shape fidelity in order to generate constructs that are a blueprint of the real tissue. In addition, we are adopting bioreactor technology to mature the generated tissue constructs. Finally, approaches towards the translation of the constructs in veterinary (equine) and human clinics are pursued, including its use as an in vitro platform for testing. 

    Areas of interest 
    - Joint regeneration 
    - Biofabrication 

    - Biomaterial development

    - Bioreactors

    - Extracellular matrix-derived scaffolds 

    - Nutrient limitation 

Side Activities

International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF), President

International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS), General Board member, Fellow member and Chair of Basic Science Committee

Professor of Biofabrication in Translational Regenerative Medicine (0.3FTE), Department of Equine Sciences, Utrecht University

Former President of the International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF)

Co-chair of the international Conference on Biofabrication 2015

Fellowship and Awards

Anna Prize 2017, Anna Foundation and Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging

Nanonica Prize 2015 for the breakthrough of the year in the field of nanotechnology, Nanonica Europe

ERC Consolidator Grant ERC-2014-CoG_647426

NWO Veni FellowshipPrinten van levend kraakbeen 

Research Output (199)

3D-Printed Regenerative Magnesium Phosphate Implant Ensures Stability and Restoration of Hip Dysplasia

Golafshan Nasim, Willemsen Koen, Kadumudi Firoz Babu, Vorndran Elke, Dolatshahi-Pirouz Alireza, Weinans Harrie, van der Wal Bart C.H., Malda Jos, Castilho Miguel 3 nov 2021, In: Advanced Healthcare Materials. 10

The Importance of Interfaces in Multi-Material Biofabricated Tissue Structures

Viola Martina, Piluso Susanna, Groll Jürgen, Vermonden Tina, Malda Jos, Castilho Miguel 3 nov 2021, In: Advanced Healthcare Materials. 10 , p. 1-19

Potential of Melt Electrowritten Scaffolds Seeded with Meniscus Cells and Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Korpershoek Jasmijn V, Ruijter Mylène de, Terhaard Bastiaan F, Hagmeijer Michella H, Saris Daniël B F, Castilho Miguel, Malda Jos, Vonk Lucienne A 18 okt 2021, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 22 , p. 1-16

Topographic features of nano-pores within the osteochondral interface and their effects on transport properties –a 3D imaging and modeling study

Pouran Behdad, Raoof Amir, de Winter D. A.Matthijs, Arbabi Vahid, Bleys Ronald L.A.W., Beekman Frederik J., Zadpoor Amir A., Malda Jos, Weinans Harrie 23 jun 2021, In: Journal of Biomechanics. 123 8 p.

Dual-contrast computed tomography enables detection of equine posttraumatic osteoarthritis in vitro

Saukko Annina E A, Sarin Jaakko K, Nykänen Olli, Nissi Mikko J, Te Moller Nikae C R, Weinans Harrie, Mancini Irina A D, Visser Jetze, Brommer Harold, van Weeren P Réné, Malda Jos, Grinstaff Mark W, Töyräs Juha 12 mei 2021, In: Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

Hydrogel-Based Bioinks for Cell Electrowriting of Well-Organized Living Structures with Micrometer-Scale Resolution

Castilho Miguel, Levato Riccardo, Bernal Paulina Nunez, de Ruijter Mylène, Sheng Christina Y, van Duijn Joost, Piluso Susanna, Ito Keita, Malda Jos 8 feb 2021, In: Biomacromolecules. 22 , p. 855-866 12 p.

Topographic Guidance in Melt-Electrowritten Tubular Scaffolds Enhances Engineered Kidney Tubule Performance

van Genderen Anne Metje, Jansen Katja, Kristen Marleen, van Duijn Joost, Li Yang, Schuurmans Carl C L, Malda Jos, Vermonden Tina, Jansen Jitske, Masereeuw Rosalinde, Castilho Miguel 18 jan 2021, In: Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology. 8 14 p.

Biofabrication of a shape-stable auricular structure for the reconstruction of ear deformities

Otto I. A., Capendale P. E., Garcia J. P., de Ruijter M., van Doremalen R. F.M., Castilho M., Lawson T., Grinstaff M. W., Breugem C. C., Kon M., Levato R., Malda J. jan 2021, In: Materials Today Bio. 9 , p. 1-11

A Highly Ordered, Nanostructured Fluorinated CaP-Coated Melt Electrowritten Scaffold for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration

Daghrery Arwa, Ferreira Jessica A., de Souza Araújo Isaac J., Clarkson Brian H., Eckert George J., Bhaduri Sarit B., Malda Jos, Bottino Marco C. 2021, In: Advanced Healthcare Materials. 10 , p. e2101152

Anisotropic hygro-expansion in hydrogel fibers owing to uniting 3D electrowriting and supramolecular polymer assembly

Wu Dan Jing, Vonk Niels H., Lamers Brigitte A.G., Castilho Miguel, Malda Jos, Hoefnagels Johan P.M., Dankers Patricia Y.W. 5 dec 2020, In: European polymer journal. 141

All research output

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