prof. dr. L. (Linde) Meyaard

Full Professor

  • Laboratory for Translational Immunology (LTI)

prof. dr. L. (Linde) Meyaard


Linde Meyaard obtained her PhD in 1995 (cum laude) at Sanquin in Amsterdam studying mechanism of immune dysfunction in HIV infection. In 1996 she entered the immune inhibitory receptor field as a post-doc at DNAX Research Institute in California. She identified a novel inhibitory immune receptor, LAIR-1, and continued her work on this receptor in as a fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) in the UMC Utrecht.
Since 2000 she leads her own research group embedded in the Laboratory of Translational Immunology, supported by multiple grants such as the NWO Vidi and Vici. Meyaard was the first to identify collagens and collagen-like proteins as the natural ligands for LAIR-1.

She extended her research towards other inhibitory receptors and discovered SIRL-1 as a novel receptor able to regulate the function of neutrophils and monocytes.
Currently, Meyaard focuses on studying the control of immune-mediated collateral tissue damage through inhibitory receptors in human disease. She formes a translational research team with clinician Professor Louis Bont, studying regulation of neutrophilic airway inflammation and the potential to therapeutically exploit inhibitory receptors. The growing global interest in targeting inhibitory receptors therapeutically opens up possibilities for clinical application of her work.



Side Activities

  • Visiting Scientist, Yale Medical School, Dept Immunobiology Aug 201631 Jul 2017

    Secretary general of the Dutch Society of Immunology

    Member of review panel NWO/ALW Open Program

    Associate Editor Frontiers in Molecular Innate Immunity

    Review Editor Frontiers in NK Cell Biology

    Member of the ZonMW TOP program review committee

    Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Arthritis Foundation

Fellowship and Awards

  • 1999-2001      Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW)

    2001                NWO Vidi

    2002                NWO Aspasia

    2014                NWO Vici

Research Output (101)

Long-term expanding human airway organoids for disease modeling

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LAIR-1 limits neutrophil extracellular trap formation in viral bronchiolitis

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Differential Signalling and Kinetics of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Release Revealed by Quantitative Live Imaging

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Leukocyte-Associated Immunoglobulin-like Receptor-1 is regulated in human myocardial infarction but its absence does not affect infarct size in mice

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Mice lacking the inhibitory collagen receptor LAIR-1 exhibit a mild thrombocytosis and hyperactive platelets

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