C.P. (Christian) Mol MSc

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C.P. (Christian) Mol MSc



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Christian studied Software engineering at the HBO in Eindhoven where he got his BSc degree. After that he left for Utrecht to study Applied Computing Science at Utrecht University focusing on computational intelligence. After graduating he worked for almost 3 years at Utrecht University as scientific programmer in a project on social robotics. The project ran in the Intelligent Systems group and had a strong relation with agent technology. He is currently working as scientific programmer in the Computer-Aided Diagnosis group, working on imageXplorer, which is developed by this group.

Side Activities

  • Sinds 2014 zijn er neveninkomsten vanuit VQuest volgens de uitvindersregeling (besluit RvB 18 jan 2011).

Research Output (18)

Volumetric image interpretation in radiology:scroll behavior and cognitive processes

Den Boer Larissa, van der Schaaf Marieke F., Vincken Koen L., Mol Chris P., Stuijfzand Bobby G., van der Gijp Anouk okt 2018, In: Advances in Health Sciences Education. 23 , p. 783-802 20 p.

Determinants of Difficulty and Discriminating Power of Image-based Test Items in Postgraduate Radiological Examinations

Rutgers Dirk R., van Raamt Fleur, van der Gijp Anouk, Mol Christian, ten Cate Olle mei 2018, In: Academic Radiology. 25 , p. 665-672 8 p.

Identifying error types in visual diagnostic skill assessment

Ravesloot Cécile J, van der Gijp Anouk, van der Schaaf Marieke F, Huige Josephine C B M, Ten Cate Olle, Vincken Koen L, Mol Christian P, van Schaik Jan P J 27 jun 2017, In: Diagnosis (Berlin, Germany). 4 , p. 93-99 7 p.

Increasing Authenticity of Simulation-Based Assessment in Diagnostic Radiology

van der Gijp Anouk, Ravesloot Cécile J, Tipker Corinne A, de Crom Kim, Rutgers DR, van der Schaaf Marieke F, van der Schaaf Irene C, Mol Christian P, Vincken Koen L, Ten Cate Olle Th J, Maas Mario, van Schaik Jan P J 1 jan 2017, In: Simulation in Healthcare. 12 , p. 377-384 8 p.

Identifying error types in radiological image interpretation of learners

Ravesloot C., van der Gijp A., van der Schaaf Marieke, Huige J.C.B.M., ten Cate O., Vincken K.L., Mol C.P., van Schaik J.P.J. 3 jun 2015,

Evaluation of automatic neonatal brain segmentation algorithms:The NeoBrainS12 challenge

Isgum I, Benders Manon J N L, Avants Brian, Cardoso M. Jorge, Counsell Serena J., Gomez Elda Fischi, Gui Laura, Huppi Petra S., Kersbergen Karina J., Makropoulos Antonios, Melbourne Andrew, Moeskops Pim, Mol Christian P., Kuklisova-Murgasova Maria, Rueckert Daniel, Schnabel Julia A., Srhoj-Egekher Vedran, Wu Jue, Wang Siying, de Vries Linda S., Viergever Max A. 1 feb 2015, In: Medical Image Analysis. 20 , p. 135-151 17 p.

Osteoporosis markers on low-dose lung cancer screening chest computed tomography scans predict all-cause mortality

Buckens C F, van der Graaf Y, Verkooijen H M, Mali W P, Isgum I, Mol C P, Verhaar H J, Vliegenthart R, Oudkerk M, van Aalst C M, de Koning H.J., de Jong P. A. jan 2015, In: European Radiology. 25 , p. 132-139 8 p.

Volumetric CT-images improve testing of radiological image interpretation skills

Ravesloot C.J., van der Schaaf Marieke F, van Schaik JPJ, ten Cate Olle Th J, van der Gijp Anouk, Mol Christian P, Vincken Koen L 2015, In: European Journal of Radiology. 84 , p. 856-861 6 p.

Support for external validity of radiological anatomy tests using volumetric images

Ravesloot Cecile J., van der Gijp Anouk, van der Schaaf Marieke F, Huige Josephine C B M, Vincken Koen L, Mol Christian P, Bleys Ronald L A W, ten Cate Olle T, van Schaik JPJ 2015, In: Academic Radiology. 22 , p. 640-645 6 p.

Practical implementation of innovative image testing

Tipker-Vos Corinne, de Crom Kim, van der Gijp Anouk, Ravesloot Cécile, van der Schaaf M., Mol Christian, Maas Mario, van Schaik Jan, Vincken Koen 1 jan 2014, 4 p.

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