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dr. E.M. (Evelyn) Monninkhof Assistant Professor

  • Department of Epidemiology
  • Julius Center Research Program Cancer

E.M. Monninkhof


Research Programs


Evelyn Monninkhof studied Biomedical Health Sciences at the Catholic University Nijmegen. In 1998, she obtained her Master’s degree in Epidemiology. In 1999, she started a PhD project at Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede and the Department of Epidemiology at the University Medical Center Nijmegen. In February 2004, she completed her thesis on ‘Medical and behavioural interventions in COPD: the COPE study’. Since October 2003, she is working at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary care as a postdoc researcher in the field of cancer epidemiology, obesity and physical activity. Furthermore, she is a teacher in Epidemiology & Evidence Based Medicine and methodological consultant for the department of Radiotherapy.

Interests and Focus

Main research interest of Evelyn Monninkhof is directed towards physical activity, obesity and (breast) cancer risk. She has been coordinating/ involved in several randomised controlled trials studying the effect of exercise on breast cancer risk or outcome after breast cancer diagnosis:

  • The SHAPE-1 study examined the effects of a 1-year exercise programme on endogenous hormone levels (associated with breast cancer among 189 sedentary postmenopausal women.
  • The SHAPE-2 study examined the effect of weight loss mainly driven by exercise compared to equivalent weight loss due to a calorie restricted diet only on sex hormone levels. In addition, the role of total body fat and intra-abdominal fat was explored.
  • The UMBRELLA- Fit trial: a trial investigating the effects of physical activity in breast cancer patients applying a new study design (the cmRCT design)
  • The PAM (Physical Activity & Exercise) study. This study investigates the effects of exercise on cognitive function in breast cancer patients with complaints in this area after chemotherapy treatment.

Besides above mentioned trials, Evelyn is also involved in the DENSE trial: a very large trial studying the cost-effectiveness of biennial screening with MRI + mammography compared to mammography alone in women aged 50-75 years with extremely dense breasts. At the radiotherapy department, she is involved in the FLAME trial. This trial invetsigates standard fractionated external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) with and without an additional integrated boost to the macroscopically visible tumour in patients with localized prostate cancer on disease-free survival and side effects.

Side Activities

  • -         Member (methodologist) of the Medical Ethical Committee of the UMC Utrecht

    -         Member of the tracer pool of the UMC Utrecht

    -         Consultant at the Julius Support office

Fellowship and Awards

  • None

Research Output (77)

Physical activity and risks of breast and colorectal cancer:a Mendelian randomisation analysis

Papadimitriou Nikos et al. 30 jan 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11 10 p.

Lifestyle factors and risk of multimorbidity of cancer and cardiometabolic diseases:a multinational cohort study

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Breast Cancer Survivors' Experiences With an Activity Tracker Integrated Into a Supervised Exercise Program:Qualitative Study

Wu Hoi San, Gal Roxanne, van Sleeuwen Niek C, Brombacher Aarnout C, IJsselsteijn Wijnand A, May Anne M, Monninkhof Evelyn M 21 feb 2019, In: JMIR mHealth and uHealth. 7

Effect of diet with or without exercise on abdominal fat in postmenopausal women - a randomised trial

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The Effect of Physical Activity Interventions Comprising Wearables and Smartphone Applications on Physical Activity:a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Gal Roxanne, May Anne M, van Overmeeren Elon J, Simons Monique, Monninkhof Evelyn M 3 sep 2018, In: Sports medicine - open. 4 15 p.

Effectiveness and toxicity of conventional radiotherapy treatment for painful spinal metastases:a detailed course of side effects after opposing fields versus a single posterior field technique

Westhoff Paulien G, de Graeff Alexander, Monninkhof Evelyn M, de Pree Ilse, van Vulpen Marco, Leer Jan Willem H, Marijnen Corrie A M, van der Linden Yvette M, mrt 2018, In: Journal of radiation oncology. 7 , p. 17-26 10 p.

Reasons for (non)participation in supplemental population-based MRI breast screening for women with extremely dense breasts

de Lange S. V., Bakker M. F., Monninkhof E. M., Peeters P. H.M., de Koekkoek-Doll P. K., Mann R. M., Rutten M. J.C.M., Bisschops R. H.C., Veltman J., Duvivier K. M., Lobbes M. B.I., de Koning H. J., Karssemeijer N., Pijnappel R. M., Veldhuis W. B., van Gils C. H. 1 jan 2018, In: Clinical Radiology. 73 , p. 759.e1-759.e9

Long-term health-related quality of life after pancreatic resection for malignancy in patients with and without severe postoperative complications

Heerkens Hanne D, van Berkel Lisanne, Tseng Dorine S J, Monninkhof Evelyn M, van Santvoort Hjalmar C, Hagendoorn Jeroen, Borel Rinkes Inne H M, Lips Irene M, Intven Martijn, Molenaar I Quintus 2018, In: HPB. 20 , p. 188-195 8 p.

Screening for psychological distress before radiotherapy for painful bone metastases may be useful to identify patients with high levels of distress

Westhoff Paulien G., de Graeff Alexander, Monninkhof Evelyn M., Berveling Maaike J., van Vulpen Marco, Leer Jan Willem H, Marijnen Corrie A M, Reyners Anna K.L., Van Der Linden Yvette M. dec 2017, In: Acta Oncologica. 56 , p. 1720-1727

Self-management interventions including action plans for exacerbations versus usual care in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Lenferink Anke, Brusse-Keizer Marjolein, van der Valk Paul D.L.P.M., Frith Peter A., Zwerink Marlies, Monninkhof Evelyn M., van der Palen Job, Effing-Tijdhof Tanja W 4 aug 2017, In: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews . 2017

All Research Output (77)
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