K.A. (Katrin) Münzebrock MSc

K.A. (Katrin) Münzebrock MSc

PHD Candidate - OIO
K.A. (Katrin) Münzebrock MSc



Katrin Agnes Münzebrock was born in Germany. In 2018, she finished her Bachelor’s in Molecular Medicine at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen and then started a master’s program in Molecular Medicine at the same university.  In 2019, Katrin moved to Stockholm for a 6-month research scholarship at Karolinska Institutet where she worked on the regeneration capacity of intestinal organoids. Back in Erlangen, Katrin studied the 3D-printability of collagen-based bioink for cardiac tissue engineering as part of her master thesis.

Since January 2021 Katrin is a PhD Candidate at UMC Utrecht. She works at the Department of Orthopedics under the supervision of dr. Laura Creemers and is part of the EU funded research consortium CARTHAGO. Katrin is working on the development and testing of drug delivery systems as therapeutic strategies for osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain and the delivery of chondrogenic and anti-inflammatory nucleic acids in in-vitro and ex-vivo culture systems. Additionally, she will study the effects of the different nucleic acid/nanoparticle combinations developed in the consortium.

When Katrin is not busy in the lab she loves to sing, play soccer, and enjoys other sporty activities like swimming, cycling, or hiking. No matter the weather, Katrin likes camping and being outdoors.

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