prof. dr. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis

prof. dr. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis

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prof. dr. E.E.S. Nieuwenhuis
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Edward Nieuwenhuis, pediatrician, obtained a PhD in mucosal immunology (Prof. Blumberg, Harvard University and Prof. Heijnen, Utrecht University). He became a paediatric gastroenterologist, focusing     on the innate immunesystem in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. His work includes the development of a enterocolitis model in Zebrafish. His current research focuses on IBD, somatic stemcells, epithelial biology and genetics.

In 2009, Edward Nieuwenhuis was appointed as Chairman of the Paediatrics Division of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht , The Netherlands. In 2010, he was also appointed as Chairman of the    leading program (speerpunt) Child Health of  the University Medical Center Utrecht.

During this period, the Hospital has established strong alliances with medical centers and research institutes in the Netherlands (e.g. Maxima, national center for pediatric oncology, Hubrecht institute for developmental biology & stem cell research) and abroad (e.g. Boston Children’s, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Medellin).

His goal is to build an integrated academic Children’s Hospital which provides health care, medical training and science of excellent standards.

Side Activities

List extracurricular scientific activities (editorial boards, committees, juries, memberships, conferences, etc.)

2016- Member Advocacy committee on Child Health, Dutch Society of Pediatrics

2016- Member Advisory Board of the Utrecht University Hospital, Chairing Patient management

2016- Head collaboration program Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and Hospital Pablo Tobón

Uribe, Medellin, Colombia

2016-2018 Member of the Board of Supervision Youth Protection Brabant, The Netherlands

2015- Staff scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

2011-2015 Medical Advisor Health Council of the Netherlands (RGO)

2019- Training and accreditation in family constellations (Phoenix training programs, the Netherlands)

2010-juli 2015 Chairman and founder leading program ‘Child Health’, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/UMC,



1992-1993 Student member faculty board, Medical School, University of Amsterdam

1992-1993 Electoral Committee for Associate professors, Medical School, University of Amsterdam

1997-1998 Reorganizational Committee, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Utrecht

2003 Internal member of the site visit committee for the application for renewal of the Post

Graduate School of Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

2003 Chair CD1-NKT session 12th International Congress of Mucosal Immunology, Boston, USA

2004-2009 Research Committee Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam

2005-2009 Working Group Pediatric Allergic Diseases

2006-2009 Chairman Committee on Clinical Nutrition Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital

2006-2009 Consultant for the International Immunity Advisory Board of Royal Numico

2006-2009 Member Steering Committee for the Masters of Science program ‘Infection and Immunity’,

Erasmus University, Rotterdam

2007-2011 Scientific Advisor Committee for primary child care in the Netherlands

2008-2009 Board member, MRACE, Erasmus University advisory committee

2008-2014 Founder, CEO & CSO LipImmune

2010- Member of the Board, Wilhelmina Research Fund, Utrecht

2009 Member of the Local Board, Ronald McDonald House, Utrecht

2010-2015 Scientific Advisor Nutricia

2010-2015 Scientific Advisor Friso

2011-2013 Scientific Advisor International Congress of Mucosal Immunology, Paris, France

2011-2015 Medical Advisor Health Council of the Netherlands (RGO)

2011-2015 Editor-in-Chief Pediatric Journal ‘Kinderarts & Wetenschap’ (Pediatrician & Science)

2011- Chief Editor ‘Leerboek Kindergeneeskunde’ (Pediatrics, Dutch manual)

2021- Steering Committee AWOZ (Academische Werkplaats Ouderenzorg Zeeland)


Research Output (151)

The Effect of Genetic HLA Matching on Liver Transplantation Outcome:A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Kok Gautam, Ilcken Eveline F, Houwen Roderick H J, Lindemans Caroline A, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Spierings Eric, Fuchs Sabine A Sep 2023, In: Annals of surgery open : perspectives of surgical history, education, and clinical approaches. 4 , p. 1-7

Prognostic factors for multi-organ dysfunction in pediatric oncology patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit

Soeteman Marijn, Fiocco Marta F, Nijman Joppe, Bollen Casper W, Marcelis Maartje M, Kilsdonk Ellen, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Kappen Teus H, Tissing Wim J E, Wösten-van Asperen Roelie M 12 Jul 2023, In: Frontiers in oncology. 13 12 p.

Chemotherapy-induced intestinal injury promotes Galectin-9-driven modulation of T cell function

Jansen Suze A, Cutilli Alessandro, de Koning Coco, van Hoesel Marliek, Sierra Leire Saiz, Nierkens Stefan, Mokry Michal, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Hanash Alan M, Mocholi Enric, Coffer Paul J, Lindemans Caroline A 30 Apr 2023,

Bi-allelic variants in NAE1 cause intellectual disability, ischiopubic hypoplasia, stress-mediated lymphopenia and neurodegeneration

Muffels Irena J.J., Schene Imre F., Rehmann Holger, Massink Maarten P.G., van der Wal Maria M., Bauder Corinna, Labeur Martha, Armando Natalia G., Lequin Maarten H., Houben Michiel L., Giltay Jaques C., Haitjema Saskia, Huisman Albert, Vansenne Fleur, Bluvstein Judith, Pappas John, Shailee Lala V., Zarate Yuri A., Mokry Michal, van Haaften Gijs W., Nieuwenhuis Edward E.S., Refojo Damian, van Wijk Femke, Fuchs Sabine A., van Hasselt Peter M. 5 Jan 2023, In: American Journal of Human Genetics. 110 , p. 146-160 15 p.

Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial with pyridostigmine in spinal muscular atrophy types 2-4

Stam Marloes, Wijngaarde Camiel A., Bartels Bart, Asselman Fay Lynn, Otto Louise A.M., Habets Laura E., Van Eijk Ruben P.A., Middelkoop Bas M., Goedee H. Stephan, De Groot Janke F., Roes Kit C.B., Schoenmakers Marja A.G.C., Nieuwenhuis Edward E.S., Cuppen Inge, Van Den Berg Leonard H., Wadman Renske I., Van Der Pol W. Ludo 2023, In: Brain communications. 5 11 p.

Transfusion burden in early childhood plays an important role in iron overload in Diamond-Blackfan anaemia

de Wilde Jonathan R A, van Dooijeweert Birgit, van Vuren Annelies J, Huisman Elise J, Smiers Frans J, van der Veer Arian, van Wijk Richard, van Solinge Wouter W, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, van Beers Eduard J, Bartels Marije Nov 2022, In: EJHaem. 3 , p. 1300-1304 5 p.

A comprehensive transcriptomic comparison of hepatocyte model systems improves selection of models for experimental use

Ardisasmita Arif Ibrahim, Schene Imre F, Joore Indi P, Kok Gautam, Hendriks Delilah, Artegiani Benedetta, Mokry Michal, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Fuchs Sabine A 14 Oct 2022, In: Communications biology. 5

Assessment of human leukocyte antigen matching algorithm PIRCHE-II on liver transplantation outcomes

Kok Gautam, Verstegen Monique Ma, Houwen Roderick Hj, Nieuwenhuis Edward Es, Metselaar Herold J, Polak Wojciech G, van der Laan Luc Jw, Spierings Eric, den Hoed Caroline M, Fuchs Sabine A 25 Apr 2022, In: Liver Transplantation. 28 , p. 1356-1366 11 p.

Challenges and opportunities targeting mechanisms of epithelial injury and recovery in acute intestinal graft-versus-host disease

Jansen Suze A, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, Hanash Alan M, Lindemans Caroline A Apr 2022, In: Mucosal immunology. 15 , p. 605-619 15 p.

Mutation-specific reporter for optimization and enrichment of prime editing

Schene I F, Joore I P, Baijens J H L, Stevelink R, Kok G, Shehata S, Ilcken E F, Nieuwenhuis E E S, Bolhuis D P, van Rees R C M, Spelier S A, van der Doef H P J, Beekman J M, Houwen R H J, Nieuwenhuis E E S, Fuchs S A 1 Mar 2022, In: Nature Communications. 13

All research output

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