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dr. M. (Monique) Nijhuis Associate Professor

  • Department of Medical Microbiology

M. Nijhuis


Research Programs


Monique Nijhuis studied Molecular Biology and obtained her PhD in 1999 at the University of Utrecht on the investigation of the impact of antiretroviral therapy on HIV fitness. Following postdoctoral research training in respiratory viruses she initiated her own research line and became an associate Professor of Virology at the University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherlands. She is heading the Translational Virology group which performs research at the interface between fundamental and clinical virology. Her research is centered on (I) Viral entry, transmission and pathogenesis (II) Mechanisms of antiviral resistance and viral evolution and (III) Viral-reservoirs and eradication. Monique Nijhuis was granted by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) with the VIDI and ASPASIA award. She is a member of the IAS HIV Cure International Scientific Working Group and the scientific advisory board of the Dutch Aidsfonds and associate editor of Retrovirology. She has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has guided technicians, PhD student, and Postdoctoral Fellows. 

She is teaching Virology in the Bachelor Biomedical Sciences and several Master and PhD programs. She has mentored numerous Bachelor and Graduate students. She is heading the Biological Safety Committee supervising several Biosafety Level III laboratories.

Research Output (73)

A trip down memory lane with Retrovirology

Benkirane Monsef, Berkhout Ben, Borrow Persephone, Fassati Ariberto, Fujii Masahiro, Garcia-Martinez J Victor, Margolis D, Nijhuis Monique, Parent Leslie, Strebel Klaus, Venter François, Kirchhoff Frank, Lever Andrew, Ross Susan, Mak Johnson 21 aug 2019, In: Retrovirology. 16 , p. 22 3 p.

HIV-1 remission following CCR5Δ32/Δ32 haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation

Gupta Ravindra K., Abdul-Jawad Sultan, McCoy Laura E., Mok Hoi Ping, Peppa Dimitra, Salgado Maria, Martinez-Picado Javier, Nijhuis Monique, Wensing Annemarie M.J., Lee Helen, Grant Paul, Nastouli Eleni, Lambert Jonathan, Pace Matthew, Salasc Fanny, Monit Christopher, Innes Andrew J., Muir Luke, Waters Laura, Frater John, Lever Andrew M.L., Edwards Simon G., Gabriel Ian H., Olavarria Eduardo 11 apr 2019, In: Nature. 568 , p. 244-248 5 p.

Rapid Rebound of a Preexisting CXCR4-tropic Human Immunodeficiency Virus Variant After Allogeneic Transplantation With CCR5 Δ32 Homozygous Stem Cells

Verheyen Jens, Thielen Alexander, Lübke Nadine, Dirks Miriam, Widera Marek, Dittmer Ulf, Kordelas Lambros, Däumer Martin, De Jong Dorien C.M., Wensing Annemarie M.J., Kaiser Rolf, Nijhuis Monique, Esser Stefan 15 feb 2019, In: Clinical Infectious Diseases. 68 , p. 684-687 4 p.

CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing of Herpesviruses Limits Productive and Latent Infections

van Diemen Ferdy R., Kruse Elisabeth M., Hooykaas Marjolein J G, Bruggeling Carlijn E., Schürch Anita C., van Ham Petra M., Imhof Saskia M., Nijhuis Monique, Wiertz Emmanuel J H J, Lebbink Robert Jan 1 jun 2016, In: PLoS Pathogens. 12

The presence of protective cytotoxic T lymphocytes does not correlate with shorter lifespans of productively infected cells in HIV-1 infection

Spits Hilde B, Mudrikova Tania, Schellens Ingrid M M, Wensing Annemarie M J, Prins Jan M, Feuth Thijs, Spierings Erik, Nijhuis Monique, van Baarle Debbie, Borghans José A M 2 jan 2016, In: AIDS. 30 , p. 9-17 9 p.

Short Communication: In Vitro Accumulation of Drug Resistance Mutations in Chimeric Infectious Clones Containing Subtype B or C Reverse Transcriptase and Selected with Tenofovir or Didanosine

Cunha R.D., Abreu C.M., Sousa A.K., Mabombo V.C., Nijhuis M, de Jong T.M.C., Tanuri A. aug 2015, In: AIDS Research and Treatment. 31 , p. 851-858

Robust regression methods for real-time polymerase chain reaction

Trypsteen Wim, De Neve Jan, Bosman Kobus, Nijhuis Monique, Thas Olivier, Vandekerckhove Linos, De Spiegelaere Ward 1 jul 2015, In: Analytical Biochemistry. 480 , p. 34-36 3 p.

Near Full-Length Characterization and Population Dynamics of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I Circulating Recombinant Form 42 (CRF42_BF) in Luxembourg

Struck Daniel, Roman Francois, De Landtsheer Sebastien, Servais Jean-Yves, Lambert Christine, Masquelier Cecile, Venard Veronique, Ruelle Jean, Nijhuis Monique, Schmit Jean-Claude, Seguin-Devaux Carole 1 mei 2015, In: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 31 , p. 554-558 5 p.

De strijd tegen griep: nieuwe ontwikkelingen in preventie en behandeling

Van Elden Leontine J R, Nijhuis M 2015, In: Analyse.

Use of dolutegravir in two INI-experienced patients with multiclass resistance resulted in excellent virological and immunological responses

Hofstra L., Nijhuis M.J.G., Mudrikova T., Fun A., Schipper P., Schneider M.M.E., Wensing A.M.J. 2014, In: Journal of the International AIDS Society [E]. 17 , p. 19755 1 p.

All Research Output (73)
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