dr. M. (Monique) Nijhuis

Associate Professor

  • Department of Medical Microbiology

Research Output (113)

HIV protease inhibitor resistance

Wensing Annemarie M.J., Fun Axel, Nijhuis Monique 1 jan 2017, p. 567-602 36 p.

High rates of transmission of drug-resistant HIV in Aruba resulting in reduced susceptibility to the WHO recommended first-line regimen in nearly half of newly diagnosed HIV-infected patients

Hofstra L. Marije, Rivas Elena Sánchez, Nijhuis Monique, Bank Leonie E.A., Wilkinson Eduan, Kelly Karina, Mudrikova Tania, Schuurman Rob, De Oliveira Tulio, De Kort Jaclyn, Wensing Annemarie M.J. 2017, In: Clinical Infectious Diseases. 64 , p. 1092-1097 6 p.

CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing of Herpesviruses Limits Productive and Latent Infections

van Diemen Ferdy R., Kruse Elisabeth M., Hooykaas Marjolein J G, Bruggeling Carlijn E., Schürch Anita C., van Ham Petra M., Imhof Saskia M., Nijhuis Monique, Wiertz Emmanuel J H J, Lebbink Robert Jan 1 jun 2016, In: PLoS Pathogens. 12

The presence of protective cytotoxic T lymphocytes does not correlate with shorter lifespans of productively infected cells in HIV-1 infection

Spits Hilde B, Mudrikova Tania, Schellens Ingrid M M, Wensing Annemarie M J, Prins Jan M, Feuth Thijs, Spierings Erik, Nijhuis Monique, van Baarle Debbie, Borghans José A M 2 jan 2016, In: AIDS. 30 , p. 9-17 9 p.

Clinical outcome of maraviroc-containing therapy in heavily pre-treated HIV-1-infected patients

Van Lelyveld S. F L, Symons J., Van Ham P., Connell B. J., Nijhuis M., Wensing A. M J, Hoepelman A. I M 1 jan 2016, In: International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. 47 , p. 84-90 7 p.

Comparison of digital PCR platforms and semi-nested qPCR as a tool to determine the size of the HIV reservoir

Bosman K. J., Nijhuis M., van Ham P. M., Wensing A. M. J., Vervisch K., Vandekerckhove L., De Spiegelaere W. 9 sep 2015, In: Scientific Reports. 5 9 p.

Short Communication: In Vitro Accumulation of Drug Resistance Mutations in Chimeric Infectious Clones Containing Subtype B or C Reverse Transcriptase and Selected with Tenofovir or Didanosine

Cunha R.D., Abreu C.M., Sousa A.K., Mabombo V.C., Nijhuis M, de Jong T.M.C., Tanuri A. aug 2015, In: AIDS Research and Treatment. 31 , p. 851-858

Maraviroc intensification of cART in patients with suboptimal immunological recovery:A 48-week, placebo-controlled randomized trial

van Lelyveld Steven F. L. , Drylewicz Julia, Krikke Maaike, Veel Ellen M., Otto Sigrid A., Richter Clemens, Soetekouw Robin, Prins Jan M., Brinkman Kees, Mulder Jan Willem, Kroon Frank, Middel Ananja, Symons Jori, Wensing Annemarie M J, Nijhuis Monique, Borghans José A M, Tesselaar Kiki, Hoepelman Andy I M 24 jul 2015, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 10

Robust regression methods for real-time polymerase chain reaction

Trypsteen Wim, De Neve Jan, Bosman Kobus, Nijhuis Monique, Thas Olivier, Vandekerckhove Linos, De Spiegelaere Ward 1 jul 2015, In: Analytical Biochemistry. 480 , p. 34-36 3 p.

Near Full-Length Characterization and Population Dynamics of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I Circulating Recombinant Form 42 (CRF42_BF) in Luxembourg

Struck Daniel, Roman Francois, De Landtsheer Sebastien, Servais Jean-Yves, Lambert Christine, Masquelier Cecile, Venard Veronique, Ruelle Jean, Nijhuis Monique, Schmit Jean-Claude, Seguin-Devaux Carole 1 mei 2015, In: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. 31 , p. 554-558 5 p.