dr. M. (Monique) Nijhuis

dr. M. (Monique) Nijhuis

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Research Output (117)

Residual Viremia Is Preceding Viral Blips and Persistent Low-Level Viremia in Treated HIV-1 Patients

Hofstra L., Mudrikova T., Stam A.J., Otto S.A., Tesselaar K., Nijhuis M.J.G., Wensing A.M.J. 2014, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 9 , p. e110749 1 p.

Use of dolutegravir in two INI-experienced patients with multiclass resistance resulted in excellent virological and immunological responses

Hofstra L., Nijhuis M.J.G., Mudrikova T., Fun A., Schipper P., Schneider M.M.E., Wensing A.M.J. 2014, In: Journal of the International AIDS Society [E]. 17 , p. 19755 1 p.

Persistence of frequently transmitted drug-resistant HIV-1 variants can be explained by high viral replication capacity

Pingen M., Wensing A.M.J., Fransen K., de Bel A., de Jong T.M.C., Hoepelman A.I.M., Magiorkinis E., Paraskevis D., Lunar M.M., Poljak M., Nijhuis M.J.G., Boucher C.A.B. 2014, In: Retrovirology. 11

Maraviroc treatment in non-R5-HIV-1-infected patients results in the selection of extreme CXCR4-using variants with limited effect on the total viral setpoint

McGovern R.A., Symons J., Poon A.F., Harrigan P.R., van Lelyveld S.F.L., Hoepelman A.I.M., van Ham P.M., Dong W., Wensing A.M.J., Nijhuis M.J.G. 2013, In: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 68 , p. 2007-2014 8 p.

Differential genotypic evolution of HIV-1 quasispecies in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma: a systematic review

Stam A.J., Nijhuis M., van den Bergh W.M., Wensing A.M.J. 2013, In: AIDS reviews. 15 , p. 152-161 10 p.

Evolution and viral characteristics of a long-term circulating resistant HIV-1 strain in a cluster of treatment-naive patients

Hofstra L., Nijhuis M.J.G., Pingen M., Mudrikova T., Riezenbos-Brilman A., Simoons-smit A.M., van Ham P.M., Bierman W.F.W, Wensing A.M.J. 2013, In: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 68 , p. 1246-1250 5 p.

Clinical use of HIV integrase inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Messiaen P., Wensing A.M.J., Fun A., Nijhuis M.J.G., Brusselaers N., Vandekerckhove L. 2013, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 8 , p. e52562 1 p.

Formation of a quaternary complex of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with a nucleotide-competing inhibitor and its ATP enhancer

Ehteshami M., Nijhuis M.J.G., Bernatchez J.A., Ablenas C.J., McCormick S., de Jong D., Jochmans D., Gotte M. 2013, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry. 288 , p. 17336-17346 11 p.

Differential in vitro kinetics of drug resistance mutation acquisition in HIV-1 RT of subtypes B and C

Cunha R.D., Abreu C.M., Gonzalez L.M., Nijhuis M.J.G., de Jong D., Aguiar R.S., Afonso A.O., Brindeiro R.M., Tanuri A. 2012, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 7 , p. e46622 1 p.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Gag and protease: partners in resistance

Fun A., Wensing A.M.J., Verheyen J., Nijhuis M.J.G. 2012, In: Retrovirology. 9 , p. 63 1 p.

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