dr. W.M. (Wim) Otte

Associate Professor

  • Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Group

dr. W.M. (Wim) Otte

Research Programs

Fellowship and Awards

  • Grants
    2019 - NWA-Ideeëngenerator (NWO)
    2019 - Bridging the epilepsy diagnostic gap (EU-ATTRACT)
    2017 - Fostering Responsible Research Practices (ZonMw)
    2015 - VENI (NWO)
    2014 - Van Leersumfonds (KNAW)

    Grants (co-PI)
    2019 - Programma Translationeel Onderzoek 2 (ZonMw, Epilepsiefonds)
    2014 - National Priorities Research Program grant (Qatar National Research Fund)

    2019 - Rudolf Magnus Young Talent Fellowship (UMC Utrecht)
    2014 - Fellowship (Netherlands Brain Foundation)
    2013 - Visiting Fellowship (Utrecht University)

    2019 - Outreach prijs (UMC Utrecht Hersencentrum)
    2015 - Young scientist of the year (Netherlands eScience Center)

Research Output (75)

Distinct structure-function relationships across cortical regions and connectivity scales in the rat brain

Straathof Milou, Sinke Michel R T, Roelofs Theresia J M, Blezer Erwin L A, Sarabdjitsingh R Angela, van der Toorn Annette, Schmitt Oliver, Otte Willem M, Dijkhuizen Rick M 9 jan 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10 14 p.

Differences in structural and functional networks between young adult and aged rat brains before and after stroke lesion simulations

Straathof Milou, Sinke Michel R.T., van der Toorn Annette, Weerheim Paul L., Otte Willem M., Dijkhuizen Rick M. jun 2019, In: Neurobiology of Disease. 126 , p. 23-35 13 p.

The power of language:Functional brain network topology of deaf and hearing in relation to sign language experience

Sinke Michel R.T., Buitenhuis Jan W., van der Maas Frank, Nwiboko Job, Dijkhuizen Rick M., van Diessen Eric, Otte Willem M. 1 mrt 2019, In: Hearing Research. 373 , p. 32-47 16 p.

A systematic review on the quantitative relationship between structural and functional network connectivity strength in mammalian brains

Straathof Milou, Sinke Michel Rt, Dijkhuizen Rick M, Otte Willem M feb 2019, In: Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 39 , p. 189-209 21 p.

A prediction model to determine childhood epilepsy after 1 or more paroxysmal events

Van Diessen Eric, Lamberink Herm J., Otte Willem M., Doornebal Nynke, Brouwer Oebele F., Jansen Floor E., Braun Kees P.J. 1 dec 2018, In: Pediatrics. 142

Etiology of language network changes during recovery of aphasia after stroke

Van Oers Casper A.M.M., Van Der Worp H. Bart, Kappelle L. Jaap, Raemaekers Mathijs A.H., Otte Willem M., Dijkhuizen Rick M. 1 dec 2018, In: Scientific Reports. 8 12 p.

Statistical power of clinical trials increased while effect size remained stable:an empirical analysis of 136,212 clinical trials between 1975 and 2014

Lamberink Herm J, Otte Willem M, Sinke Michel Rt, Lakens Daniël, Glasziou Paul P, Tijdink Joeri K, Vinkers Christiaan H 1 okt 2018, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 102 , p. 123-128 6 p.

Why the TimeToStop trial failed to recruit:a survey on antiepileptic drug withdrawal after paediatric epilepsy surgery

Lamberink Herm J., Geleijns Karin, Otte Willem M., Arzimanoglou Alexis, Helen Cross J., Korff Christian M., Ramantani Georgia, Braun Kees P.J., 1 okt 2018, In: Epileptic Disorders. 20 , p. 374-385 12 p.

Modified structural network backbone in the contralesional hemisphere chronically after stroke in rat brain

Sinke Michel Rt, Otte Willem M, Van Meer Maurits P A, van der Toorn A, Dijkhuizen Rick M sep 2018, In: Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 38 , p. 1642-1653

Adequate statistical power in clinical trials is associated with the combination of a male first author and a female last author

Otte Willem M, Tijdink Joeri K, Weerheim Paul L, Lamberink Herm J, Vinkers Christiaan 5 jun 2018, In: eLife. 7

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