dr. H.G. (Henny G.) Otten

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dr. H.G. (Henny G.) Otten
  • Laboratory for Translational Immunology (LTI)

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Henny Otten is an associate professor with a primary research interest focused on humoral immunity including associated effector mechanisms. He studied medical biology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his PhD at the Department of Rheumatology of the University Hospital Leiden. In 1992 he started as post-doc at the department of Immunohematology at the University Hospital Utrecht developing molecular HLA-typing and performing research in the field of bone marrow and organ transplantation. Since 1997 he is co-director of the HLA laboratory in the UMCU. Between 1997-2000 he was also interim head of the bone-marrow transplantation laboratory. He is leader of the national PROCARE consortium which studies the impact of humoral allo- and auto-immunity in ~5000 kidney transplants; a study subsidized by Dutch Kidney Foundation. Together with funding from multiple commercial partners, studies are performed on the effector functions of antibodies in relation to complement and FcRgamma polymorphisms,  prediction of (the severity of) food allergy and angio-edema, an biomarkers predicting chronic rejection after lung transplantation. He holds certificates as Medical Immunologist,  European Specialist in Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics, Transplantation Immunologist, and Immunologist. In close collaboration with clinicians, Henny Otten has (co-)authored >100 peer-reviewed papers with translational objectives.

Side Activities

  • Board member (treasurer) of the Dutch Transplantation Society

    Board member of the society of Medical Immunology

    Chairman of the SMBWO Immunology Supervision and Assessment Committee (2014-2018)

    Member of the Dutch HLA working group

    Member of the Dutch Society of Immunology

Research Output (145)

IgE-binding to vicilin-like antimicrobial peptides is associated with systemic reactions to macadamia nut

Ehlers Anna M., Rohwer Stefanie, Otten Henny G., Brix Bettina, Le Thuy My, Suer Waltraud, Knulst André C. 2 dec 2020, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 10 , p. 1-5

Detection of specific IgE against linear epitopes from Gal d 1 has additional value in diagnosing hen's egg allergy in adults

Ehlers Anna M, Otten Henny G, Wierzba Eva, Flügge Ulrike, Le Thuy-My, Knulst André C, Suer Waltraud 10 sep 2020, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 50 , p. 1415-1423 9 p.

Response of FcεRI-bearing leucocytes to omalizumab in chronic spontaneous urticaria

Alizadeh Aghdam M, Knol E F, van den Elzen M, den Hartog Jager C, van Os-Medendorp H, Knulst A C, Otten H G, Röckmann H 10 jan 2020, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 50 , p. 364-371 8 p.

Ara h 7 isoforms share many linear epitopes:Are 3D epitopes crucial to elucidate divergent abilities?

Ehlers Anna M., Klinge Marco, Suer Waltraud, Weimann Yvonne, Knulst André C., Besa Frithjof, Le Thuy My, Otten Henny G. 1 nov 2019, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 49 , p. 1512-1519 8 p.

Allocation to highly sensitized patients based on acceptable mismatches results in low rejection rates comparable to nonsensitized patients

Heidt Sebastiaan, Haasnoot Geert W., Witvliet Marian D., van der Linden-van Oevelen Marissa J.H., Kamburova Elena G., Wisse Bram W., Joosten Irma, Allebes Wil A., van der Meer Arnold, Hilbrands Luuk B., Baas Marije C., Spierings Eric, Hack Cornelis E., van Reekum Franka E., van Zuilen Arjan D., Verhaar Marianne C., Bots Michiel L., Drop Adriaan C.A.D., Plaisier Loes, Seelen Marc A.J., Sanders Jan Stephan, Hepkema Bouke G., Lambeck Annechien J.A., Bungener Laura B., Roozendaal Caroline, Tilanus Marcel G.J., Voorter Christina E., Wieten Lotte, van Duijnhoven Elly M., Gelens Marielle A.C.J., Christiaans Maarten H.L., van Ittersum Frans J., Nurmohamed Shaikh A., Lardy Neubury M., Swelsen Wendy, van der Pant Karlijn A.M.I., van der Weerd Neelke C., ten Berge Ineke J.M., Bemelman Frederike J., Hoitsma Andries, van der Boog Paul J.M., de Fijter Johan W., Betjes Michiel G.H., Otten Henny G., Roelen Dave L., Claas Frans H.J. okt 2019, In: American Journal of Transplantation. 19 , p. 2926-2933 8 p.

A single nucleotide C3 polymorphism associates with clinical outcome after lung transplantation

Kardol-Hoefnagel Tineke, Budding Kevin, van de Graaf Eduard A., Setten Jessica van, van Rossum Oliver A., Oudijk Erik Jan D., Otten Henderikus G. 1 sep 2019, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 10 9 p.

Sesame oleosins are minor allergens

Ehlers Anna M., Rossnagel Madlen, Brix Bettina, Blankestijn Mark A., Le Thuy My, Suer Waltraud, Otten Henny G., Knulst André C. 28 jun 2019, In: Clinical and Translational Allergy. 9

A paired kidney analysis on the impact of pre-transplant anti-HLA antibodies on graft survival

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Galectin-9 and CXCL10 as biomarkers for disease activity in juvenile dermatomyositis:a longitudinal cohort study and multi-cohort validation

Wienke Judith, Bellutti Enders Felicitas, Lim Johan, Mertens Jorre S., van den Hoogen Luuk L., Wijngaarde Camiel A., Yeo Joo Guan, Meyer Alain, Otten Henny G., Fritsch-Stork Ruth D.E., Kamphuis Sylvia S.M., Hoppenreijs Esther P.A.H., Armbrust Wineke, van den Berg J. Merlijn, Hissink Muller Petra C.E., Tekstra Janneke, Hoogendijk Jessica E., Deakin Claire T., de Jager Wilco, van Roon Joël A.G., van der Pol W. Ludo, Nistala Kiran, Pilkington Clarissa, de Visser Marianne, Arkachaisri Thaschawee, Radstake Timothy R.D.J., van der Kooi Anneke J., Nierkens Stefan, Wedderburn Lucy R., van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, van Wijk Femke 12 mrt 2019, In: Arthritis & Rheumatology. 71 , p. 1377-1390 14 p.

The autoimmune-associated single nucleotide polymorphism within PTPN22 correlates with clinical outcome after lung transplantation

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