M. (Mariana) Pedroso Branco

PHD Candidate - OIO

  • Neurology & Neurosurgery

M. (Mariana) Pedroso Branco

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Research Output (10)

Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex-based control with an implanted brain–computer interface

Leinders Sacha, Vansteensel Mariska J., Branco Mariana P., Freudenburg Zac V., Pels Elmar G.M., Van der Vijgh Benny, Van Zandvoort Martine J.E., Ramsey Nicolas F., Aarnoutse Erik J. 1 dec 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10

Classification of Articulator Movements and Movement Direction from Sensorimotor Cortex Activity

Salari E, Freudenburg Z V, Branco M P, Aarnoutse E J, Vansteensel M J, Ramsey N F 1 dec 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9

Sensorimotor ECoG Signal Features for BCI Control:A Comparison Between People With Locked-In Syndrome and Able-Bodied Controls

Freudenburg Zachary V, Branco Mariana P, Leinders Sacha, van der Vijgh Benny H, Pels Elmar G M, Denison Timothy, van den Berg Leonard H, Miller Kai J, Aarnoutse Erik J, Ramsey Nick F, Vansteensel Mariska J 16 okt 2019, In: Frontiers in Neuroscience. 13

High-frequency band temporal dynamics in response to a grasp force task

Branco Mariana P., Geukes Simon H., Aarnoutse Erik J., Vansteensel Mariska J., Freudenburg Zachary V., Ramsey Nick F. 6 aug 2019, In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 16 14 p.

Stability of a chronic implanted brain-computer interface in late-stage amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Pels Elmar G M, Aarnoutse Erik J, Leinders Sacha, Freudenburg Zac V, Branco Mariana P, van der Vijgh Benny H, Snijders Tom J, Denison Timothy, Vansteensel Mariska J, Ramsey Nick F 27 jul 2019, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 130 , p. 1798-1803 6 p.

Boosting BCI technology:Towards a multi-dimensional fully implanted BCI

Pedroso Branco Mariana 5 okt 2018, 199 p.

Optimization of sampling rate and smoothing improves classification of high frequency power in electrocorticographic brain signals

Branco Mariana P., Freudenburg Zachary V., Aarnoutse Erik J., Vansteensel Mariska J., Ramsey Nick F. 17 mei 2018, In: Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express. 4

ALICE:A tool for automatic localization of intra-cranial electrodes for clinical and high-density grids

Branco Mariana P., Gaglianese Anna, Glen Daniel R., Hermes Dora, Saad Ziad S., Petridou Natalia, Ramsey Nick F. 1 mei 2018, In: Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 301 , p. 43-51 9 p.

Decoding hand gestures from primary somatosensory cortex using high-density ECoG

Branco Mariana P, Freudenburg Zachary V., Aarnoutse Erik J., Bleichner Martin G., Vansteensel Mariska J., Ramsey Nick F. 15 feb 2017, In: NeuroImage. 147 , p. 130-142 13 p.

Fully implanted brain-computer interface in a locked-in patient with ALS

Vansteensel Mariska J., Pels Elmar G M, Bleichner Martin G., Branco Mariana P., Denison Timothy, Freudenburg Zachary V., Gosselaar Peter, Leinders Sacha, Ottens Thomas H., Van Den Boom Max A., Van Rijen Peter C., Aarnoutse Erik J., Ramsey Nick F. 24 nov 2016, In: New England Journal of Medicine. 375 , p. 2060-2066 7 p.