dr. ir. M.E.P. (Marielle) Philippens

dr. ir. M.E.P. (Marielle) Philippens

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Research Output (117)

Integration of quantitative imaging biomarkers in clinical trials for MR-guided radiotherapy:Conceptual guidance for multicentre studies from the MR-Linac Consortium Imaging Biomarker Working Group

van Houdt Petra J., Saeed Hina, Thorwarth Daniela, Fuller Clifton D., Hall William A., McDonald Brigid A., Shukla-Dave Amita, Kooreman Ernst S., Philippens Marielle E.P., van Lier Astrid L.H.M.W., Keesman Rick, Mahmood Faisal, Coolens Catherine, Stanescu Teodor, Wang Jihong, Tyagi Neelam, Wetscherek Andreas, van der Heide Uulke A. aug 2021, In: European Journal of Cancer. 153 , p. 64-71 8 p.

Prognostic imaging variables for recurrent laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinoma treated with primary chemoradiotherapy:A systematic review and meta-analysis

Smits Hilde J.G., Assili Sanam, Kauw Frans, Philippens Marielle E.P., de Bree Remco, Dankbaar Jan W. jul 2021, In: Head and Neck. 43 , p. 2202-2215 14 p.

Synthetic CT for single-fraction neoadjuvant partial breast irradiation on an MRI-linac

Groot Koerkamp Maureen L, de Hond Yvonne J M, Maspero Matteo, Kontaxis Charis, Mandija Stefano, Vasmel Jeanine E, Charaghvandi Ramona K, Philippens Marielle E P, van Asselen Bram, van den Bongard H J G Desirée, Hackett Sara S, Houweling Antonetta Christina 24 mrt 2021, In: Physics in medicine and biology. 66

Dose-dependent volume loss in subcortical deep grey matter structures after cranial radiotherapy

Nagtegaal Steven H J, David Szabolcs, Philippens Marielle E P, Snijders Tom J, Leemans Alexander, Verhoeff Joost J C jan 2021, In: Clinical and translational radiation oncology. 26 , p. 35-41 7 p.

Initial Feasibility and Clinical Implementation of Daily MR-Guided Adaptive Head and Neck Cancer Radiation Therapy on a 1.5T MR-Linac System:Prospective R-IDEAL 2a/2b Systematic Clinical Evaluation of Technical Innovation

McDonald Brigid A, Vedam Sastry, Yang Jinzhong, Wang Jihong, Castillo Pamela, Lee Belinda, Sobremonte Angela, Ahmed Sara, Ding Yao, Mohamed Abdallah S R, Balter Peter, Hughes Neil, Thorwarth Daniela, Nachbar Marcel, Philippens Marielle E P, Terhaard Chris H J, Zips Daniel, Böke Simon, Awan Musaddiq J, Christodouleas John, Fuller Clifton D, 16 dec 2020, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 109 , p. 1606-1618 13 p.

Deep learning-based synthetic CT generation for paediatric brain MR-only photon and proton radiotherapy

Maspero Matteo, Bentvelzen Laura G, Savenije Mark Hf, Guerreiro Filipa, Seravalli Enrica, Janssens Geert O, van den Berg Cornelis At, Philippens Marielle Ep 22 sep 2020, In: Radiotherapy & Oncology. 153 , p. 197-204 8 p.

Optimizing MR-Guided Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Koerkamp Maureen L. Groot, Vasmel Jeanine E., Russell Nicola S., Shaitelman Simona F., Anandadas Carmel N., Currey Adam, Vesprini Danny, Keller Brian M., De-Colle Chiara, Han Kathy, Braunstein Lior Z., Mahmood Faisal, Lorenzen Ebbe L., Philippens Marielle E. P., Verkooijen Helena M., Lagendijk Jan J. W., Houweling Antonetta C., van den Bongard H. J. G. Desiree, Kirby Anna M. 28 jul 2020, In: Frontiers in oncology. 10 , p. 1107 13 p.

Effect of radiation therapy on cerebral cortical thickness in glioma patients:Treatment-induced thinning of the healthy cortex

Nagtegaal Steven H J, David Szabolcs, Snijders Tom J, Philippens Marielle E P, Leemans Alexander, Verhoeff Joost J C 10 jul 2020, In: Neuro-oncology advances. 2 8 p.

Quantitative imaging for radiotherapy purposes

Gurney-Champion Oliver J., Mahmood Faisal, van Schie Marcel, Julian Robert, George Ben, Philippens Marielle E.P., van der Heide Uulke A., Thorwarth Daniela, Redalen Kathrine R. mei 2020, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 146 , p. 66-75 10 p.

Consensus on Contouring Primary Breast Tumors on MRI in the Setting of Neoadjuvant Partial Breast Irradiation in Trials

Vasmel Jeanine E, Groot Koerkamp Maureen L, Kirby Anna M, Russell Nicola S, Shaitelman Simona F, Vesprini Danny, Anandadas Carmel N, Currey Adam, Keller Brian M, Braunstein Lior Z, Han Kathy, Kotte Alexis N T J, de Waard Stephanie N, Philippens Marielle E P, Houweling Antonetta C, Verkooijen Helena M, van den Bongard H J G Desiree 18 apr 2020, In: Practical Radiation Oncology. 10 , p. e466-e474

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