prof. dr. B.W. (Bas W.) Raaymakers

Full Professor

  • Experimental Clinical Physics Radiotherapy

prof. dr. B.W. (Bas W.) Raaymakers

Research Programs


Bas Raaymakers is working to improve cancer therapy by investigating, as well as developing, new high precision radiotherapy.
Together with prof Jan Lagendijk but also with industrial partners Elekta and Philips he designed and built a hybrid MRI accelerator to facilitate high precision, soft-tissue based image guidance for radiotherapy. This enables better radiotherapy via dose escalation while decreasing toxicity.
At the same time, the translation of this new technology to the clinic is pursued. For instance fast, on-line treatment planning, so that the patient is treated based on the latest state of the anatomy. This improves the current radiotherapy practice and at the same time is a requirement for smooth clinical introduction of the MRI accelerator.
Clinical work flow and procedures for different tumour sites are under investigation. Two major categories can be distinguished: The first is improving the existing radiotherapy patient treatments, so better conform the dose distribution to the tumour shape to minimise harm to the surroundings. The second is enabling radiotherapy as an alternative for surgery for patients currently not eligible for radiotherapy, e.g. highly mobile tumours in the kidney. The motion is too large to safely administer dose with conventional radiotherapy technology, with the on-line MRI guidance the motion uncertainty can be mitigated and radiation can be safely administered, offering a completely non-invasive treatment.

Side Activities

  • Member of International Advisory Committee of Physics in Medicine and Biology



Fellowship and Awards

  • VENI grant in 2003, Technical feasibility of the MRI accelerator

Research Output (165)

Delivered dose quantification in prostate radiotherapy using online 3D cine imaging and treatment log files on a combined 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging and linear accelerator system

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Target coverage and dose criteria based evaluation of the first clinical 1.5T MR-linac SBRT treatments of lymph node oligometastases compared with conventional CBCT-linac treatment

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DeepDose:Towards a fast dose calculation engine for radiation therapy using deep learning

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Dosimetric impact of soft-tissue based intrafraction motion from 3D cine-MR in prostate SBRT

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Biomechanical quality assurance criteria for deformable image registration algorithms used in radiotherapy guidance

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Fast contour propagation for MR-guided prostate radiotherapy using convolutional neural networks

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Soft-tissue prostate intrafraction motion tracking in 3D cine-MR for MR-guided radiotherapy

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The transformation of radiation oncology using real-time magnetic resonance guidance:A review

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ReconSocket:A low-latency raw data streaming interface for real-time MRI-guided radiotherapy

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Evaluating the benefit of PBS vs. VMAT dose distributions in terms of dosimetric sparing and robustness against inter-fraction anatomical changes for pediatric abdominal tumors

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