dr. M.A.H.L.L. (Mathijs) Raemaekers

dr. M.A.H.L.L. (Mathijs) Raemaekers

Assistant Professor

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Research Output (47)

Using fMRI to localize target regions for implanted brain-computer interfaces in locked-in syndrome

Leinders Sacha, Vansteensel Mariska J, Piantoni Giovanni, Branco Mariana P, Freudenburg Zac V, Gebbink Tineke A, Pels Elmar G M, Raemaekers Mathijs A H, Schippers Anouck, Aarnoutse Erik J, Ramsey Nick F 18 Aug 2023, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 155 , p. 1-15 15 p.

Reliability and validity of DTI-based indirect disconnection measures

Smits A R, van Zandvoort M J E, Ramsey N F, de Haan E H F, Raemaekers M Jan 2023, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 39

The impact of etiology in lesion-symptom mapping - A direct comparison between tumor and stroke

van Grinsven E E, Smits A R, van Kessel E, Raemaekers M A H, de Haan E H F, Huenges Wajer I M C, Ruijters V J, Philippens M E P, Verhoeff J J C, Ramsey N F, Robe P A J T, Snijders T J, van Zandvoort M J E Jan 2023, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 37


van Grinsven E. E., Smits A. R., van Kessel E., Raemaekers M., de Haan E. H. F., Huenges-Wajer I. M. C., Ruijters V. J., Philippens M. E. P., Verhoeff J. J. C., Ramsey N. F., Robe P. A. J. T., Snijders T. J., van Zandvoort M. J. E. 5 Sep 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 24 , p. ii24

The analogy between structural networks obtained from diffusion weighted imaging and effective networks derived from single pulse electrical stimulation in people with epilepsy

Jelsma S., Van Blooijs D., Van Putten M., Raemaekers M., Zijlmans M., Van Klink N. Sep 2022, In: Epilepsia. 63 , p. 50-50

Tractography dissection variability:What happens when 42 groups dissect 14 white matter bundles on the same dataset?

Schilling Kurt G., Rheault François, Petit Laurent, Hansen Colin B., Nath Vishwesh, Yeh Fang Cheng, Girard Gabriel, Barakovic Muhamed, Rafael-Patino Jonathan, Yu Thomas, Fischi-Gomez Elda, Pizzolato Marco, Ocampo-Pineda Mario, Schiavi Simona, Canales-Rodríguez Erick J., Daducci Alessandro, Granziera Cristina, Innocenti Giorgio, Thiran Jean Philippe, Mancini Laura, Wastling Stephen, Cocozza Sirio, Petracca Maria, Pontillo Giuseppe, Mancini Matteo, Vos Sjoerd B., Vakharia Vejay N., Duncan John S., Melero Helena, Manzanedo Lidia, Sanz-Morales Emilio, Peña-Melián Ángel, Calamante Fernando, Attyé Arnaud, Cabeen Ryan P., Korobova Laura, Toga Arthur W., Vijayakumari Anupa Ambili, Parker Drew, Verma Ragini, Radwan Ahmed, Sunaert Stefan, Emsell Louise, De Luca Alberto, Leemans Alexander, Bajada Claude J., Haroon Hamied, Tax Chantal M.W., Fernandes Francisco Guerreiro, Raemaekers Mathijs, Nov 2021, In: NeuroImage. 243 , p. 1-18

Distinct representation of ipsilateral hand movements in sensorimotor areas

Bruurmijn Mark L C M, Raemaekers Mathijs, Branco Mariana P, Ramsey Nick F, Vansteensel Mariska J Nov 2021, In: European Journal of Neuroscience. 54 , p. 7599-7608 10 p.

Decoding attempted phantom hand movements from ipsilateral sensorimotor areas after amputation

Bruurmijn L. C.M., Raemaekers M., Branco M. P., Vansteensel M. J., Ramsey N. F. Oct 2021, In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 18 , p. 1-9

Self-regulation in the pre-adolescent brain

Pas P., Hulshoff Pol H. E., Raemaekers M., Vink M. Oct 2021, In: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. 51 , p. 1-10 10 p.

The neural underpinnings of facial emotion recognition in ischemic stroke patients

van den Berg Nils S., de Haan Edward H.F., Huitema Rients B., Spikman Jacoba M., de Leeuw Frank Erik, Luijckx Gert Jan, Raemaekers Matthijs A.H.L.L., Smits Anouk R., Schmand Ben A., Scholte H. Steven, Spikman Jacoba M., Kappelle L. Jaap, Geerligs Linda, van Zandvoort Martine J.E., Caan Matthan W.A., Prokop Mathias, Ramsey Nick F., Lammers Nikki A., Seijdel Noor, Nederkoorn Paul J., Kentridge Bob, Kessels Roy P.C., Lugtmeijer Selma, Pinto Yair, Sep 2021, In: Journal of Neuropsychology. 15 , p. 516-532 17 p.

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