dr. M.J. (Maria) Rodriguez Colman

dr. M.J. (Maria) Rodriguez Colman

Associate Professor
  • CMM - Group Rodriguez Colman

Research Programs


Research Output (7)

Rewiring glucose metabolism improves 5-FU efficacy in p53-deficient/KRAS <sup> G12D</sup> glycolytic colorectal tumors

Ludikhuize Marlies C., Gevers Sira, Nguyen Nguyen T.B., Meerlo Maaike, Roudbari S. Khadijeh Shafiei, Gulersonmez M. Can, Stigter Edwin C.A., Drost Jarno, Clevers Hans, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Rodríguez Colman Maria J. Dec 2022, In: Communications biology. 5

Protocol to profile the bioenergetics of organoids using Seahorse

Ludikhuize Marlies C., Meerlo Maaike, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Rodríguez Colman Maria J. 19 Mar 2021, In: STAR protocols. 2

A FOXO-dependent replication checkpoint restricts proliferation of damaged cells

Hornsveld Marten, Feringa Femke M., Krenning Lenno, van den Berg Jeroen, Smits Lydia M.M., Nguyen Nguyen B.T., Rodríguez-Colman Maria J., Dansen Tobias B., Medema René H., Burgering Boudewijn M.T. 26 Jan 2021, In: Cell Reports. 34

Mitochondria Define Intestinal Stem Cell Differentiation Downstream of a FOXO/Notch Axis

Ludikhuize Marlies C., Meerlo Maaike, Gallego Marc Pages, Xanthakis Despina, Burgaya Julià Mar, Nguyen Nguyen T.B., Brombacher Eline C., Liv Nalan, Maurice Madelon M., Paik Ji hye, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Rodriguez Colman Maria J. 3 Nov 2020, In: Cell Metabolism. 32 , p. 889-900.e7

Specific Labeling of Stem Cell Activity in Human Colorectal Organoids Using an ASCL2-Responsive Minigene

Oost Koen C., van Voorthuijsen Lisa, Fumagalli Arianna, Lindeboom Rik G.H., Sprangers Joep, Omerzu Manja, Rodriguez-Colman Maria J., Heinz Maria C., Verlaan-Klink Ingrid, Maurice Madelon M., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., van Rheenen Jacco, Vermeulen Michiel, Snippert Hugo J.G. 6 Feb 2018, In: Cell Reports [E]. 22 , p. 1600-1614 15 p.

Interplay between metabolic identities in the intestinal crypt supports stem cell function

Rodríguez-Colman Maria J, Schewe Matthias, Meerlo Maaike, Stigter Edwin, Gerrits Johan, Pras-Raves Mia, Sacchetti Andrea, Hornsveld Marten, Oost Koen C, Snippert Hugo J, Verhoeven-Duif Nanda, Fodde Riccardo, Burgering Boudewijn M T 2017, In: Nature. 543 , p. 424-427 4 p.

FOXOs support the metabolic requirements of normal and tumor cells by promoting IDH1 expression

Charitou Paraskevi, Rodriguez-Colman Maria, Gerrits Johan, van Triest MH, Groot Koerkamp Marian, Hornsveld Marten, Holstege FCP, Verhoeven-Duif NM, Burgering Boudewijn M T 1 Jan 2015, In: EMBO Reports. 16 , p. 456-466 11 p.

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