dr. P.F.W.M. (Peter) Rosier

dr. P.F.W.M. (Peter) Rosier

dr. P.F.W.M. (Peter) Rosier



January 2005- current: Medical Staff, Senior Lecturer: Department of Urology, University Medical Centre, Utrecht The Netherlands.

MD Functional urology and neuro -gyneco-urology and urodynamics.

Clinical diagnosis and management

Scientific projects

MD-Education; Medical specialists-education and training; Nurses –education and training

Member: Research Ethics Committee UMCU (2006- ) and Vice Chairman (2010-2015)

Teacher: Erasmus International Teaching Exchange program (2009-  )

                Medical Students University Utrecht Tutor

Project leader: (Yearly) Utrecht Urology Care Quality week (& Start-up for new residents).

Teacher:  Continence Care Advisors Training: SSSV (Stichting Specifieke Scholing voor Verpleegkundigen, Bunnik) (2005- 2010) now: Antonius Academy Nieuwegein (2011- )

Teacher: RegionalUrologyNursesTrainingUniversityUtrecht (2005-  )

Project leader: Outpatient department logistics and organisation (project ‘Uroflow’. 2006-7)

Clinical health care (logistics) Improvement program

Radiation Safety and Protoction Certificate- Level 4  (MD) November 2005

Trial Monitor: GCP-monitorCertificateJuliusCenter Clinical Research, Utrecht, November 2011

January 2000 - December 2004: Senior Advisor: Netherlands Institute for Health Care Quality Improvement (CBO). Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Projectleader: Multidisciplinary Clinical Practice Guidelines Development.

Project leader: Health Care Quality Improvement program

Member: Working group on Health Care Safety

Experienced with Intramural; Trans-mural; Somatic and Mental Healthcare Quality improvement  Projects

January 1998 - January 2000: Resident in training Urology: CanisusWilhelminaHospital               Nijmegen; CatharinaHospital, Eindhoven; DeventerHospital, Deventer, The Netherlands.

                MD Clinical Practice

March 1996 - December 1997: MD Post doctoral in functional (neuro-) urology: Department of             Urology, UniversityHospitalNijmegen, The Netherlands, Functional and neuro-urology

Clinical and scientific practice.

2 weeks Working visit: NationalHospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London (1997)

June 1992- February 1996: PhD Thesis, Department of Urology, UniversityHospitalNijmegen, the Netherlands.

Thesis: Bladder function in elderly male patients

MD: Clinical trials in functional neuro-urology (neurostimulation; neuromodulation; LUTD- medication; erectile dysfunction).

March 1989 - May 1992 MD grade; Resident Department of Urology, UniversityHospital  Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Clinical trials in BPH and Urinary incontinence

August 1982 - March 1989: MD training University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Included auxiliary courses: Computers in Medicine; Philosophy of (medical) science;

Primary care practice health care epidemiology and research

McMaster course: Development of a research protocol

August1975 - December 1981: Operating Nurse St.IgnatiusHospital, Breda, the Netherlands.

B.I.G. (Dutch MD) registration: 79023571001

Research Output (170)

How should prospective research be designed to legitimately assess the value of urodynamic studies in female urinary incontinence?

Tarcan Tufan, Finazzi-Agrò Enrico, Kessler Thomas M., Serati Maurizio, Solomon Eskinder, Rosier Peter F.W.M. Nov 2023, In: Neurourology and Urodynamics. 42 , p. 1639-1646 8 p.

Quantifying bladder outflow obstruction in men:A comparison of four approximation methods exploiting large data samples

van Dort Wouter, Rosier Peter F.W.M., Geurts Bernard J., van Steenbergen Thomas R.F., de Kort Laetitia M.O. Nov 2023, In: Neurourology and Urodynamics. 42 , p. 1628-1638 11 p.

ICS-SUFU standard:Theory, terms, and recommendations for pressure-flow studies performance, analysis, and reporting, Part 1: Background theory and practice

Rosier Peter F.W.M., Valdevenito Juan P., Smith Phillip, Sinha Sanjay, Speich John, Gammie Andrew, Sep 2023, In: Continence. 7

Randomised Controlled Trials Assessing the Clinical Value of Urodynamic Studies: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Bodmer Nicolas S., Wirth Carla, Birkhauser Veronika, Sartori Andrea M., Leitner Lorenz, Averbeck Marcio A., de Wachter Stefan, Agro Enrico Finazzi, Gammie Andrew, Goldman Howard B., Kirschner-Hermanns Ruth, Rosier Peter F. W. M., Serati Maurizio, Solomon Eskinder, van Koeveringe Gommert, Bachmann Lucas M., Kessler Thomas M. Oct 2022, In: European Urology Open Science. 44 , p. 131-141 11 p.

Acceptability and perceived value of urodynamics from the patient perspective:A narrative review

Serati Maurizio, Braga Andrea, Rosier Peter F.W.M., de Wachter Stefan, Uren Alan, Finazzi-Agrò Enrico 2022, In: Neurourology and Urodynamics. 41 , p. 1065-1073 9 p.


Rosier P. F. W. M. Oct 2021, In: Urology. 156 , p. 29-30 2 p.

All research output

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