dr. W.J.M. (Willem-Jan) Schellekens

dr. W.J.M. (Willem-Jan) Schellekens

Assistant Professor - medical
  • Anesthesiology

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Research Output (16)

Cohort profile of PLUTO:a perioperative biobank focusing on prediction and early diagnosis of postoperative complications

de Mul Nikki, Verlaan Diede, Ruurda Jelle P, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M U, Hagendoorn Jeroen, de Borst Gert-Jan, Vriens Menno R, de Bree Remco, Zweemer Ronald P, Vogely Charles, Haitsma Mulier Jelle L G, Vernooij Lisette M, Reitsma Johannes B, de Zoete Marcel R, Top Janetta, Kluijtmans Jan A J, Hoefer Imo E, Noordzij Peter, Rettig Thijs, Marsman Marije, de Smet Anne Marie G A, Derde Lennie, van Waes Judith, Rijsdijk Mienke, Schellekens Willem Jan M, Bonten Marc J M, Slooter Arjen J C, Cremer Olaf L 19 Apr 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 16 p.

Delirium and long-term psychopathology following surgery in older adults

de Mul Nikki, van den Bos Lisa M E C, Kant Ilse M J, van Montfort Simone J T, Schellekens Willem-Jan M, Cremer Olaf L, Slooter Arjen J C 30 Jan 2022, In: Journal of Psychosomatic Research. 155 , p. 1-5

L’hypoxémie pendant la sédation chez le patient adulte:une étude observationnelle rétrospective

van Schaik Eva P C, Blankman Paul, Van Klei Wilton A, Knape Hans J T A, Vaessen Paul H H B, Braithwaite Sue A, van Wolfswinkel Leo, Schellekens Willem-Jan M 20 Apr 2021, In: Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. 68 , p. 1349-1357 9 p.

Risk of perioperative thyroid storm in hyperthyroid patients:a systematic review

de Mul Nikki, Damstra Jill, Nieveen van Dijkum Els J.M., Fischli Stefan, Kalkman Cor J., Schellekens Willem Jan M., Immink Rogier V. 2021, In: British Journal of Anaesthesia. 127 , p. 879-889 11 p.

Recruitment pattern of the diaphragm and extradiaphragmatic inspiratory muscles in response to different levels of pressure support

Roesthuis L H, van der Hoeven J G, van Hees H W H, Schellekens W-J M, Doorduin J, Heunks L M A 1 Dec 2020, In: Annals of Intensive Care. 10 , p. 67

Surging ICU capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic:Experiences from transforming a Post Anaesthesia Care Unit into a cohort ICU

Kersten Bas J., Salden Roy L.T.N., van Klei Wilton A., Hoff Reinier G., Schellekens Willem Jan M. 7 Sep 2020, In: Journal of clinical anesthesia. 67 2 p.

Jung B, et al. Diaphragmatic dysfunction in patients with ICU-acquired weakness and its impact on extubation failure. Intensive Care Med (5)

Schellekens Willem-Jan M, Jansen Diana, Dorresteijn Mirrin J, Heunks Leo M A 15 Jan 2017, In: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 195 , p. 258-260 3 p.

Strategies to optimize respiratory muscle function in ICU patients

Schellekens Willem-Jan M, van Hees Hieronymus W H, Doorduin Jonne, Roesthuis Lisanne H, Scheffer Gert Jan, van der Hoeven Johannes G, Heunks Leo M A 19 Apr 2016, In: Critical care (London, England). 20 , p. 103

Appropriate positioning of the NAVA catheter

Schellekens Willem-Jan M, Heunks Leo M A Apr 2016, In: Intensive Care Medicine. 42 , p. 633-634 2 p.

Letter to the Editor

Schellekens Willem-Jan M, van Hees Hieronymus W H, Heunks Leo M A 1 Aug 2015, In: Journal of Physiology (London). 593 , p. 3389

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