prof. dr. R.E.G. Schutgens

Full Professor

  • Hematology/Van Creveldclinic

prof. dr. R.E.G. Schutgens


Roger Schutgens is a Consultant Haematologist at the University Medical Centre Utrecht. His main responsibilities include care, research and education in the area of benign hematology and clotting diseases. Prof. Schutgens is the Head of at the Van Creveldkliniek, a national expertise center for rare and/or inherited benign hematologic disorders, thrombosis and haemostasis. He completed his medical degree from Catholic University Leuven, Leuven, Belgium and he completed his PhD from Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Prof. Schutgens areas of focus include patients predisposed to bleeding, congenital abnormalities of platelets and hypercoagulable conditions.

Side Activities

  • Advisory Board Member Horizonscan geneesmiddelen ZonMW since 1-10-2018

Research Output (180)

A Pathophysiological Perspective on the SARS-CoV-2 Coagulopathy

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Abnormal coagulation parameters are a common non-neuromuscular feature in patients with spinal muscular atrophy

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The Perspectives of Adolescents and Young Adults on Adherence to Prophylaxis in Hemophilia:A Qualitative Study

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Congenital platelet disorders and health status-related quality of life

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Maternal and neonatal bleeding complications in relation to peripartum management in women with Von Willebrand disease:A systematic review

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Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease

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Reliability and Feasibility of the Self-Administered ISTH-Bleeding Assessment Tool

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One piece of the puzzle: Population pharmacokinetics of FVIII during perioperative Haemate P (R)/Humate P (R) treatment in von Willebrand disease patients:Population pharmacokinetics of FVIII during perioperative Haemate P<sup>®</sup>/Humate P<sup>®</sup> treatment in von Willebrand disease patients

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The Paediatric Haemophilia Activities List (pedHAL) in routine assessment:changes over time, child-parent agreement and informative domains

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Antifibrinolytic therapy for preventing oral bleeding in patients with haemophilia or Von Willebrand disease undergoing minor oral surgery or dental extractions

van Galen Karin Pm, Engelen Eveline T, Mauser-Bunschoten Evelien P, van Es Robert JJ, Schutgens Roger EG 19 apr 2019, In: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews . 2019

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