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Research Output (75)

Magnetic resonance imaging-based synthetic computed tomography of the lumbar spine for surgical planning:a clinical proof-of-concept

Staartjes Victor E, Seevinck Peter R, Vandertop W Peter, van Stralen Marijn, Schröder Marc L jan 2021, In: Neurosurgical Focus [E]. 50 , p. 1-7 7 p.

Deep learning-enabled MRI-only photon and proton therapy treatment planning for paediatric abdominal tumours

Florkow Mateusz C, Guerreiro Filipa, Zijlstra Frank, Seravalli Enrica, Janssens Geert O, Maduro John H, Knopf Antje C, Castelein René M, van Stralen Marijn, Raaymakers Bas W, Seevinck Peter R 7 okt 2020, In: Radiotherapy & Oncology. 153 , p. 220-227 8 p.

Deep learning-based MR-to-CT synthesis:The influence of varying gradient echo-based MR images as input channels

Florkow Mateusz C, Zijlstra Frank, Willemsen Koen, Maspero Matteo, van den Berg Cornelis A T, Kerkmeijer Linda G W, Castelein René M, Weinans Harrie, Viergever Max A, van Stralen Marijn, Seevinck Peter R apr 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 83 , p. 1429-1441 13 p.

Visualization of gold fiducial markers in the prostate using phase-cycled bSSFP imaging for MRI-only radiotherapy

Shcherbakova Yulia, Bartels Lambertus Wilbert, Mandija Stefano, Beld Ellis, Seevinck Peter R, van der Voort van Zyp Jochem R N, Kerkmeijer Linda G W, Moonen Chrit T W, Lagendijk Jan J W, Van den Berg Cornelis A T 11 sep 2019, In: Physics in Medicine and Biology. 64 , p. 185001 1 p.

Dosimetric evaluation of synthetic CT for head and neck radiotherapy generated by a patch-based three-dimensional convolutional neural network

Dinkla Anna M, Florkow Mateusz C, Maspero Matteo, Savenije Mark H F, Zijlstra Frank, Doornaert Patricia A H, van Stralen Marijn, Philippens Marielle E P, van den Berg Cornelis A T, Seevinck Peter R sep 2019, In: Medical Physics. 46 , p. 4095-4104 10 p.

SMART tracking: Simultaneous anatomical imaging and real-time passive device tracking for MR-guided interventions

Zijlstra Frank, Viergever Max A., Seevinck Peter R. 1 aug 2019, In: Physica medica. 64 , p. 252-260 9 p.

Reducing distortions in echo-planar breast imaging at ultrahigh field with high-resolution off-resonance maps

van Rijssel Michael J, Zijlstra Frank, Seevinck Peter R, Luijten Peter R, Gilhuijs Kenneth G A, Klomp Dennis W J, Pluim Josien P W jul 2019, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 82 , p. 425-435 11 p.

MRI artifact simulation for clinically relevant MRI sequences for guidance of prostate HDR brachytherapy

Beld Ellis, Moerland Marinus A., van Zyp Jochem R. N. van der Voort, Viergever Max A., Lagendijk Jan J. W., Seevinck Peter R. 26 apr 2019, In: Physics in Medicine and Biology. 64 , p. 095006

GANs covert CBCT to CT for head-neck, lung and breast: paired vs unpaired; single-site vs generic

Maspero M., Savenije M. H. F., Van Heijst T. C. F., Kotte A. N. T. J., Houweling A. C., Verhoeff J. J. C., Seevinck P. R., Van den Berg C. A. T. apr 2019, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 133 , p. S1105-S1106

Synthetic CT generation for Head and Neck radiotherapy by a 3D convolutional neural network

Dinkla A., Florkow M., Maspero M., Savenije M., Zijlstra F., Doornaert P., Van Stralen M., Philippens M., Seevinck P., Van den Berg N. apr 2019, In: Radiotherapy and Oncology. 133 , p. S268-S269