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Flies C. M., van Leuken K. H., Verhoeff J. J. C., de Vos F. Y. F., Seute T., Robe P. A., Hendrikse J., Witkamp T. D., Dankbaar J. W., Snijders T. J. Sep 2021, In: Neuro-Oncology. 23 , p. ii41-ii41

Intra-arterial administration boosts 177Lu-HA-DOTATATE accumulation in salvage meningioma patients

Vonken Evert-Jan P A, Bruijnen Rutger C G, Snijders Tom J, Seute Tatjana, Lam Marnix G E H, de Keizer Bart, Braat Arthur Johannes Anthonius Theodorus 22 Jul 2021, In: Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 63 , p. 406-409 4 p.

Extent of radiological response does not reflect survival in primary central nervous system lymphoma

van der Meulen Matthijs, Postma Alida A, Smits Marion, Bakunina Katerina, Minnema Monique C, Seute Tatjana, Cull Gavin, Enting Roelien H, van der Poel Marjolein, Stevens Wendy B C, Brandsma Dieta, Beeker Aart, Doorduijn Jeanette K, Issa Samar, van den Bent Martin J, Bromberg Jacoline E C 23 Feb 2021, In: Neuro-oncology advances. 3 , p. 1-10

Cognitive impairments are independently associated with shorter survival in diffuse glioma patients

van Kessel Emma, Huenges Wajer Irene M C, Ruis Carla, Seute Tatjana, Fonville Susanne, De Vos Filip Y F L, Verhoeff Joost J C, Robe Pierre A, van Zandvoort Martine J E, Snijders Tom J 2020, In: Journal of Neurology. 268 , p. 1434-1442 9 p.

Adverse prognosis of glioblastoma contacting the subventricular zone:Biological correlates

Berendsen Sharon, van Bodegraven Emma, Seute Tatjana, Spliet Wim G M, Geurts Marjolein, Hendrikse Jeroen, Schoysman Laurent, Huiszoon Willemijn B, Varkila Meri, Rouss Soufyan, Bell Erica H, Kroonen Jérôme, Chakravarti Arnab, Bours Vincent, Snijders Tom J, Robe Pierre A 11 Oct 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14 , p. 1-16

Treatment of malignant gliomas with ketogenic or caloric restricted diets: A systematic review of preclinical and early clinical studies

Noorlag Lotte, De Vos Filip Y., Kok Annemieke, Broekman Marike L. D., Seute Tatjana, Robe Pierre A., Snijders Tom J. Oct 2019, In: Clinical Nutrition. 38 , p. 1986-1994 9 p.

Cognitive functioning as predictor of survival in diffuse glioma patients

Van Kessel E., Snijders T. J., De Vos F., Fonville S., Wajer I., Ruis C., Seute T., Verhoeff J., Van Zandvoort M., Robe P. Jul 2019, In: European Journal of Neurology. 26 , p. 48-48

Effects of valproic acid on histone deacetylase inhibition in vitro and in glioblastoma patient samples

Berendsen Sharon, Frijlink Elselien, Kroonen Jèrôme, Spliet Wim G M, van Hecke Wim, Seute Tatjana, Snijders Tom J, Robe Pierre A 1 May 2019, In: Neuro-oncology advances. 1 , p. 1-8 8 p.

Routine Blood Tests Do Not Predict Survival in Patients with Glioblastoma—Multivariable Analysis of 497 Patients

Maas Sybren L.N., Draaisma Kaspar, Snijders Tom J., Senders Joeky T., Berendsen Sharon, Seute Tatjana, Schiffelers Raymond M., van Solinge Wouter W., Ten Berg Maarten J., Robe Pierre A., Broekman Marike L.D. 14 Mar 2019, In: World Neurosurgery. 126 , p. e1081-e1091

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