dr. P.A.M. (Paul) Smeets

dr. P.A.M. (Paul) Smeets

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dr. P.A.M. (Paul) Smeets
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Paul Smeets is associate professor at the UMC Utrecht and has a background in Behavioral Biology. His PhD work, at the Image Sciences Institute (ISI), aimed at finding biomarkers of satiety in the human brain, using functional MRI. Currently, he works at ISI / UMC Utrecht and at the Division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University. The central theme in his research is the decision to eat, which is taken in the brain on the basis of multiple neural as well as hormonal signals. Research topics include the neural correlates of taste, satiety and (un)healthy food choice, gut-brain interactions, effects of personality characteristics on food-induced brain responses and functional neuroimaging in anorexia nervosa. In recent years he has been using MRI techniques to study (gastric) digestion.

Research line

Nutritional and Translational Neuroscience

Most recent key publications

1: Smeets, P., Deng, R., Van Eijnatten, E., & Mayar, M. (2021). Monitoring food digestion with magnetic resonance techniques. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 80(2), 148-158. doi:10.1017/S0029665120007867

2: Smeets PAM, Dagher A, Hare TA, Kullmann S, van der Laan LN, Poldrack RA, Preissl H, Small D, Stice E, Veldhuizen MG. Good practice in food-related neuroimaging. Am J Clin Nutr. 2019 Mar 1;109(3):491-503. doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqy344.

3: van Meer F, van der Laan LN, Viergever MA, Adan RAH, Smeets PAM; I.Family Consortium. Considering healthiness promotes healthier choices but modulates medial prefrontal cortex differently in children compared with adults. Neuroimage. 2017 Oct 1;159:325-333. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.08.007.

4: van Meer F, van der Laan LN, Charbonnier L, Viergever MA, Adan RA, Smeets PA; I.Family Consortium. Developmental differences in the brain response to unhealthy food cues: an fMRI study of children and adults. Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 Dec;104(6):1515-1522.

5: Camps G, Mars M, de Graaf C, Smeets PA. Empty calories and phantom fullness: a randomized trial studying the relative effects of energy density and viscosity on gastric emptying determined by MRI and satiety. Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 Jul;104(1):73-80. doi:10.3945/ajcn.115.129064.

6: van Meer F, van der Laan LN, Adan RA, Viergever MA, Smeets PA. What you see is what you eat: an ALE meta-analysis of the neural correlates of food viewing in children and adolescents. Neuroimage. 2015 Jan 1;104:35-43. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.09.069.

Research Output (102)

Gastric digestion of whey protein gels:A randomized cross-over trial with the use of MRI

Deng Ruoxuan, Mars Monica, Janssen Anja E.M., Smeets Paul A.M. Aug 2023, In: Food Hydrocolloids. 141

In vitro <sup>1</sup>H MT and CEST MRI mapping of gastro-intestinal milk protein breakdown

Mayar Morwarid, Smeets Paul, van Duynhoven John, Terenzi Camilla Apr 2023, In: Food Structure. 36

The effect of hunger state on hypothalamic functional connectivity in response to food cues

Kullmann Stephanie, Veit Ralf, Crabtree Daniel R, Buosi William, Androutsos Odysseas, Johnstone Alexandra M, Manios Yannis, Preissl Hubert, Smeets Paul A M 3 Sep 2022, In: Human Brain Mapping. 44 , p. 418-428 11 p.

Monitoring pH and whey protein digestion by TD-NMR and MRI in a novel semi-dynamic in vitro gastric simulator (MR-GAS)

Deng Ruoxuan, Seimys Aurimas, Mars Monica, Janssen Anja E.M., Smeets Paul A.M. Apr 2022, In: Food Hydrocolloids. 125

Inhibitory control as a potential treatment target for obesity

de Klerk M T, Smeets Paul, la Fleur S.E. 29 Mar 2022, In: Nutritional Neuroscience. 26 , p. 429-444 16 p.

Non-invasive monitoring of in vitro gastric milk protein digestion kinetics by 1H NMR magnetization transfer

Mayar Morwarid, Miltenburg Julie L, Hettinga Kasper, Smeets Paul A M, van Duynhoven John P M, Terenzi Camilla 24 Feb 2022, In: Food chemistry. 383 , p. 1-10

Reply to Verhoef et al

Sorkin John D, Manary Mark, Smeets Paul A M, MacFarlane Amanda J, Astrup Arne, Prigeon Ronald L, Hogans Beth B, Odle Jack, Davis Teresa A, Tucker Katherine L, Duggan Christopher P, Tobias Deirdre K 1 Feb 2022, In: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 115 , p. 598-600 3 p.

Brain Structure in Acutely Underweight and Partially Weight-Restored Individuals With Anorexia Nervosa:A Coordinated Analysis by the ENIGMA Eating Disorders Working Group

Walton Esther, Bernardoni Fabio, Batury Victoria Luise, Bahnsen Klaas, Larivière Sara, Abbate-Daga Giovanni, Andres-Perpiña Susana, Bang Lasse, Bischoff-Grethe Amanda, Brooks Samantha J., Campbell Iain C., Cascino Giammarco, Castro-Fornieles Josefina, Collantoni Enrico, D'Agata Federico, Dahmen Brigitte, Danner Unna N., Favaro Angela, Feusner Jamie D., Frank Guido K.W., Friederich Hans Christoph, Graner John L., Herpertz-Dahlmann Beate, Hess Andreas, Horndasch Stefanie, Kaplan Allan S., Kaufmann Lisa Katrin, Kaye Walter H., Khalsa Sahib S., LaBar Kevin S., Lavagnino Luca, Lazaro Luisa, Manara Renzo, Miles Amy E., Milos Gabriella F., Monteleone Alessio Maria, Monteleone Palmiero, Mwangi Benson, O'Daly Owen, Pariente Jose, Roesch Julie, Schmidt Ulrike H., Seitz Jochen, Shott Megan E., Simon Joe J., Smeets Paul A.M., Tamnes Christian K., Tenconi Elena, Thomopoulos Sophia I., van Elburg Annemarie A., 2022, In: Biological Psychiatry. 92 , p. 730-738 9 p.

Examining the neural correlates of goal priming with the NeuroShop, a novel virtual reality fMRI paradigm

van der Laan L N, Papies E K, Ly A, Smeets P A M 27 Dec 2021, In: Appetite. 170 , p. 1-9

Correlation between brain function and ADHD symptom changes in children with ADHD following a few-foods diet:an open-label intervention trial

Hontelez Saartje, Stobernack Tim, Pelsser Lidy M., van Baarlen Peter, Frankena Klaas, Groefsema Martine M., Kleerebezem Michiel, Rodrigues Pereira Rob, Postma Elbrich M., Smeets Paul A.M., Stopyra Marion A., Zwiers Marcel P., Aarts Esther Dec 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 , p. 22205

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