prof. dr. ir. H.A. (H.A. (Jet)) Smit

Full Professor

  • Department of Public Health, Healthcare Innovation & Evaluation and Medical Humanities (PHM)
  • Julius Center Research Program Cardiovascular Epidemiology
  • Julius Center Research Program Infectious Diseases

Research Output (181)

Pure Fruit Juice and Fruit Consumption Are Not Associated with Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes after Adjustment for Overall Dietary Quality in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Netherlands (EPIC-NL) Study

Scheffers Floor R, Wijga Alet H, Verschuren W M Monique, van der Schouw Yvonne T, Sluijs Ivonne, Smit Henriëtte A, Boer Jolanda M A 14 jan 2020, In: Journal of Nutrition. 150 , p. 1470-1477 8 p.

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and cardiometabolic outcomes in childhood:A systematic review

Jansen Maria Ac, Pluymen Linda Pm, Dalmeijer Geertje W, Groenhof T Katrien J, Uiterwaal Cuno Spm, Smit Henriëtte A, van Rossem Lenie nov 2019, In: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 26 , p. 1718-1747 30 p.

Role of timing of exposure to pets and dampness or mould on asthma and sensitization in adolescence

Milanzi Edith B, Koppelman Gerard H, Smit Henriette A, Wijga Alet H, Vonk Judith M, Brunekreef Bert, Gehring Ulrike okt 2019, In: Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 49 , p. 1352-1361 10 p.

Breastfeeding and cardiometabolic markers at age 12:a population-based birth cohort study

Pluymen L P M, Wijga A H, Gehring U, Koppelman G H, Smit H A, van Rossem L 1 aug 2019, In: International Journal of Obesity. 43 , p. 1568-1577 10 p.

The pathways from parental and neighbourhood socioeconomic status to adolescent educational attainment:An examination of the role of cognitive ability, teacher assessment, and educational expectations

Weinberg Dominic, Stevens Gonneke W J M, Finkenauer Catrin, Brunekreef Bert, Smit Henriëtte A, Wijga Alet H 22 mei 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14

Does breast milk adiponectin affect BMI and cardio-metabolic markers in childhood?

Van Rossem Lenie, Smit Henriette A., Lentjes Eef G.W.M., Maitimu-Smeele Inge, Brunekreef Bert, Koppelman Gerard H., Wijga Alet H. 28 apr 2019, In: British Journal of Nutrition. 121 , p. 905-913 9 p.

Pure fruit juice and fruit consumption and the risk of CVD:The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Netherlands (EPIC-NL) study

Scheffers Floor R., Boer Jolanda M.A., Verschuren W. M.Monique, Verheus Martijn, Van Der Schouw Yvonne T., Sluijs Ivonne, Smit Henriëtte A., Wijga Alet H. 14 feb 2019, In: British Journal of Nutrition. 121 , p. 351-359 9 p.

Impact of Repeated Influenza Immunization on Respiratory Illness in Children With Preexisting Medical Conditions

de Hoog Marieke L A, Venekamp Roderick P, Damoiseaux Roger A M J, Schilder Anne G M, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Smit Henriette A, Bruijning-Verhagen Patricia C J L jan 2019, In: Annals of Family Medicine. 17 , p. 7-13 7 p.

The associations of air pollution, traffic noise and green space with overweight throughout childhood:The PIAMA birth cohort study

Bloemsma Lizan D., Wijga Alet H., Klompmaker Jochem O., Janssen Nicole A.H., Smit Henriëtte A., Koppelman Gerard H., Brunekreef Bert, Lebret Erik, Hoek Gerard, Gehring Ulrike 20 nov 2018, In: Environmental Research. 169 , p. 348-356 9 p.