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dr. M.C.J.M. (Miriam) Sturkenboom Associate Professor

  • Department of Epidemiology
  • Julius Center Research Program Cardiovascular Epidemiology

M.C.J.M. Sturkenboom



Miriam Sturkenboom is pharmacoepidemiologist. She is professor in Observational Data Analysis and worked until 2017 at the department of Medical Informatics of the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Mid 2017 she transferred to the Global Health Group at the Julius Center at University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. She has a PhD from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Groningen (cum laude), a pharmacy degree from the same University and a Master in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She is past president of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology. She serves as expert to EMA, FDA, WHO and many other organizations

Her research interests focus on transforming real world data into real world evidence on drug use, effectiveness and safety in vulnerable populations (children, pregnancy and elderly). Her research focuses on the creation of international ecosystems that allow for big data mining, pooling and analysis to learn about the use and effects of drugs after marketing. These infrastructures have been tested and used as prototypes in many distributed networks in projects funded by the European Commission, the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the European Medicines Agency, ECDC, and also privately funded projects that she coordinate(d/s). She was coordinator of the IMI funded ADVANCE public private collaboration, aiming to establish a tested system for the monitoring of benefits and risks of vaccines. She is coordinator of the IMI-funded ConcepTION project, building an ecosystem to assess drugs safety in pregnancy and lactation. She is member of the WHO Global Advisory Committee for Vaccine Saftey. In terms of quantitative research outputs: she supervises/d more than 50 PhD students, has more than 400 peer reviewed papers in the area of pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology and medical informatics and an h-index of 74.

Research Output (88)

Obstetrics- versus non-obstetrics-based chart abstractor impact on ability to classify GAIA outcome definitions for potential AEFI in pregnant women and their infants in preparation for use in maternal immunization studies

Kachikis A., Eckert L. O., Munoz F. M., Sienas L., Simon R., Sturkenboom M. C. J. M., Dodd C. N., Jones C. E., Schlaudecker E. P., Khalil A., Yildirim I., Wilcox C. R., Heath P. T., Buttery J., Black S. dec 2019, In: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 221 , p. 692-693

Description of the Risk Management of Medication Errors for Centrally Authorised Products in the European Union

Hoeve Christina E, Francisca Reynold D C, Zomerdijk Inge, Sturkenboom Miriam C J M, Straus Sabine M J M 16 okt 2019, In: Drug Safety. 43 , p. 45-55 11 p.

Exploratory Study of Signals for Asthma Drugs in Children, Using the EudraVigilance Database of Spontaneous Reports

Baan Esmé J, de Smet Veronique A, Hoeve Christina E, Pacurariu Alexandra C, Sturkenboom Miriam C J M, de Jongste Johan C, Janssens Hettie M, Verhamme Katia M C 15 okt 2019, In: Drug Safety. 43 , p. 7-16 10 p.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Safety Warnings on the Risk of Stroke in Older Antipsychotic Users:A Nationwide Cohort Study in Two Large Electronic Medical Records Databases in the United Kingdom and Italy

Sultana Janet, Fontana Andrea, Giorgianni Francesco, Tillati Silvia, Cricelli Claudio, Pasqua Alessandro, Patorno Elisabetta, Ballard Clive, Sturkenboom Miriam, Trifirò Gianluca 25 sep 2019, In: Drug Safety. 42 , p. 1471-1485 15 p.

Estimation of vaccination coverage from electronic healthcare records; methods performance evaluation - A contribution of the ADVANCE-project

Braeye Toon, Bauchau Vincent, Sturkenboom Miriam, Emborg Hanne-Dorthe, García Ana Llorente, Huerta Consuelo, Merino Elisa Martin, Bollaerts Kaatje 18 sep 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14

EU postmarket surveillance plans for medical devices

Pane Josep, Francisca Reynold D. C., Verhamme Katia M. C., Orozco Marcia, Viroux Hilde, Rebollo Irene, Sturkenboom Miriam C. J. M. 1 sep 2019, In: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 28 , p. 1155-1165 11 p.

Post-authorisation amendments to additional risk minimisation measure requirements of medicines authorized in the EU:A cohort study

Francisca Reynold D. C., Baba Emna, Hoeve Christina E., Zomerdijk Inge M., Sturkenboom Miriam C. J. M., Straus Sabine M. J. M. aug 2019, In: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 28 , p. 222-223

Causality assessment of fatal outcomes following vaccination errors reported in EudraVigilance

Hoeve Christina E., Kwa Marcel S. G., Gadroen Kartini, van Haren Anja, Sturkenboom Miriam C. J. M., Straus Sabine M. J. M. aug 2019, In: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 28 , p. 389-390

Adherence trajectories in asthmatic patients

Baan Esme, Karimi Leila, Heeremans Astrid, Brusselle Guy, Sturkenboom Miriam, Janssens Hettie M., Lahousse Lies, de Jongste Johan C., Verhamme Katia aug 2019, In: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 28 , p. 457-457

Reaplicating clinical trial data using RWD

Liaw Kai-Li, Martin David, Franklin Jessica, Sturkenboom Miriam, Iyasu Solomon aug 2019, In: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 28 , p. 241-241

All Research Output (88)
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