prof. dr. M.C.J.M. (Miriam) Sturkenboom

prof. dr. M.C.J.M. (Miriam) Sturkenboom

Full Professor
prof. dr. M.C.J.M. (Miriam) Sturkenboom
  • Julius Center, dept. Data Science & Biostatistics



Miriam Sturkenboom is head of the Department of Datascience and Biostatistics in the Julius Center at University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. She has a PhD from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Groningen (cum laude), a pharmacy degree from the same University and a Master in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She is past president of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology. She served as expert to EMA, FDA, WHO and many other organizations. She was professor of Observational Data Anlysis at the department of Medical Informatics at Erasmus MC till 2017, and currently is professor of Real World Evidence at the University Medical Center Utrecht

Her research interests focus on transforming real world data into real world evidence on drug use, effectiveness and safety in vulnerable populations (children, pregnancy and elderly). Her research focuses on the creation of international ecosystems that allow for big data mining, pooling and analysis to learn about the use and effects of drugs after marketing. These infrastructures have been tested and used as prototypes in many distributed networks in projects funded by the European Commission, the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the European Medicines Agency, ECDC, and also privately funded projects that she coordinate(d/s). She was coordinator of the IMI funded ADVANCE public private collaboration, aiming to establish a tested system for the monitoring of benefits and risks of vaccines. She is coordinator of the IMI-funded ConcepTION project, building an ecosystem to assess drugs safety in pregnancy and lactation. She was member of the WHO Global Advisory Committee for Vaccine Safety. She is president of the Vaccine Monitoring Collaboration for Europe (  and coordinates several studies on COVID019 vaccine safety monitoring for the European Medicines Agency

Side Activities

Freelancer, Coaching persoonlijke groei (Zijnsorientatie). 1 June 2017-now

Freelancer, Consultant Task Force for Global Health USA for SPEAC project (CEPI). 1 June 2017-now

Freelancer, Consultant PHARMO Institute study. 1 June 2017-now

Research Output (143)

Variations across Europe in hospitalization and management of pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 during the initial phase of the pandemic:Multi-national population-based cohort study using the International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems (INOSS)

de Bruin Odette, Engjom Hilde, Vousden Nicola, Ramakrishnan Rema, Aabakke Anna J M, Äyräs Outi, Donati Serena, Jónasdóttir Eva, Knight Marian, Overtoom Evelien M, Salvatore Michele A, Sturkenboom Miriam C J M, Svanvik Teresia, Varpula Reetta, Vercoutere An, Bloemenkamp Kitty W M, Nov 2023, In: Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. 102 , p. 1521-1530 10 p.

Are maternal vaccines effective and safe for mothers and infants?:A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

de Bruin Odette, Phijffer Emily, Ahmadizar Fariba, van der Maas Nicoline, Wildenbeest Joanne, Sturkenboom Miriam, Bont Louis, Bloemenkamp Kitty Oct 2023, In: BMJ global health. 8 14 p.

Impact of the 2018 revised Pregnancy Prevention Programme by the European Medicines Agency on the use of oral retinoids in females of childbearing age in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain:an interrupted time series analysis

Durán Carlos E, Riera-Arnau Judit, Abtahi Shahab, Pajouheshnia Romin, Hoxhaj Vjola, Gamba Magdalena, Alsina Ema, Martin-Perez Mar, Garcia-Poza Patricia, Llorente-Garcia Ana, Gonzalez-Bermejo Diana, Ibánez Luisa, Sabaté Mònica, Vidal Xavier, Ballarín Elena, Sanfélix-Gimeno Gabriel, Rodríguez-Bernal Clara, Peiró Salvador, García-Sempere Aníbal, Sanchez-Saez Francisco, Ientile Valentina, Ingrasciotta Ylenia, Guarneri Claudio, Tanaglia Matilde, Tari Michele, Herings Ron, Houben Eline, Swart-Polinder Karin, Holthuis Emily, Huerta Consuelo, Gini Rosa, Roberto Giuseppe, Bartolini Claudia, Paoletti Olga, Limoncella Giorgio, Girardi Anna, Hyeraci Giulia, Andersen Morten, Kristiansen Sarah Brøgger, Hallgreen Christine Erikstrup, Klungel Olaf, Sturkenboom Miriam 17 Aug 2023, In: Frontiers in Pharmacology. 14 , p. 1-12 12 p.

Evolution of National Guidelines on Medicines Used to Treat COVID-19 in Pregnancy in 2020-2022:A Scoping Review

Maisonneuve Emeline, de Bruin Odette, Favre Guillaume, Goncé Anna, Donati Serena, Engjom Hilde, Hurley Eimir, Al-Fadel Nouf, Siiskonen Satu, Bloemenkamp Kitty, Nordeng Hedvig, Sturkenboom Miriam, Baud David, Panchaud Alice 6 Jul 2023, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 12 27 p.

Stimulating solidarity to improve knowledge on medications used during pregnancy:A contribution from the ConcePTION project

Hollestelle Marieke J, van der Graaf Rieke, Sturkenboom Miriam Cjm, van Delden Johannes Jm 27 Jun 2023, In: BMC Medical Ethics. 24 , p. 1-9 9 p.

Impact of 2018 EU Risk Minimisation Measures and Revised Pregnancy Prevention Programme on Utilisation and Prescribing Trends of Medicinal Products Containing Valproate:An Interrupted Time Series Study

Abtahi Shahab, Pajouheshnia Romin, Durán Carlos E, Riera-Arnau Judit, Gamba Magdalena, Alsina Ema, Hoxhaj Vjola, Andersen Morten, Bartolini Claudia, Kristiansen Sarah Brøgger, Brown Jeremy, Hallgreen Christine Erikstrup, Garcia-Poza Patricia, Gardarsdottir Helga, Gini Rosa, Girardi Anna, Holthuis Emily, Huerta Consuelo, Ibánez Luisa, Limoncella Giorgio, Martín-Pérez Mar, Paoletti Olga, Roberto Giuseppe, Souverein Patrick, Swart Karin M A, Wing Kevin, Sturkenboom Miriam, Klungel Olaf 9 Jun 2023, In: Drug Safety. 46 , p. 689-702 14 p.

COVID-19-related medicine utilization study in pregnancy:The COVI-PREG cohort

Favre Guillaume, Gerbier Eva, Maisonneuve Emeline, Pomar Léo, Winterfeld Ursula, Lepigeon Karine, Bloemenkamp Kitty W.M., de Bruin Odette, Eimir Hurley, Nordeng Hedvig, Siiskonen Satu J., Sturkenboom Miriam C.J.M., Baud David, Panchaud Alice, Hadar Eran, Goncé Anna, Castillo Karen, Gratacós Eduard, Poncelet Christophe, Surita Fernanda, Dantas-Silva Amanda, Luz Adriana, Ribeiro-do-Valle Carolina, Borrelli Carolina, Quibel Thibaud, de Tejada Begoña Martinez, Campelo Sonia, Othenin-Girard Véronique, Hcini Najeh, Lambert Veronique, Schäffer Leonhard, Hernadi Anett, Nieto-Calvache Albaro José, Sinisterra-Díaz Stiven Ernesto, Maya Juliana, Pérez Paola Marsela, Bryon Adriana Messa, de Santis Marco, de Luca Carmen, Etchegaray Adolfo, Moren Juliana, Mousavi Sayed Hamid, Qaderi Shohra, Delsoz Mohammad, Eggel Beatrice, Geary Michael, Donnelly Jennifer, Kennelly Maria, Salameh Fadi Tamas, Mccarthy Claire, May 2023, In: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 89 , p. 1560-1574 15 p.

Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines Among the Paediatric Population:Analysis of the European Surveillance Systems and Pivotal Clinical Trials

Ahmadizar Fariba, Luxi Nicoletta, Raethke Monika, Schmikli Sandor, Riefolo Fabio, Saraswati Putri Widi, Bucsa Camelia, Osman Alhadi, Liddiard Megan, Maques Francisco Batel, Petrelli Giuliana, Sonderlichová Simona, Thurin Nicolas H, Villalobos Felipe, Trifirò Gianluca, Sturkenboom Miriam, 27 Apr 2023, In: Drug Safety. 46 , p. 575-585 11 p.

Respiratory syncytial virus vaccination during pregnancy for improving infant outcomes

Phijffer Emily, de Bruin Odette, Wildenbeest Joanne G., Bont Louis J., Sturkenboom Miriam C.J.M., Van der Maas Nicoline A.T., Ahmadizar Fariba, Bloemenkamp Kitty W.M. 21 Oct 2022, In: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2022

Alignment of vaccine codes using an ontology of vaccine descriptions

Becker Benedikt F. H., Kors Jan A., van Mulligen Erik M., Sturkenboom Miriam C. J. M. 18 Oct 2022, In: JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL SEMANTICS. 13 , p. 1-12

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