dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax

dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax

Assistant Professor
dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax
  • Image Sciences Institute

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I have received my masters in Medical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012 and PhD in Medical Imaging (with a focus on diffusion MRI) in 2016 at the UMCU. Since then, I have been working at CUBRIC, Cardiff University in the UK on extracting new information from multi-contrast MRI experiments with the ultra-strong gradient Connectom MRI scanner. I am interested in optimising different aspects of the preprocessing and analysis pipeline, as  well as applying differential geometric methods to diffusion MRI data. My work at the Image Sciences Institute focuses on optimising MRI experiment design for MRI scanners with clinical gradient systems.

Research Output (47)

Structural magnetic resonance imaging in dystonia:A systematic review of methodological approaches and findings

MacIver Claire L., Tax Chantal M.W., Jones Derek K., Peall Kathryn J. Nov 2022, In: European Journal of Neurology. 29 , p. 3418-3448 31 p.

Surface-based tracking for short association fibre tractography

Shastin Dmitri, Genc Sila, Parker Greg D., Koller Kristin, Tax Chantal M.W., Evans John, Hamandi Khalid, Gray William P., Jones Derek K., Chamberland Maxime 15 Oct 2022, In: NeuroImage. 260

Mapping the human connectome using diffusion MRI at 300 mT/m gradient strength:Methodological advances and scientific impact

Fan Qiuyun, Eichner Cornelius, Afzali Maryam, Mueller Lars, Tax Chantal M.W., Davids Mathias, Mahmutovic Mirsad, Keil Boris, Bilgic Berkin, Setsompop Kawin, Lee Hong Hsi, Tian Qiyuan, Maffei Chiara, Ramos-Llordén Gabriel, Nummenmaa Aapo, Witzel Thomas, Yendiki Anastasia, Song Yi Qiao, Huang Chu Chung, Lin Ching Po, Weiskopf Nikolaus, Anwander Alfred, Jones Derek K., Rosen Bruce R., Wald Lawrence L., Huang Susie Y. 1 Jul 2022, In: NeuroImage. 254 , p. 1-24

Physiological effects of human body imaging with 300 mT/m gradients

Molendowska Malwina, Fasano Fabrizio, Rudrapatna Umesh, Kimmlingen Ralph, Jones Derek K., Kusmia Slawomir, Tax Chantal M.W., Evans C. John May 2022, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 87 , p. 2512-2520 9 p.

What's new and what's next in diffusion MRI preprocessing

Tax Chantal M.W., Bastiani Matteo, Veraart Jelle, Garyfallidis Eleftherios, Okan Irfanoglu M. 1 Apr 2022, In: NeuroImage. 249 , p. 1-35

Improved neonatal brain MRI segmentation by interpolation of motion corrupted slices

Verschuur Anouk S, Boswinkel Vivian, Tax Chantal M W, van Osch Jochen A C, Nijholt Ingrid M, Slump Cornelis H, de Vries Linda S, van Wezel-Meijler Gerda, Leemans Alexander, Boomsma Martijn F 7 Mar 2022, In: Journal of Neuroimaging. 32 , p. 480-492 13 p.

Prevalence of white matter pathways coming into a single white matter voxel orientation:The bottleneck issue in tractography

Schilling Kurt G., Tax Chantal M.W., Rheault Francois, Landman Bennett A., Anderson Adam W., Descoteaux Maxime, Petit Laurent Mar 2022, In: Human Brain Mapping. 43 , p. 1196-1213 18 p.

Proceedings of the 13th International Newborn Brain Conference:Neuro-imaging studies

Abramsky Ramy et al. 2022, In: Journal of neonatal-perinatal medicine. 15 , p. 389-409 21 p.

Fiber tractography bundle segmentation depends on scanner effects, vendor effects, acquisition resolution, diffusion sampling scheme, diffusion sensitization, and bundle segmentation workflow

Schilling Kurt G, Tax Chantal M W, Rheault Francois, Hansen Colin, Yang Qi, Yeh Fang-Cheng, Cai Leon, Anderson Adam W, Landman Bennett A 15 Nov 2021, In: NeuroImage. 242 , p. 1-19

Tractography dissection variability:What happens when 42 groups dissect 14 white matter bundles on the same dataset?

Schilling Kurt G., Rheault François, Petit Laurent, Hansen Colin B., Nath Vishwesh, Yeh Fang Cheng, Girard Gabriel, Barakovic Muhamed, Rafael-Patino Jonathan, Yu Thomas, Fischi-Gomez Elda, Pizzolato Marco, Ocampo-Pineda Mario, Schiavi Simona, Canales-Rodríguez Erick J., Daducci Alessandro, Granziera Cristina, Innocenti Giorgio, Thiran Jean Philippe, Mancini Laura, Wastling Stephen, Cocozza Sirio, Petracca Maria, Pontillo Giuseppe, Mancini Matteo, Vos Sjoerd B., Vakharia Vejay N., Duncan John S., Melero Helena, Manzanedo Lidia, Sanz-Morales Emilio, Peña-Melián Ángel, Calamante Fernando, Attyé Arnaud, Cabeen Ryan P., Korobova Laura, Toga Arthur W., Vijayakumari Anupa Ambili, Parker Drew, Verma Ragini, Radwan Ahmed, Sunaert Stefan, Emsell Louise, De Luca Alberto, Leemans Alexander, Bajada Claude J., Haroon Hamied, Tax Chantal M.W., Fernandes Francisco Guerreiro, Raemaekers Mathijs, Nov 2021, In: NeuroImage. 243 , p. 1-18

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