dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax

Assistant Professor

  • Image Sciences Institute

dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax




I have received my masters in Medical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012 and PhD in Medical Imaging (with a focus on diffusion MRI) in 2016 at the UMCU. Since then, I have been working at CUBRIC, Cardiff University in the UK on extracting new information from multi-contrast MRI experiments with the ultra-strong gradient Connectom MRI scanner. I am interested in optimising different aspects of the preprocessing and analysis pipeline, as  well as applying differential geometric methods to diffusion MRI data. My work at the Image Sciences Institute focuses on optimising MRI experiment design for MRI scanners with clinical gradient systems.

Research Output (23)

Automated characterization of noise distributions in diffusion MRI data

St-Jean SJGRY, de Luca A, Tax Chantal, Viergever Max A., Leemans Alexander 17 jun 2020, In: Medical Image Analysis. 65 18 p.

Author Correction:The challenge of mapping the human connectome based on diffusion tractography (Nature Communications, (2017), 8, 1, (1349), 10.1038/s41467-017-01285-x)

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Cross-scanner and cross-protocol diffusion MRI data harmonisation:A benchmark database and evaluation of algorithms

Tax Chantal Mw, Grussu Francesco, Kaden Enrico, Ning Lipeng, Rudrapatna Umesh, Evans John, St-Jean Samuel, Leemans Alexander, Koppers Simon, Merhof Dorit, Ghosh Aurobrata, Tanno Ryutaro, Alexander Daniel C, Zappalà Stefano, Charron Cyril, Kusmia Slawomir, Linden David Ej, Jones Derek K, Veraart Jelle 15 jul 2019, In: NeuroImage. 195 , p. 285-299

Muti-shell Diffusion MRI Harmonisation and Enhancement Challenge (MUSHAC):Progress and Results

Ning Lipeng, Bonet-Carne Elisenda, Grussu Francesco, Sepehrband Farshid, Kaden Enrico, Veraart Jelle, Blumberg Stefano B., Khoo Can Son, Palombo Marco, Coll-Font Jaume, Scherrer Benoit, Warfield Simon K., Karayumak Suheyla Cetin, Rathi Yogesh, Koppers Simon, Weninger Leon, Ebert Julia, Merhof Dorit, Moyer Daniel, Pietsch Maximilian, Christiaens Daan, Teixeira Rui, Tournier Jacques Donald, Zhylka Andrey, Pluim Josien, Parker Greg, Rudrapatna Umesh, Evans John, Charron Cyril, Jones Derek K., Tax Chantal W.M. 1 jan 2019, p. 217-224 8 p.

Fast and accurate Slicewise OutLIer Detection (SOLID) with informed model estimation for diffusion MRI data

Sairanen V., Leemans A., Tax C. M.W. 1 nov 2018, In: NeuroImage. 181 , p. 331-346 16 p.

Obtaining representative core streamlines for white matter tractometry of the human brain

Chamberland Maxime, St-jean Samuel, Tax Chantal M W, Derek K 2018, p. 359-366 8 p.

The challenge of mapping the human connectome based on diffusion tractography

Maier-Hein Klaus H et al. 7 nov 2017, In: Nature Communications [E]. 8

Quantifying the brain's sheet structure with normalized convolution

Tax Chantal M.W., Westin Carl Fredrik, Dela Haije Tom, Fuster Andrea, Viergever Max A., Calabrese Evan, Florack Luc, Leemans Alexander 1 jul 2017, In: Medical Image Analysis. 39 , p. 162-177 16 p.

"MASSIVE" Brain Dataset:Multiple Acquisitions for Standardization of Structural Imaging Validation and Evaluation

Froeling Martijn, Tax Chantal M W, Vos Sjoerd B., Luijten Peter R., Leemans Alexander mei 2017, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 77 , p. 1797-1809

The importance of correcting for signal drift in diffusion MRI

Vos Sjoerd B, Tax Chantal M W, Luijten Peter R, Ourselin Sebastien, Leemans Alexander, Froeling Martijn jan 2017, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 77 , p. 285-299 15 p.

All Research Output (23)