dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax

dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax

Assistant Professor
dr. ir. C.M.W. (Chantal) Tax
  • Image Sciences Institute

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



I have received my masters in Medical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012 and PhD in Medical Imaging (with a focus on diffusion MRI) in 2016 at the UMCU. Since then, I have been working at CUBRIC, Cardiff University in the UK on extracting new information from multi-contrast MRI experiments with the ultra-strong gradient Connectom MRI scanner. I am interested in optimising different aspects of the preprocessing and analysis pipeline, as  well as applying differential geometric methods to diffusion MRI data. My work at the Image Sciences Institute focuses on optimising MRI experiment design for MRI scanners with clinical gradient systems.

Research Output (37)

Fiber tractography bundle segmentation depends on scanner effects, vendor effects, acquisition resolution, diffusion sampling scheme, diffusion sensitization, and bundle segmentation workflow

Schilling Kurt G, Tax Chantal M W, Rheault Francois, Hansen Colin, Yang Qi, Yeh Fang-Cheng, Cai Leon, Anderson Adam W, Landman Bennett A 15 nov 2021, In: NeuroImage. 242 , p. 118451

Measuring compartmental T-2-orientational dependence in human brain white matter using a tiltable RF coil and diffusion-T-2 correlation MRI

Tax Chantal M. W., Kleban Elena, Chamberland Maxime, Barakovic Muhamed, Rudrapatna Umesh, Jones Derek K. 1 aug 2021, In: NeuroImage. 236 , p. 1-18 18 p.

Resolving bundle-specific intra-axonal T2 values within a voxel using diffusion-relaxation tract-based estimation

Barakovic Muhamed, Tax Chantal M W, Rudrapatna Umesh, Chamberland Maxime, Rafael-Patino Jonathan, Granziera Cristina, Thiran Jean-Philippe, Daducci Alessandro, Canales-Rodríguez Erick J, Jones Derek K 15 feb 2021, In: NeuroImage. 227 , p. 117617

MICRA:Microstructural image compilation with repeated acquisitions

Koller Kristin, Rudrapatna Umesh, Chamberland Maxime, Raven Erika P, Parker Greg D, Tax Chantal M W, Drakesmith Mark, Fasano Fabrizio, Owen David, Hughes Garin, Charron Cyril, Evans C John, Jones Derek K 15 jan 2021, In: NeuroImage. 225 , p. 117406

Fiber orientation distribution from diffusion MRI:Effects of inaccurate response function calibration

Guo Fenghua, Tax Chantal M W, De Luca Alberto, Viergever Max A, Heemskerk Anneriet, Leemans Alexander 2021, In: Journal of Neuroimaging. 31 , p. 1082-1098 17 p.

Repeatability of Soma and Neurite Metrics in Cortical and Subcortical Grey Matter

Genc Sila, Chamberland Maxime, Koller Kristin, Tax Chantal M.W., Zhang Hui, Palombo Marco, Jones Derek K. 2021, p. 135-145 11 p.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of T<sub>2</sub> - and Diffusion Anisotropy Using a Tiltable Receive Coil

Tax Chantal M.W., Kleban Elena, Baraković Muhamed, Chamberland Maxime, Jones Derek K. 2021, p. 247-262 16 p.

Cross-scanner and cross-protocol multi-shell diffusion MRI data harmonization:Algorithms and results

Ning Lipeng, Bonet-Carne Elisenda, Grussu Francesco, Sepehrband Farshid, Kaden Enrico, Veraart Jelle, Blumberg Stefano B, Khoo Can Son, Palombo Marco, Kokkinos Iasonas, Alexander Daniel C, Coll-Font Jaume, Scherrer Benoit, Warfield Simon K, Karayumak Suheyla Cetin, Rathi Yogesh, Koppers Simon, Weninger Leon, Ebert Julia, Merhof Dorit, Moyer Daniel, Pietsch Maximilian, Christiaens Daan, Gomes Teixeira Rui Azeredo, Tournier Jacques-Donald, Schilling Kurt G, Huo Yuankai, Nath Vishwesh, Hansen Colin, Blaber Justin, Landman Bennett A, Zhylka Andrey, Pluim Josien P W, Parker Greg, Rudrapatna Umesh, Evans John, Charron Cyril, Jones Derek K, Tax Chantal M W 1 nov 2020, In: NeuroImage. 221 , p. 117128

A deep learning-based method for improving reliability of multicenter diffusion kurtosis imaging with varied acquisition protocols

Tong Qiqi, Gong Ting, He Hongjian, Wang Zheng, Yu Wenwen, Zhang Jianjun, Zhai Lihao, Cui Hongsheng, Meng Xin, Tax Chantal W M, Zhong Jianhui nov 2020, In: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 73 , p. 31-44 14 p.

Strong diffusion gradients allow the separation of intra- and extra -axonal gradient -echo signals in the human brain

Kleban Elena, Tax Chantal M. W., Rudrapatna Umesh S., Jones Derek K., Bowtell Richard 15 aug 2020, In: NeuroImage. 217

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