prof. dr. S.C.C.M. (Saskia C.C.M.) Teunissen

Full Professor

  • Department of General Practice
  • Julius Center Research Program Cancer

prof. dr. S.C.C.M. (Saskia C.C.M.) Teunissen

Research Programs


Saskia Teunissen, is appointed as professor in palliative care and hospice care since 2014. She is an oncologynurse and health care scientist and an expert in palliative care for over 30 years.

The scope of her work has a patient-family oriented profile and an interdisciplinary transmural approach. Her research, innovation and education focuses on symptommanagement and interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in palliative care at home, in hospices, in nursing homes and hospitals. Besides the hybride approach of hospice care as a specific concept in palliative care and homecare for patients in the terminal phase of life is a specific topic in her work.

She is responsible for the UMC Utrecht Center of Expertise of Palliative Care and the collaboration of regional partners in palliative care, the consortium Septet. 

She is director of the academic hospice Demeter (De Bilt) and one of the founders of the Dutch Association of Hospicecare and the multiprofessional organisation Palliactief.

To close the loop between research, education and patient care she is member of the board of directors of Palliatieve Zorg Nederland (PZNL).



Side Activities

  • Member ZonMw committee National Programme on Palliative Care, Palliantie.

    Expert member Dutch Association for Hospicecare

    Board member Palliactief. Multidisciplinary association on palliative care.

    Member scientific board committee National Society of Nursing V&VN

    Member advisory committee Chapter Oncologynursing Society V&VN

    Member advisory committee Chapter Palliative Care V&VN

    Board member Dutch School for Gynaeco-oncology and Pelvic Surgery. Volunteering projects on oncology nursing courses in Indonesia.

Fellowship and Awards

  • 1989:  Ventafridda palliative care visiting award (EAPC chapter Milano)

    1999:  Orion personal development award (V&VN), a two-year leadership program

    2007:  Boerhave ‘Serviendo Consumor’ oeuvre award (UMC Utrecht)


Research Output (68)

What do Future Hospice Patients Expect of Hospice Care:Expectations of Patients in the Palliative Phase Who Might be in Need of Hospice Care in the Future: A Qualitative Exploration

van Klinken Merel, de Graaf Everlien, Bressers Rick, Koorn Remco, van der Baan Frederieke, Teunissen Saskia 1 jun 2020, In: The American journal of hospice & palliative care. 37 , p. 439-447 9 p.

Who Are Hospice Patients and What Care Is Provided in Hospices?:A Pilot Study

Koorn Remco M, van Klinken Merel, de Graaf Everlien, Bressers Rick E G W, Jobse Adri P, van der Baan Frederieke, Teunissen Saskia C C M 13 dec 2019, In: The American journal of hospice & palliative care. 37 , p. 448-454 7 p.

Olanzapine Versus Haloperidol for Treatment of Delirium in Patients with Advanced Cancer:A Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial

van der Vorst Maurice J D L, Neefjes Elisabeth C W, Boddaert Manon S A, Verdegaal Bea A T T, Beeker Aart, Teunissen Saskia C C, Beekman Aartjan T F, Wilschut Janneke A, Berkhof Johannes, Zuurmond Wouter W A, Verheul Henk M W 4 dec 2019, In: Oncologist. 25 , p. e570-e577 8 p.

Rouwzorg aan ouders die een kind verliezen: belemmerende en bevorderende factoren en ervaren conflicten.

Kochen Eline, Teunissen Saskia C.C.M., Jenken Floor, de Jonge Roos, Benders M, Boelen Paul, Grootenhuis Martha, Kars Marijke C nov 2019,

Als een kind overlijdt: Systematische review naar oudergerichte rouwzorginterventies en hun onderbouwing

Kochen Eline, Jenken Floor, Boelen Paul, Deben Laura, Fahner Jurrianne, van den Hoogen Agnes, Teunissen Saskia C.C.M., Geleijns Karin, Kars MC nov 2019,

Patient reported outcomes during immunotherapy: Symptom burden in daily clinical practice

Koldenhof J. J., Verberne E. G., Verheijden R. J., Tonk E., van der Baan F. H., van Lindert A., van der Stap J., Teunissen S. C., Witteveen P. O., Suijkerbuijk K. P. M. okt 2019, In: Annals of Oncology. 30 , p. 837-837

Barriers to ideal palliative care in multiple care settings:the nurses' point of view

Uitdehaag Madeleen J, Stellato Rebecca K, Lugtig Peter, Olden Thirza, Teunissen Saskia 2 jun 2019, In: International journal of palliative nursing. 25 , p. 294-305 12 p.

Accuracy of the Delirium Observational Screening Scale (DOS) as a screening tool for delirium in patients with advanced cancer

Neefjes Elisabeth C.W., Van Der Vorst Maurice J.D.L., Boddaert Manon S.A., Verdegaal Bea A.T.T., Beeker Aart, Teunissen Saskia C.C., Beekman Aartjan T.F., Zuurmond Wouter W.A., Berkhof Johannes, Verheul Henk M.W. 19 feb 2019, In: BMC Cancer. 19

Patients’ Needs Regarding Anxiety Management in Palliative Cancer Care:A Qualitative Study in a Hospice Setting

Zweers Danielle, de Graeff Alexander, Duijn Jette, de Graaf Everlien, Witteveen Petronella O., Teunissen Saskia C.C.M. 1 jan 2019, In: American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. 36 , p. 947-954 8 p.

De inhoudsvaliditeit van het Utrecht Symptoom Dagboek - 4 Dimensioneel, een kwalitatieve studie

de Vries Sita, Lormans Tom, de Graaf Everlien, Leget C.J.W., Teunissen Saskia C.C.M. 2019, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Palliatieve Zorg [E]. 16 , p. 114-115 2 p.

All Research Output (68)