dr. R.T. (Rolf) Urbanus

Associate Professor

  • Hematology/Van Creveldclinic

dr. R.T. (Rolf) Urbanus

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Rolf Urbanus obtained his PhD at the department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology of the UMC Utrecht on a dissertation entitled “Arterial Thrombosis in the Antiphospholipid Syndrome” in 2008. Following a period as a Postdoctoral Fellow, he became an Assistant Professor at the same department in 2011 to establish his own research line. When Rolf joined the Van Creveldkliniek in 2018, an existing fruitful collaboration was formalized and the Van Creveld laboratory for Thrombosis and Haemostasis was founded. Rolf’s current research focusses on the (patho)physiology of thrombosis and haemostasis, with an emphasis on rare thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders. Special interests are the autoimmune disorder Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) and inherited platelet function defects.

Research Output (95)

Congenital platelet disorders and health status-related quality of life

Blaauwgeers Maaike W, Kruip Marieke J H A, Beckers Erik A M, Coppens Michiel, Eikenboom Jeroen, van Galen Karin P M, Tamminga Rienk Y J, Urbanus Rolf T, Schutgens Roger E G, jan 2020, In: Research and practice in thrombosis and haemostasis. 4 , p. 100-105 6 p.

Platelet RNA modules point to coronary calcification in asymptomatic women with former preeclampsia

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A head-to-head comparison of conjugation methods for VHHs:Random maleimide-thiol coupling versus controlled click chemistry

van Moorsel Marc V.A., Urbanus Rolf T., Verhoef S., Koekman C. A., Vink Maurice, Vermonden T., Maas Coen, Pasterkamp Gerard, Schiffelers Raymond M. 1 dec 2019, In: International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X. 1

Heparin Forms Polymers with Cell-free DNA Which Elongate Under Shear in Flowing Blood

de Vries Joost C, Barendrecht Arjan D, Clark Chantal C, Urbanus Rolf T, Boross Peter, de Maat Steven, Maas Coen 1 dec 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9

Transforming growth factor-beta profiles correlate with clinical symptoms and parameters of haemostasis and inflammation in a controlled human malaria infection

de Jong Gerdie M, McCall Matthew B B, Dik Willem A, Urbanus Rolf T, Wammes Linda J, Koelewijn Rob, Sauerwein Robert W, Verbon Annelies, van Hellemond Jaap J, van Genderen Perry J J 13 sep 2019, In: Cytokine. 125

Haemostatic changes in urogenital schistosomiasis haematobium:a case-control study in Gabonese schoolchildren

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Detection of Anti-Cardiolipin and Anti-β2glycoprotein I Antibodies Differs between Platforms without Influence on Association with Clinical Symptoms

Chayoua Walid, Kelchtermans Hilde, Moore Gary W, Gris Jean-Christophe, Musial Jacek, Wahl Denis, Zuily Stéphane, Gianniello Francesca, Fontana Pierre, Remijn Jasper, Urbanus Rolf T, de Laat Bas, Devreese Katrien M J mei 2019, In: Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 119 , p. 797-806 10 p.

Diagnosing and treating antiphospholipid syndrome:a consensus paper

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Desialylation of platelets induced by Von Willebrand Factor is a novel mechanism of platelet clearance in dengue

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The influence of hypoxia on platelet function and plasmatic coagulation during systemic inflammation in humans in vivo

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