prof. dr. C.K. (Cornelis) van der Ent

Full Professor

  • Pulmonology patient care
  • Speerpunt Child Health

prof. dr. C.K. (Cornelis) van der Ent




The research interests of professor Kors van der Ent focus on the themes Cystic Fibrosis and other bronchusobstructive diseseases in young children. He is the leader of the national HIT-CF program which focuses on the development and personalised application of new drugs influencing the basis genetic defect in patients with CF. This program includes both mechanistic studies in collaboration with the Hubrecht lab and the Byvoet Center as well as studies into host pathogen interaction in collaboration with the veterinary faculty of the Utrecht University. Clinical studies are performed in close collaboration with other CF-centres throughout Europe. Furthermore, he was the founder of the Whistler birth cohort, in which thousands of children are followed from birth to study determinants of the development of respiratory diseases. These cohorts mirror normal development to understand mechanisms in disease.

Kors van der Ent has special interest in innovation and valorisation in medical care and believes in creation of hospital networks to build the future medical care system for children. He successfully developed new devices to measure neonatal lung function, which were launched to the market. He also developed the Luchtwegportaal, an interactive web-based system to collect patient data regarding respiratory diseases in many hospitals in The Netherlands.

Side Activities

  • Chairman of Cystic Fibrosis Center Utrecht

    Chairman of Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Research Network

    Member of Medical Advisory Board Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Committee

    Member of Research committee Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht

    Member of Medical Ethical Committee University Medical Center Utrecht

    Medical advisor of Sioux CCM

    Board Member of Malawi Mission Work Team

    Reviewer for Am J Resp Crit Care Med, European Respir J and many others


Fellowship and Awards

  • European CF young investigator meeting award 2011. A functional CFTR assay using primary cystic fibrosis organoids

    European CF basic science meeting award 2011. Treatment with VX809 and VX770 in rectal CF organoids expressing  uncommon CFTR genotypes

    European CF basic science meeting award 2012. Characterizing altered inflammatory signaling in CFTR-defective

    bronchial epithelial cells

    National symposium Dutch CF foundation award 2011. Complement mediated phagocytosis is reduced in CF monocytes.

Research Output (496)

Clinical effects of the three CFTR potentiator treatments curcumin, genistein and ivacaftor in patients with the CFTR-S1251N gating mutation

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Three-year follow-up after peanut food challenges:Accidental reactions in allergic children and introduction failure in tolerant children

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Clinical effect of lumacaftor/ivacaftor in F508del homozygous CF patients with FEV<sub>1</sub> ≥ 90% predicted at baseline

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Fatigue in Children Post-Cancer Treatment and Other Long-Term Diseases

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Excess early postnatal weight gain and blood pressure in healthy young children

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Aalbers B., de Winter-de Groot K., Arets B., Hofland R., Kiviet C. D., Oirschot M., V, Kruijswijk M., Schotman S., Heida-Michel S., van der Ent K., Heijerman H. okt 2019, In: Pediatric Pulmonology. 54 , p. S342-S342

All Research Output (496)