G.J. (dr. Gisela) van der Velden PhD

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  • Master Degree Course Biomedical Sciences

G.J. (dr. Gisela) van der Velden PhD


Gisela was trained as a biomedical researcher and has researched HIV/AIDS (PhD, AMC Amsterdam) and antibiotic resistance (post-doc, Hubrecht Institute). From 2015-2020 she is a policy adviser for the Bachelor programme Biomedical Sciences. In her role she was responsible for a number of portfolios, including Internationalisation, Selection and admissions, the programme's Strategic Plan, the Education and Examination Regulations and she contributed actively to the taskforce Diversity and Inclusion of UMC Utrecht. Since April 2020 she is Assistant Professor Education Innovation for the master's programme Biomedical Sciences, where she develops education on Diversity and Inclusion in research. She also researches the interventions. Her contributions to the taskforce D&I UMC Utrecht continue and she also represents the Faculty of Medicine at the meetings for the Faculty Coordinators Diversity of UU.