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dr. ir. M.P.P. (Myrthe) van Herk-Sukel

Research Output (31)

Prescriber Compliance With Liver Monitoring Guidelines for Pazopanib in the Postapproval Setting:Results From a Distributed Research Network

Shantakumar Sumitra, Nordstrom Beth L, Hall Susan A, Djousse Luc, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe P P, Fraeman Kathy H, Gagnon David R, Chagin Karen, Nelson Jeanenne J 1 mrt 2019, In: Journal of Patient Safety. 15 , p. 55-60 6 p.

Type 2 Diabetes, but Not Insulin (Analog) Treatment, Is Associated With More Advanced Stages of Breast Cancer:A National Linkage of Cancer and Pharmacy Registries

Overbeek Jetty A, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe P P, Vissers Pauline A J, van der Heijden Amber A W A, Bronsveld Heleen K, Herings Ron M C, Schmidt Marjanka K, Nijpels Giel 24 jan 2019, In: Diabetes Care. 42 , p. 434-442 9 p.

Incidence of cardiovascular disease up to 13 year after cancer diagnosis:A matched cohort study among 32 757 cancer survivors

Schoormans Dounya, Vissers Pauline A J, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe P P, Denollet Johan, Pedersen Susanne S, Dalton Susanne O, Rottmann Nina, van de Poll-Franse Lonneke okt 2018, In: Cancer Medicine. 7 , p. 4952-4963 12 p.

Risk of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors on site-specific cancer:A systematic review and meta-analysis

Overbeek Jetty A, Bakker Marina, van der Heijden Amber A W A, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe P P, Herings Ron M C, Nijpels Giel jul 2018, In: Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews. 34 , p. e3004

No Evidence for an Association Between Renal Function and Serious Bleeding Events in Patients Treated With Coumarins:A Population-Based Study

Houben Eline, Smits Elisabeth, Overbeek Jetty A, Penning-van Beest Fernie J A, Herings Ron M C, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe P P, Teichert Martina, de Smet Peter A G M mrt 2018, In: Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 52 , p. 221-234 14 p.

Changes in glucose-lowering drug use before and after cancer diagnosis in patients with diabetes

Zanders M. M.J., Haak H. R., van Herk-Sukel M. P.P., Herings R. M.C., van de Poll-Franse L. V., Johnson J. A. 1 feb 2018, In: Diabetes and Metabolism. 44 , p. 22-29 8 p.

A cohort study on the risk of lymphoma and skin cancer in users of topical tacrolimus, pimecrolimus, and corticosteroids (Joint European Longitudinal Lymphoma and Skin Cancer Evaluation - JOELLE study)

Castellsague Jordi, Kuiper Josephina G, Pottegård Anton, Anveden Berglind Ingegärd, Dedman Daniel, Gutierrez Lia, Calingaert Brian, van Herk-Sukel Myrthe Pp, Hallas Jesper, Sundström Anders, Gallagher Arlene M, Kaye James A, Pardo Carolina, Rothman Kenneth J, Perez-Gutthann Susana 2018, In: Clinical Epidemiology. 10 , p. 299-310 12 p.

Impact of detection bias on the risk of gastrointestinal cancer and its subsites in type 2 diabetes mellitus

de Jong R. G.P.J., Burden A. M., de Kort S., van Herk-Sukel M. P.P., Vissers P. A.J., Janssen P. K.C., Haak H. R., Masclee A. A.M., de Vries F., Janssen-Heijnen M. L.G. 1 jul 2017, In: European Journal of Cancer. 79 , p. 61-71 11 p.

The difference in association between aspirin use and other thrombocyte aggregation inhibitors and survival in patients with colorectal cancer

Frouws M. A., Rademaker E., Bastiaannet E., van Herk-Sukel M. P P, Lemmens V. E., Van de Velde C. J H, Portielje J. E A, Liefers G. J. 1 mei 2017, In: European Journal of Cancer. 77 , p. 24-30 7 p.

Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in the Netherlands:a population-based study on treatment patterns and outcomes

Houben E, van Haalen H G M, Sparreboom W, Overbeek J A, Ezendam N P M, Pijnenborg J M A, Severens J L, van Herk-Sukel M P P apr 2017, In: Medical Oncology. 34 , p. 50

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