dr. A. (Alain) van Mil

dr. A. (Alain) van Mil

Assistant Professor
dr. A. (Alain) van Mil
  • Department of Experimental Cardiology



Regenerative Medicine Center UMC Utrecht

Department of Cardiology

Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology


Research Output (51)

Convergence of melt electrowriting and extrusion-based bioprinting for vascular patterning of a myocardial construct

Ainsworth Madison Jade, Chirico Nino, de Ruijter Mylène, Hrynevich Andrei, Dokter Inge, Sluijter Joost P.G., Malda Jos, van Mil Alain, Castilho Miguel 1 Jul 2023, In: Biofabrication. 15

Generation, High-Throughput Screening, and Biobanking of Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Spheroids

Maas Renee G C, Beekink Tess, Chirico Nino, Snijders Blok Christian J B, Dokter Inge, Sampaio-Pinto Vasco, van Mil Alain, Doevendans Pieter A, Buikema Jan W, Sluijter Joost P G, Stillitano Francesca 10 Mar 2023, In: Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE.

Small molecule-mediated rapid maturation of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Chirico Nino, Kessler Elise L, Maas Renée G C, Fang Juntao, Qin Jiabin, Dokter Inge, Daniels Mark, Šarić Tomo, Neef Klaus, Buikema Jan-Willem, Lei Zhiyong, Doevendans Pieter A, Sluijter Joost P G, van Mil Alain 27 Dec 2022, In: Stem Cell Research & Therapy [E]. 13 , p. 1-18

Metabolic Maturation Increases Susceptibility to Hypoxia-induced Damage in Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes

Peters Marijn C., Maas Renee G.C., van Adrichem Iris, Doevendans Pieter A.M., Mercola Mark, Šarić Tomo, Buikema Jan W., van Mil Alain, Chamuleau Steven A.J., Sluijter Joost P.G., Hnatiuk Anna P., Neef Klaus 21 Oct 2022, In: Stem cells translational medicine. 11 , p. 1040-1051 12 p.

Follistatin-like 1 promotes proliferation of matured human hypoxic iPSC-cardiomyocytes and is secreted by cardiac fibroblasts

Peters Marijn C., Di Martino Sofia, Boelens Thomas, Qin Jiabin, van Mil Alain, Doevendans Pieter A., Chamuleau Steven A.J., Sluijter Joost P.G., Neef Klaus 9 Jun 2022, In: Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical Development. 25 , p. 3-16 14 p.


van Mil Alain, Castilho Miguel, Chirico Nino, Ainsworth Madison J., Dokter Inge, Maas Renee G. C., Buikema Jan Willem, Malda Jos, Sluijter Joost P. G. Apr 2022, In: Tissue Engineering. Part A. 28 , p. S430-S431


Chirico Nino, Ainsworth Madison, Buikema Jan Willem, Dokter Inge, Maas Renee, Malda Joos, Castilho Miguel, van Mil Alain, Sluijter Joost Apr 2022, In: Tissue Engineering. Part A. 28 , p. S381-S381

Controlled delivery of gold nanoparticle-coupled miRNA therapeutics via an injectable self-healing hydrogel

van der Ven Casper F T, Tibbitt Mark W, Conde João, van Mil Alain, Hjortnaes Jesper, Doevendans Pieter A, Sluijter Joost P G, Aikawa Elena, Langer Robert S 28 Dec 2021, In: Nanoscale. 13 , p. 20451-20461 11 p.

A Roadmap to Cardiac Tissue-Engineered Construct Preservation:Insights from Cells, Tissues, and Organs

Sampaio-Pinto Vasco, Janssen Jasmijn, Chirico Nino, Serra Margarida, Alves Paula M, Doevendans Pieter A, Voets Ilja K, Sluijter Joost P G, van Laake Linda W, van Mil Alain 28 May 2021, In: Advanced materials. 33 , p. 1-24

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