prof. dr. S.W.C. (Saskia) van Mil

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  • Group Van Mil, section Molecular Cancer Research

prof. dr. S.W.C. (Saskia) van Mil


Saskia van Mil is associate professor and received her PhD from the University of Utrecht in 2004, on the topic of genetic disorders of pediatric cholestasis (bile acid homeostasis impairment). She received a Marie Curie fellowship to do a postdoc at Imperial College London with Professors Catherine Williamson and Malcolm Parker to study the role of the bile salt sensor farnesoid X receptor in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. In 2007, she was awarded a competitive NWO-VENI grant and she started as a junior group leader at UMC Utrecht to follow up on her previous research on the roles of bile acids in liver and intestinal disease. Her group uncovered that activation of the bile acid sensor FXR leads to inhibition of intestinal inflammation in different mouse models. With the NWO-VIDI grant, she now studies the molecular mechanisms by which FXR regulates transcription of metabolic and anti-inflammatory genes. Following up from these findings, she is now the project coordinator of the EU FP7-funded FXR-IBD consortium, in which her group, together with the group of Dr Bas Oldenburg (UMCU), TES Pharma (Perugia, Italy) and Enterome Bioscience (Paris, France), aims to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for IBD patients (

Research Output (38)

Steroidogenic control of liver metabolism through a nuclear receptor-network

Milona Alexandra, Massafra Vittoria, Vos Harmjan, Naik Jyoti, Artigas Natalia, Paterson Helen A.B., Bijsmans Ingrid T.G.W., Willemsen Ellen C.L., Ramos Pittol Jose M., Miguel-Aliaga Irene, Bosma Piter, Burgering Boudewijn M.T., Williamson Catherine, Vernia Santiago, Dhillo Waljit S., van Mil Saskia W.C., Owen Bryn M. 1 dec 2019, In: Molecular Metabolism. 30 , p. 221-229 9 p.

Farnesoid X receptor and bile acids regulate vitamin A storage

Saeed Ali, Yang Jing, Heegsma Janette, Groen Albert K., van Mil Saskia W.C., Paulusma Coen C., Zhou Lu, Wang Bangmao, Faber Klaas Nico 1 dec 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9 11 p.

Identification of FDA-approved drugs targeting the Farnesoid X Receptor

van de Wiel Sandra M W, Bijsmans Ingrid T G W, van Mil Saskia W C, van de Graaf Stan F J 18 feb 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9 , p. 2193

Farnesoid X receptor:A "homeostat" for hepatic nutrient metabolism

Massafra Vittoria, van Mil Saskia W C jan 2018, In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Molecular Basis of Disease. 1864 , p. 45-59 15 p.

Farnesoid X Receptor Activation Promotes Hepatic Amino Acid Catabolism and Ammonium Clearance in Mice

Massafra Vittoria, Milona Alexandra, Vos Harmjan R., Ramos Rúben J J, Gerrits Johan, Willemsen Ellen C.L., Ramos Pittol José M., Ijssennagger Noortje, Houweling Martin, Prinsen Hubertus C.M.T., Verhoeven-Duif Nanda M., Burgering Boudewijn M.T., van Mil Saskia W.C. 1 mei 2017, In: Gastroenterology. 152 , p. 1462-1476.e10

Quantitative liver proteomics identifies FGF19 targets that couple metabolism and proliferation

Massafra Vittoria, Milona Alexandra, Vos Harmjan R., Burgering Boudewijn M T, Van Mil Saskia W C 1 feb 2017, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 12

Gut Microbial Diversity Is Reduced in Smokers with Crohn's Disease

Opstelten Jorrit L, Plassais Jonathan, van Mil Saskia W C, Achouri Emna, Pichaud Matthieu, Siersema Peter D, Oldenburg Bas, Cervino Alessandra C L sep 2016, In: Inflammatory bowel diseases. 22 , p. 2070-2077 8 p.

Splenic dendritic cell involvement in FXR-mediated amelioration of DSS colitis

Massafra Vittoria, Ijssennagger Noortje, Plantinga Maud, Milona Alexandra, Ramos Pittol José M., Boes Marianne, van Mil Saskia W C 1 feb 2016, In: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Molecular Basis of Disease. 1862 , p. 166-173 8 p.

Gene expression profiling in human precision cut liver slices in response to the FXR agonist obeticholic acid

Ijssennagger Noortje, Janssen Aafke W F, Milona Alexandra, Ramos Pittol José M, Hollman Danielle A A, Mokry Michal, Betzel Bark, Berends Frits J, Janssen Ignace M, van Mil Saskia W C, Kersten Sander 2016, In: Journal of Hepatology. 64 , p. 1158-1166 9 p.

Sulfide as a Mucus Barrier-Breaker in Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Ijssennagger Noortje, van der Meer Roelof, van Mil Saskia W C 2016, In: Trends in molecular medicine. 22 , p. 190-199 10 p.

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