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Research Output (572)

Prevalence, time trends, and correlates of major depressive episode and other psychiatric conditions among young people amid major social unrest and COVID-19 in Hong Kong:a representative epidemiological study from 2019 to 2022

Wong Stephanie M.Y., Chen Eric Y.H., Suen Y. N., Wong Corine S.M., Chang W. C., Chan Sherry K.W., McGorry Patrick D., Morgan Craig, van Os Jim, McDaid David, Jones Peter B., Lam T. H., Lam Linda C.W., Lee Edwin H.M., Tang Eric Y.H., Ip Charlie H., Ho Winky W.K., McGhee Sarah M., Sham P. C., Hui Christy L.M. Nov 2023, In: The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific. 40

Psychotic experiences and mental health outcomes in the general population

Austin Stephen F, Hastrup Lene Halling, van Os Jim, Simonsen Erik 24 Aug 2023, In: Schizophrenia Research. 260 , p. 85-91 7 p.

Gene-environment interaction study on the polygenic risk score for neuroticism, childhood adversity, and parental bonding

Klingenberg Boris, Guloksuz Sinan, Pries Lotta Katrin, Cinar Ozan, Menne-Lothmann Claudia, Decoster Jeroen, Van Winkel Ruud, Collip Dina, Delespaul Philippe, De Hert Marc, Derom Catherine, Thiery Evert, Jacobs Nele, Wichers Marieke, Lin Bochao D., Luykx Jurjen, Van Os Jim, Rutten Bart P.F. 4 Aug 2023, In: Personality Neuroscience. 6 , p. 1-9 9 p.

The Involvement of Service Users and People With Lived Experience in Mental Health Care Innovation Through Design:Systematic Review

Veldmeijer Lars, Terlouw Gijs, Os Jim Van, Dijk Olga Van, t' Veer Job Van, Boonstra Nynke 25 Jul 2023, In: JMIR mental health. 10

Differences in Patterns of Stimulant Use and Their Impact on First-Episode Psychosis Incidence:An Analysis of the EUGEI Study

Rodríguez-Toscano Elisa, Alloza Clara, Fraguas David, Durán-Cutilla Manuel, Roldán Laura, Sánchez-Gutiérrez Teresa, López-Montoya Gonzalo, Parellada Mara, Moreno Carmen, Gayer-Anderson Charlotte, Jongsma Hannah E, Di Forti Marta, Quattrone Diego, Velthorst Eva, de Haan Lieuwe, Selten Jean-Paul, Szöke Andrei, Llorca Pierre-Michel, Tortelli Andrea, Bobes Julio, Bernardo Miguel, Sanjuán Julio, Luis Santos José, Arrojo Manuel, Tarricone Ilaria, Berardi Domenico, Ruggeri Mirella, Lasalvia Antonio, Ferraro Laura, La Cascia Caterina, La Barbera Daniele, Menezes Paulo Rossi, Del-Ben Cristina Marta, Rutten Bart P, van Os Jim, Jones Peter B, Murray Robin M, Kirkbride James B, Morgan Craig, Díaz-Caneja Covadonga M, Arango Celso, 19 Jul 2023, In: Schizophrenia bulletin. 49 , p. 1269-1280 12 p.

The use of experiential knowledge in the role of a psychiatrist

Boomsma-van Holten Marjolein, Weerman Alie, Karbouniaris Simona, Van Os Jim 15 Jun 2023, In: Frontiers in Psychiatry. 14 11 p.

Six-year trajectories and associated factors of positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia patients, siblings, and controls:Genetic Risk and Outcome of Psychosis (GROUP) study

Habtewold Tesfa Dejenie, Tiles-Sar Natalia, Liemburg Edith J., Sandhu Amrit Kaur, Islam Md Atiqul, Boezen H. Marike, Alizadeh Behrooz Z., van Amelsvoort Therese, Bartels-Velthuis Agna A., de Haan Lieuwe, Schirmbeck Frederike, Simons Claudia J.P., van Os Jim, Bruggeman Richard, Alizadeh Behrooz Z., 9 Jun 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13

Using brain cell-type-specific protein interactomes to interpret neurodevelopmental genetic signals in schizophrenia

Hsu Yu Han H., Pintacuda Greta, Liu Ruize, Nacu Eugeniu, Kim April, Tsafou Kalliopi, Petrossian Natalie, Crotty William, Suh Jung Min, Riseman Jackson, Martin Jacqueline M., Biagini Julia C., Mena Daya, Ching Joshua K.T., Malolepsza Edyta, Li Taibo, Singh Tarjinder, Ge Tian, Egri Shawn B., Tanenbaum Benjamin, Stanclift Caroline R., Apffel Annie M., Ripke Stephan, Neale Benjamin M., Corvin Aiden, Walters James T.R., Farh Kai How, Holmans Peter A., Lee Phil, Bulik-Sullivan Brendan, Collier David A., Huang Hailiang, Pers Tune H., Agartz Ingrid, Agerbo Esben, Albus Margot, Alexander Madeline, Amin Farooq, Bacanu Silviu A., Begemann Martin, Belliveau Richard A., Bene Judit, Bergen Sarah E., Bevilacqua Elizabeth, Cahn Wiepke, Kahn René S., Van Os Jim, Ophoff Roel A., Weinberger Daniel R., Kahn René S., , , , 19 May 2023, In: iScience. 26

Associations between genetic liabilities to smoking behavior and schizophrenia symptoms in patients with a psychotic disorder, their siblings and healthy controls

Lin Bochao Danae, Vermeulen Jentien M., Bolhuis K., Chang Xiao, Schirmbeck Frederike, van Eijk Kristel R., Alizadeh Behrooz Z., Bartels-Velthuis Agna A., van Amelsvoort Therese, Bruggeman Richard, Cahn Wiepke, de Haan Lieuwe, Rutten Bart P.F., Guloksuz Sinan, Luykx Jurjen J., van Os Jim, Simons Claudia J.P., van Winkel Ruud, Blankers Matthijs, van den Brink W., May 2023, In: Psychiatry Research. 323 , p. 1-8

Managing withdrawal symptoms using tapering strips

Groot Peter C, van Os Jim May 2023, In: The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners. 73 , p. 203-204 2 p.

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